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The lack of respect displayed by NFL owners towards fans and players is manifesting itself in a way owners never envisioned in a million years. They’ve continued to increase the cost of tickets, force cities and fans to build new stadiums on their backs without any regard for whether or not it’s affordable.  Most of the fans in a city where an NFL team is located can’t afford to even attend a game, let alone afford the taxes assessed on them so that the owners can try and outdo each other with bigger stadiums because of their greed and egos.

In an article written by Royce Young on March 23, 2014, Mark Cuban made the following statement during a program interview when the conversation covering a number of topics turned to football:

 “I think the NFL is 10 years away from an implosion.” “I’m just telling you, pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. And they’re getting hoggy. Just watch. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. When you try to take it too far, people turn the other way.

“I’m just telling you, when you’ve got a good thing and you get greedy, it always, always, always, always, always turns on you. That’s rule number one of business.”

Cuban was referring to the NFL grabbing more television nights and I am going to venture to say that Cuban’s words are coming true. Viewership and attendance at games is significantly down.  The NBA is on its heels and making a strong challenge.  Additionally, football fans are starting to prefer college football more and more now because most NFL games just plain BLOW.  It is my opinion that NFL owners started a smear campaign against Colin Kaepernick to try and explain away the low attendance and viewership by saying Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest has caused low attendance and viewership, give me a break one man doesn’t make a difference in people choosing to watch a football game.  Honestly, most fans don’t care and are much more forgiving than the media and the small minded NFL owners.

At the end of the day, the NFL has saturated the market and in doing so the product that is being produced is awful. Most of the games are not watchable because of the constant general manager and coaching carousel changes. The commentators are horrible and fans and cities are sick of paying for stadiums and getting nothing in return.  It is time for media outlets to write the truth about NFL owners. Media outlets only recently started writing about the Kaepernick situation in a slightly different light because fans have taken to the streets to protest Kap’s treatment by the owners.

We all know that Kap has been blackballed and now the chickens are coming home to roost on the NFL owners. Players on the Dallas Cowboys team are saying that Jerry Jones never told them that they had to stand for the National Anthem or they would not be working for him.  Seriously, what kind of cloak and dagger routine is that about?  He said it but his players are still being bullied by him so they’re running scared.  At the end of the day, the truth will be revealed and he will have to own what he said.  Players in the NFL have been bullied and threatened by the owners for years and it’s time for them to stand up and say enough is enough.  Stop allowing the media to deflect from what the real issues are and Colin Kaepernick protesting police brutality is a deflection.

I enjoy football and recently became a season ticketholder for the Tennessee Titans when I relocated to Nashville because I couldn’t remain a fan of the hapless 49ers any longer, talk about poor management, enough said.




It is time for NFL Players to stop being intimidated by the NFL Owners

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It is time for the NFL to become more in line with the NBA and MLB when it comes to its treatment of the players that risk life and limb to play the game. The NFL owners are not concerned about the players or fans they only care about  lining their own pockets.  Football is the most violent sport, yet it has the worst player contracts and health insurance.  It is time for the NFL players to say enough of being treated like chattel.

The only way change can or will happen is if key players like Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Ben Roethlisberger, Richard Sherman etc. take a stand against the owners. Tom Brady needs to stop hanging out with Robert Kraft and be about the players.  Key players in the NFL tend to separate themselves from the rest of the players, which is stupid and not a “team” mentality. NBA and MLB players are about the good of the team, not management/ownership.  My recommendation is for key NFL players to sit down with key members of the NBA and MLB Players Associations and brainstorm about the best way to tackle this mess with the NFL owners.

One of the things they’ve got to do is put a plan in place to tear down the current establishment and it can’t be done on a whim. The players need to meet and develop a strategy for a lockout, which includes telling players to start saving their money and be frugal because they’re going to be in for a long fight.  The current leadership of the players association must be ousted and new leadership ushered in.

Another problem with the league is some of the players have the tendency to be very negative towards each other, which keeps the players association from becoming a more cohesive and strong organization for the players. The owners have created an environment of fear and intimidation and that has resulted in the players not having a voice.  Chris Long of the Philadelphia Eagles has challenged other white players to join in support of the protest that several African American players are engaged in with respect to the National Anthem.  Alex Smith was asked about the situation with Colin Kaepernick and he’s just as perplexed as everyone on the outside looking in as to why Kap is unemployed and Kap took his job.  What’s happening with the NFL is not about the National Anthem, it’s about being fair and just to the players and the owners refusal to do what’s right.

At the end of the day the players can’t depend on the owners for support, it’s time for the players to take control of their own destiny and fight for what’s right.  It’s time for the Joe Montana’s, Peyton Manning’s and Jerry Rice’s of the football world to take a stand and fight for the rights of players.




NBA Owners vs. NFL Owners

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It’s my opinion that NBA owners are more progressive than NFL owners. Some people want to say it’s “old money” versus “new money.”  It is my opinion it’s ignorance vs progression, plain and simple.  As the old saying goes “Ignorance is Bliss.”

It is blatantly evident that the NFL owners decided to blackball Colin Kaepernick because he openly expressed his displeasure with the police brutality taking place in this country against people of color by kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem. The Miami Dolphins chose to hire Jay Cutler, who had retired from football and was a mediocre quarterback at best, instead of giving Kap an opportunity.  The Baltimore Ravens sent a survey to fans and ultimately decided not to hire Kap.  This kind of blatant shunning of a player is sickening.  Colin has not committed any crimes, beaten his girlfriend or broken any laws but because he chose to exercise his constitutional rights, the owners have blackballed him under the guise of “fear of losing” fan support, which is garbage and we all know it.

I never approved of what Colin did, not because I felt that he was wrong but because I knew this would be the end result of not thinking his actions through. At the end of the day, a person cannot do what they want to do on their employer’s dime, without suffering the consequences.  That being said, NFL owners lack the mental fortitude needed to become more of a player oriented league and stand up for what is right.  NFL owners are greedy and don’t really care about the players or the fans.  They only care about lining their own pockets and to hell with everyone else.

Mark Cuban said it best when he was asked to provide his thoughts on the Colin Kaepernick situation, Cuban said: “I don’t know what his status is in the NFL, but I’m glad the NBA doesn’t have a politician litmus test for our players.” “I’d like to think we encourage our players to exercise their constitutional rights….  Cuban’s statement reflects the difference between NBA owners and NFL owners.

I’m going to end this blog with Cuban’s statement because in my opinion that sums it up in a nutshell.








Did Colin Kaepernick Really Think his Stance Through?

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I released a blog weeks after Colin Kaepernick commenced his stance to protest police brutality by kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem.  In that blog, my position was that I understood where he was coming from but I didn’t agree with his method because I felt it would lead to him being another unemployed black man, and based on what has happened, 1raregrl was right again.

I reached out to my brother, a Vietnam Veteran, and asked him for his thoughts, which he so eloquently provided.  I’m not going to get into what my brother said because in case you didn’t read the blog, you should, it’s very insightful and a very good read. You can read his comments at:

The gist of my blog was that albeit Kap, as an American citizen, has the “constitutional right” to protest however he chooses. However, I didn’t think he really thought about the consequences of his actions.  My problem with his choice was based on concern for whether or not he would be able to secure and/or maintain employment in the NFL once he decided not to kneel any longer.  I never thought he would kneel forever and anyone that thought he would is very shortsighted and not familiar with protest.  No one does anything forever so for the commentators that are crying foul because he’s decided to stop kneeling , they have zeroed in on the wrong thing as usual.

Kap made the decision to speak out against police brutality because he is a player in the National Football League and what better forum, right?  Wrong!!! The NFL owners are of the “good old boy” mentality.  NFL owners are not progressive thinkers like NBA owners.  Michael Bennett said it best, “the NFL is only concerned about the shield.”  NFL players don’t have the ability to speak out, like NBA players without the fear of retribution.  It is sad but true NFL players don’t have the power of NBA or MLB players so they need to think long and hard before making a decision that could negatively impact their future in the league.  Honestly, Kap should have sought advice from NBA players like Julius Irving, Magic Johnson, Jaleen Rose, Oscar Robertson and Isiah Thomas, just to name a few, before he made that leap, now he’s up the creek without a paddle.

Kap and people who believe that you can do and say whatever you please on your employer’s time must understand that when you work for someone else, you can’t do what you want to do without your employers’ approval and that is reality.  Kap was operating under the misguided opinion that he was bigger than management and he wasn’t.  It didn’t matter that Jed York willingly chose to donate a $1M to charities to ensure racial equality.  At the end of day it’s always about business and now Kap has become the statistic that I hoped he would not become.

Do I feel that Kap should get an opportunity with another NFL team?  Absolutely, it is my opinion that Kap is better than a lot of quarterbacks currently in the NFL but he’s had some struggles since the 49ers management fired his coach, Jim Harbaugh and hired a series of mediocre/horrible coaches for him to work under.  On another note, Kap also hurt his chances by working with Kurt Warner, Kap needs a coach that understands his abilities and can align them with the team’s offensive strategy.

Kap, I wish you the best on your quest to secure employment in the NFL.  Next time think before you leap and seek advice from different/better sources.



Why Do NFL Owners Believe Cities should pay for their Insatiable Appetites for New Stadiums?

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The Rams left St. Louis, the Chargers left San Diego and now the Raiders are leaving Oakland all because these NFL owners are of the belief that they are “entitled” to new stadiums on the backs of the consumer and the city of their choice.

Enough of this nonsense, it’s time for the American consumer to say “my hard earned pay check” will not go into the pockets of greedy NFL owners.  All of these moves are about greed.  Let’s call a spade a spade neither of the teams mentioned above should have been allowed to move from their respective cities.  Los Angeles certainly doesn’t need two teams nor will it support two teams.  Los Angeles and its surrounding cities have too many things to do on Sunday mornings and afternoons, hence the reason it didn’t work for the Rams or Raiders years ago.  If the truth be told the Raiders have more fans in Los Angeles than the Rams and that’s not saying a whole lot.  As for the San Diego Chargers, San Diego who?

What annoys me about NFL owners is there “entitlement” mentality.  They believe they are “entitled” to new stadiums regardless of the cost to the city and the consumer.  They are making money hand over fist with television contracts, merchandise, ticket sales, concessions at the stadiums etc., yet they want more and more.  With respect to the three teams mentioned above there is nothing wrong with the stadiums they left.  As a reminder, fans don’t go to stadiums to spend the night, they go to enjoy the game, root for their favorite team and go home.

According to a comparison of NFL stadiums costs by conducted by Stadiums of Pro Football, which is not affiliated with the NFL, the last five (5) NFL stadiums costs the following amounts:

Stadium                    Team(s)              Capacity     Opened          Turf         Cost

Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis Colts 63,000 9/7/2008 Fieldturf $720 Million
AT&T Stadium Dallas Cowboys 80,000 9/20/2009 FieldTurf $1.3 Billion
MetLife Stadium New York Giants/Jets 82,500 9/12/2010 FieldTurf $1.6 Billion
Levi’s Stadium San Francisco 49ers 68,500 9/14/2014 Grass $1.3 Billion
US Bank Stadium Minnesota Vikings 66,200 9/18/2016 FieldTurg $1.1 Billion

– See more at:

The 49ers are practically giving tickets away because the management and coaching is so bad. Of the teams listed, only the Cowboys and Vikings are truly worth watching and as we all know that can change quickly.  Go to the website listed above and checkout the entire list before you decide to purchase another ticket to an NFL game.




New York Knicks: The Saga Continues….. There is a Storm Brewing

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The two pots represent Dolan and Jackson

The saga of the New York Knicks continues. Let me start by saying although the Knicks are the beloved basketball team of the Big Apple, the team has only garnered marginal success through the years.  The team has only won two NBA Championships and that was back in the early 70’s.  The Knicks won the NBA Championship in 1970 and 1973.  To be the largest market for NBA basketball it has been difficult to sustain good coaches and good talent.

The problems confronting the Knicks today are the same problems they’ve had in the past. Clearly, the Knicks biggest problem is management and that’s even more evident given the Phil Jackson public lashings of Carmelo Anthony and James Dolan’s dislike for Charles Oakley that spilled over into a full blown debacle a couple of days ago that resulted in Oakley being removed from the arena and arrested.  The fallout from this mess is coming fast and furious.  First, James Dolan fired Frank Benedetto, the Senior Vice President for security of Madison Square Garden today saying “the termination is related to the Oakley incident.”  Second, Dolan has banned Charles Oakley from coming to Madison Square Garden and stated “hopefully not forever.”  If I’m Charles Oakley, it’s forever because I would NEVER set foot in Madison Square Garden again.

On to Phil Jackson and his recent antics where Carmelo Anthony is concerned. It is never appropriate or professional to chastise an employee in public which is exactly what Jackson has been doing to Carmelo lately.  Jackson making statements that Carmelo holds the ball too long, which results in timing issues for the team when running the triangle offense.  At what point is Phil Jackson going to realize that he’s the GM, not the coach, and that the team rarely runs his 100 year old triangle offense?  Tweeting references about Carmelo shows his lack of leadership in the role of a GM.  Clearly, he lacks the skills necessary to be the GM and should probably consider moving on and trying to get a coaching job somewhere.

Next on the list of Knicks debacles was the treatment of Charles Oakley at the Knicks game a couple of days ago. Charles Oakley purchased a ticket to the game and for reasons unknown to anyone, security went up to him and asked him to leave the arena.  Seriously, who does that?  Charles Oakley is saying that he didn’t do anything to deserve being removed from the arena.  Several sources have reported that management is saying Oakley was making derogatory remarks and appeared to be impaired.  When several members of the security team went up to Oakley and asked him to leave, it caused him to become angry and get into a shoving match with security personnel which resulted in him being arrested and booked for assault.  Question: Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have one person speak to Charles Oakley, instead of a group?  I would not have been comfortable with a group of security people telling me to leave the arena and I had purchased a ticket.  Come on people, what has happened to just respect for others?

Rumor has it that because Charles Oakley has been critical of the Knicks management, it has resulted in him having a tempestuous relationship with James Dolan, the owner.  As a result of this simmering distain Dolan and Oakley have for each other, Dolan would prefer that Oakley not attend games and has subsequently banned him.  Okay, if Dolan is that small minded, he’s just stupid and an idiot. Why would you stop someone from purchasing a ticket to a basketball game? Also, why would he remove/ban a player that played ten (10) years for the team because he made some unflattering remarks about the organization’s management?  Were the statements true, so you couldn’t handle the truth?  News Flash, it’s a basketball game and people make all sorts of remarks all the time, including booing the referees.  Are you going to start removing fans from games now?

Given the current climate, I don’t see any A-List free agents being interested in going to the Knicks.  Dolan should ask Mark Cubin what happens when you do and say stupid things about players in the NBA.

This is not the NFL folks the NBA players run the League!!!



John Lynch hired as the new GM for San Francisco: Was this a good hire or is it Failing Upward?

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From the moment the York family wrangled the 49ers from Ed DeBartolo, Jr., they have made one bad decision after another and the most recent hire of John Lynch as the General Manager will be yet another bad decision. John Lynch, a Fox analyst, who has zero NFL front office or NFL administrative experience retired from the NFL as a player over next six (6) years ago and I’ve seen nothing in his current job to indicate he has the capacity to rebuild the team back to its winning ways.  What is he bringing to the table exactly?  In light of the fact that Trent Baalke was a complete disaster and wasn’t fired until the team was driven completely into the ground, one would think that the Yorks would hire someone that will command respect, NOT!  The 49ers need a complete overall in terms of the coaching staff.  The team needs a head coach, offensive and defensive coordinators and the list keeps growing.  How is this guy with no previous work experience going to create a winning environment for the team?

Apparently, Lynch has a relationship with Kyle Shanahan, who is expected to be the next 49er head coach, so I suppose Jed York is thinking that this will help bridge the gap between the two positions since the Harbaugh and Baalke relationship tanked. Please, whatever the relationship is between the two it will sour and Jed York will be back looking for a GM and a coach.  Kyle Shanahan is the offensive coordinator for the Falcons but at the end of the day, I don’t believe he has what it takes to be a head coach in the NFL at this time in his coaching career.  At what point with will these NFL owners not hire people to “fail upward”?  Seriously, John Lynch has about as much of a chance of making this team successful as Kyle Shanahan has at being the head coach.

Somebody hand me a bottle of “Pinot Noir” because I am going to take several seats and watch this disaster unfold.




Joey Bosa Stood His Ground: A Very Smart Move

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I must commend Joey Bosa for standing his ground and not allowing the Chargers to bully him into signing a contract he was not comfortable with.  The short story is that the Chargers didn’t want to pay Bosa the full amount of his $17 million signing bonus at the time he signed his contract.  They wanted the option of paying a portion of it in 2017 and he said no, which was the right thing to do.   

Fortunately for Bosa, his father played in the NFL for two years and I’m sure he knows all too well what the pitfalls are.  Also, having only played two years he counseled his son on the importance of getting as much of money up-front or he would run the risk of never seeing it.  The NFL is the wealthiest of all professional sports, the most violent, yet they have the worst player contracts, health insurance and pension plans. 

The only money that is truly guaranteed for an NFL player is his signing bonus and to give up a portion of it would not be wise. Apparently, the Chargers wanted to incorporate offset language into Bosa’s contract related to the delayed signing bonus portion, and he said absolutely not. 

Clearly, it worked in Bosa’s favor to have someone familiar with NFL practices to advise him.  Normally, players are bullied into signing contracts without knowing the ramifications or the impact of signing a deal that has offset language.  I reviewed the offset language and had to research some outside sources to fully understand the impact of the offset language.   

Basically, a team can cut a player that was drafted at the top of the draft within the four years of his original rookie deal and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit if he is picked up by another team.  Without offset language, the player will continue to receive his guaranteed money from the team that cut him, and his new salary from the new team.  Offset language is a way for owners to hedge their bets so that they can get out of paying the player what they negotiated and agreed to. 

It’s very critical that players and their agents understand the underlying impact of what’s in the CBA.  It’s really sad how many players just get PLAYED.  In my opinion, given the complexity of the CBA, players need a lawyer and an accountant, not an agent. 


Lakers: Mark Jackson Built the House the Warriors Win In: Hire Him

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With all of the NBA teams in need of coaches, why isn’t Mark Jackson’s name at the top of the list?  The Warriors would not be the Warriors “but for” Mark Jackson.  However, for some reason there is an eerie silence around the league when sportscasters and the like are referencing who the next coach should be for teams in dire need of a coach.

Since I’m a “die hard” Lakers fan, it is my recommendation that the Lakers hire Mark Jackson at all cost. I wrote a blog when the season began and without any hesitation stated that Bryon Scott was a bad hire from day one.  Now that Bryon Scott has been terminated, it’s time to for the Lakers to select the right coach for the role and IT’S NOT LUKE WALTON.

Come on people, I can coach the Warriors with the amount of talent on that team. All Luke Walton had to do was be a cheerleader on the sideline when he took over for Steve Kerr.  All he needed was one of my old high school cheerleader uniforms and he would have been set.  The Lakers don’t need a cheerleader, they need a real coach that has the ability to lead, build and get the players to buy into his strategic vision for the team.  There are enough coaches in the league that lack the qualities, I just listed.  Under the leadership of Mark Jackson, the Warriors players were taught the value of teamwork, disciple, ball movement, the importance of working together for the greater good of the team and he gave them confidence.

When there is not a team in the League mentioning hiring Mark Jackson as their next head coach, there is a dead cat on the line somewhere out there. People can pretend until the cows come home but it was Mark Jackson who built the house the Warriors win in.

The Lakers desperately need to hire Mark Jackson because the management needs guidance for the upcoming draft and that certainly can’t be left up to Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss because the two of them share the same brain. 

I can’t sit back and watch the Lakers continue down this road of abyss without pointing out that, whatever negative comments Golden State’s management has made about Mark Jackson is just smoke and mirrors and the Lakers organization should not be fooled by the hype of Luke Walton. 


I wonder what Luke Walton’s record would be if he was coaching the 76ers today, it probably would be the same if not worst, boom!!!  Guys my nieces and nephews can coach Golden State.

Hey by the way, Patrick Ewing has proven that he will be a great head coach as well. Not only for the Lakers, Knicks, 76ers but for any other team looking for a good head coach, please wise up to what’s really going on.


Dan Snyder and Jay Gruden: Don’t Fall Victim to the Vile Media; Support RG3

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Don’t you just love when someone comes out and makes a statement that is meant to destroy a person but they do it under the guise of anonymity? Well, this is what’s happening to RG3. Apparently, one of the offensive coaches of the Washington Redskins stated to the media that RG3 is done. My question is if you believe that RG3 is done; why are you hiding under the cloak on anonymity? BE A MAN AND SHOW YOURSELF!!!!

Coach Gruden, it is your job to make sure your staff toes-the-line. No one on your staff should be allowed to make negative statements about the team’s franchise quarterback or any other member of the team without your prior approval. You have been given the opportunity of a lifetime by Dan Snyder. Although, you have never been a head coach for an NFL franchise it speaks volumes to the confidence the Redskins organization has in you. Therefore, as the head coach there is an expectation that you will work with RG3 to ensure that he grows into a winning quarterback and not fall victim to the vile media. He has already proven that he processes the abilities and skills necessary to be a winner. However, without your support and the support of your staff you run the risk of destroying this young man’s career.

RG3 is only 25 years old and still has a lot of football to play. You know as well as I do that football is hard and it’s even harder to build a winning franchise when the media places a target on a players back and just continues to vilify that player for no reason other than gaining headlines. I appreciate the fact that the Redskins organization broke with tradition and did not hire one of the coaches that has been on the NFL coaching carousal. It is time for NFL teams to take chances on new coaches who can bring different ideas, schematics and change the game by adapting to the players coming out of college. Stop forcing the players into these antiquated schemes, develop new ones.

The seven seasons you served as an offensive assistant with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should be a good foundation for you but you still have an uphill battle especially if you don’t shut the media down about RG3. You and Dan Snyder need to come together and show a united front and let it be known that RG3 is the teams’ quarterback. Additionally, I highly recommend that Doug Williams becomes RG3’s mentor. I realize RG3 may have misspoken on occasion but he’s young and young people make mistakes but the media will take a statement made by a player and scrutinize it until it takes on a life of its own. In light of the fact that you’ve being given this opportunity, you need to stand firmly behind RG3 and let the vile media know that he is the quarterback for the team and you’re supporting him.

Additionally, you need to find out who on your staff is out there making these negative statements and give him the boot because that kind of behavior is unacceptable, unprofessional and has no place in the locker room.