What’s with the Dez Bryant Hate?

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Dez Bryant is in the middle of contract negotiations with the Cowboys and out of the blue comes Adam Schefter alluding to the possibility of Dez Bryant being involved in a domestic violence incident that rivals Ray Rice.  Is this a ploy by someone to devalue him so that he does not get the new contract he deserves?  I suspect there is something rotten in Dallas and it smells orchestrated to me.  Dez Bryant is by far one the best receivers in the league so why the hate now?  I am not a Cowboy fan but I do believe that Dez deserves every penny he is asking for.  If the Cowboys don’t want Dez, 49ers go after him NOW and I volunteer to babysit him!!!

I will readily admit that Dez Bryant’s antics on the Dallas sideline make me crazy.  My feelings aside, I believe his behavior is born out of his passion for the game and competitive spirit.  Of course, his explosiveness could be related to some personal family dynamics that contribute to him not making the best decisions and/or dialing his emotions back effectively.

According to recent statements made by Adam Schefter he got wind of the video involving Dez and he has been on a mission to find it since September.  Why?  Why are sportswriters more interested in being like TMZ?  Why isn’t Adam Schefter focused on the actual game of football instead of trying to be the first reporter to break a story that will destroy this young man’s life?  If Dez was involved in an incident like Ray Rice, allow the Cowboy organization deal with it.  The media needs to stop turning the lives of these young men into circuses and calling for public opinion to crucify them.

I am a firm believer that a lot of these people throwing stones are living in glass houses themselves.  Here is what’s comical about Adam Schefter and his lack of investigative skills, once he started blabbing about an alleged video, TMZ found it and now it’s out there.  As I have said before these reporters report based on innuendo and rumors, rarely is anything factually based.

Well, it’s not a video that rivals Ray Rice; it’s a video of Dez’s mother telling the Dallas police about an incident that escalated between her and Dez after she intervened in a fight between Dez and his brother.  Clearly, this was a family matter and has no business being reported by anyone, not even TMZ.  Also, it’s my understanding that the incident occurred a couple of years ago so why the hoopla now?

The person at the Dallas police department responsible for giving this video to TMZ, shame on you and I hope you can sleep at night.  What happened to “Protect and Serve”?

Enough of this hatred!!!



Resumes of the 49ers 2015 Offensive Coaching Staff

I have been and will continue to be very critical of John and Jed York and Trent Baalke until proven wrong.  That said, I’m really hoping for the best for the team in the coming season. As an avid 49er fan it’s important for me to know the coaching credentials of the 2015 coaching staff hired by Jed York and Trent Baalke.  I’m hesitant to say that Coach Tomsula had a lot of input into the hiring of the coaching personnel because York and Baalke have made it a point to be seen and heard at any opportunity the cameras are rolling and the lights are on.

My first look is the makeup of the offensive coaching staff.  The experience levels run the spectrum and some coaches were part of Coach Harbaugh’s team and have being promoted to different positions. It was a good idea to maintain some continuity given how the situation with Coach Harbaugh unfolded.  I am not opposed to having a coaching staff that brings a variety of experience to the team. Diversity in abilities actually tends to create an environment that excels.

However, it makes me wonder if the new hires were as a last resort because no wants to work for the current organization or if this was York and Baalke’s strategy?  My gut tells me that there was no strategic plan in place so they had to hire who was available and willing to say “yes.”

Set forth below are the coaches that have been hired to run the offense.  The defensive coaches will be shared in another post.


Geep Chryst                          Offensive Coordinator – Provided information on Coach Chryst in a previous post.

Ronald Curry                          Wide Receivers – This is Coach Curry’s first year as a coach in the NFL.  He was drafted by the Raiders in 2002 and played for the Raiders until 2008.  In 2009 he was with the Detroit Lions and St. Louis Rams as an offseason and/or practice squad member only.  It’s not a bad thing that he has never coached in the NFL because you have to be given a chance and I’m all for giving people and opportunity. This is an area on the team that requires development so I’m hoping that together with Adam Henry they are able to coach the receivers up.

Chris Foerster                        Offensive Line – Coach Foerster has 26 years of coaching experience between college and the NFL.  He served as the OL coach for the 49ers from 2008 – 2009.  The Niners record for 2008 was 7-9-0 and 2009 the record was 8-8-0 and finished 2nd in the NFC West Division both seasons. What will he do differently?

His overall coaching history is as follows:

1982 Colorado State University (GA)

1983-1987 Colorado State University (OL)

1988-1991 University of Stanford (AOL/ST)

1992 University of Minnesota (OL)

1993-1995 Minnesota Vikings (TE/AOL)

1996-2001 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (OL)

2002-2003 Indianapolis Colts (TE)

2004 Miami Dolphins (OC)

2005-2007 Baltimore Ravens (OL)

2008-2009 San Francisco 49ers (OL)

2010-2014 Washington Redskins (OL)

2015-present San Francisco 49ers (OL)

Adam Henry                           Wide Receivers – As a player he played for the New Orleans Saints from 1994-1996.

His overall coaching stats are as follows:

McNeese State (1996-2006) – Wide Receivers

Oakland Raiders (2007-2008) – Offensive Quality Control

Oakland Raiders (2009-2011) – Tight Ends

LSU (2011-2014) – Wide Receivers

San Francisco 49ers (2015-present) – Wide Receiver

Steve Logan                          Quarterbacks – Coach Logan has been coach for 40 years.  He started his NFL career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  He was with Tampa Bay from 2009 – 2011.

His overall coaching stats are as follows:

1975–1979 — Union High School (assistant)

1980 — Oklahoma State (TE)

1981–1982 — Hutchinson CC

1983 — Tulsa (QB/WR)

1984 — Tulsa (OC/QB)

1985–1986 — Colorado (RB)

1987–1988 — Mississippi State (QB)

1989 — East Carolina (RB)

1990–1991 — East Carolina (Co-OC/QB)

1992–2002 — East Carolina

2004–2005 — Berlin Thunder (QB/WR)

2006 — Rhein Fire (OC/QB)

2006 — Boston College (OC)

2009 – 2011 — Tampa Bay Buccaneers (RB)

2015 to Present – San Francisco 49ers

Coach Logan has a respectable college coaching career.

Tom Rathman                        Running Backs – Coach Rathman started his career as a player for the 49ers in the Full Back position.  He played for the 49ers from 1986 – 1993.  Once he retired from league he started his coaching career in 1995.  In 1996 he was the offensive coordinator at Menlo College in Atherton.  

His overall coaching history is as follows:

1997 – 2002 – 49ers (RB)

2003 –2006 Detroit Lions (RB)

2007 – 2009 Oakland Raiders (RB)

2009 – to Present 49ers (RB)

Tony Sparano                        Tight Ends – Coach Sparano has an extensive coaching history.  He was the interim coach for the hapless Raiders last year.  No one can be blamed for the debacle happening with the Raiders because it has taken years to get that point so I will not hold that against Coach Sparano.

His overall coaching history is as follows:

(1984–1987)– New Haven (OL)

(1988)– Boston University (OL)

(1989–1993) — Boston University (OC)

New Haven (1994–1998)

Cleveland Browns (OQC) (1999)

Cleveland Browns (OL) (2000)

Washington Redskins (TE) (2001)

Jacksonville Jaguars (TE) (2002)

Dallas Cowboys (TE) (2003–2004)

Dallas Cowboys (OL/running game) (2005–2006)

Dallas Cowboys (asst. head coach/OL) (2007)

Miami Dolphins (2008–2011)

New York Jets (OC) (2012)

Oakland Raiders (asst. HC/OL) (2013–2014)

Oakland Raiders (interim HC) (2014)

Eric Wolford                           Assistant Offensive Line – Coach Wolford is coming to the 49ers from the college level, which could be a good thing.  In light of the fact that the college game is changing rapidly and the NFL is failing to keep up because they continue to hire the same coaches it could prove beneficial to the organization if they listen to his perspective.   

His overall coaching history is as follows:

1995 — Kansas State (GA)

1996 — Emporia State (OL)

1997–1999 — South Florida (OL)

2000–2002 — Houston (OL)

2003 — North Texas (OL)

2004–2006 — Arizona (OL)

2007–2008 — Illinois (OL)

2009 — South Carolina (OL)

2010–2014 — Youngstown State (HC) – His head coaching career at Youngstown was not overwhelming but it wasn’t horrible either.

D.J. Boldin                             Offensive Assistant – Coach Boldin is the younger brother of Anquan Boldin of the San Francisco 49ers and cousin of CFL All-Star defensive back Korey Banks with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.  Other than that, he does not have any NFL coaching experience.  He is just starting out so this is a good opportunity for him.




The New England Patriots — More High Jinx, Shocking, Not!!!

The cheating scoundrels known as the New England Patriots are back in the news with perhaps more cheating having taken place during their AFC Championship win over the Indianapolis Colts.  Allegedly, the ball provided for use by the “Special Team” was possibly altered in addition to the 11 of 12 balls used on offense.  Shocking, NOT!!!

How long are the powers that be at the NFL going to ignore the fact that the Patriots are not a super team?  Instead, it is a team built on cheating and there is no genius in that.  Albeit some NFL analysts’ would have you believe Bill Belichick is a coaching god.

In this latest scandal the story is the “locker room attendant” assigned to the officials’ locker room gave an alternate official in charge of K balls a football that had not been pre-approved.   Was this just a mistake or a carefully orchestrated plan by the “locker room attendant” to give the Patriots an edge?  Another guy that makes the least amount of money is going to put his job on line so that the Patriots can win the Super Bowl did this without the knowledge of Bill Belichick or someone on his coaching staff.  I find this highly unlikely and just plain ridiculous.

According to Rule 2 of the Official Playing Rules of the National Football League, “the Referee shall be the sole judge as to whether all balls offered for play comply with the size and weight specifications.  The balls are to remain under the supervision of the Referee until they are delivered to the “ball attendant” just prior to the start of the game.”  Judging from the NFL rule, the K ball remained in the possession of the designated Referee until just before the game.  In that case, the “ball attendant” must have had an altered ball in the room with him before the Referee gave him the game ball, right?  In light of this new revelation, the Patriots have altered eleven (11) of twelve (12) balls used on offense, a K ball and we are to believe that NO one on the Patriots team knew about these infractions except the guys making the least amount of money?  This is comedy at its best!!!  Why would the ball attendant make an adjustment to the K ball when the players are supposedly accustomed to the official ball specifications?

It is my understanding that the “whistleblower” of Deflatgate was Ryan Grigson, the Colts General Manger.   Rumor has it, it’s a well-known secret that the Patriots have been doing shady things like using deflated balls but no one said anything until now.  I wonder why?  I cry foul on Ryan Grigson because if it’s true that this is common knowledge and no one said anything until now, I can only surmise that Grigson tattled because the Colts had a horse in the game, no pun intended, so shame on him.  He should have come forward at the beginning of the season and this could have been resolved early on and the Patriots would not be Super Bowl champions.

How can anyone say that any of the championships won by the Patriots were won fair and square?  The Seahawks gave the Patriots the game and Tom Brady was award the MVP, which he did not deserve.  The MVP should have been awarded to Pete Carroll.

When will the NFL fine the Patriots organization, suspend Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, just to name a few?


KD Shade

shade : Invisible man in the hood.Background in smoke

Kudos to Kevin Durant for saying what a number of athletes would love to say to the media.  I have grown weary of how some sports writers antagonize athletes, embellish stories and only write stories if they are negative about the lives of these young men.  I don’t have a problem with constructive feedback or criticism but it seems that some analyst are of the belief that if a story is not sensationalized or over exaggerated it’s not a good story, and that is far from the truth.   Fans actually enjoy hearing about the good a player is doing, not the bad.

Some of these men have a lot on their shoulders.  They are taking care of entire families, trying to be role models and working very hard to remain healthy.  As I have said before, professional sports are highly competitive and it’s extremely difficult to win games and stay on top of the mountain.

As soon as a winning team starts to lose, the media stirs up a frenzy with unfounded speculation, innuendo and rumors which causes resentment from the players because most of the time there is no truth to what they are saying.

Their “so-called sources” are probably one or maybe two players unhappy about their playing time and a writer will take this and run with it as if the entire team is embattled in the locker room.  Enough already!!!   I understand that the league requires players to participate in conferences with the media because it generates ticket sales, increases the purchase of merchandise and potentially broaden the fan base.  That’s all well and good but some of the sports writers are rude and ask questions or make statements that demean these men so it’s obvious why they are not interested in participating in these press junkets.

Respect is earned and reporters need to earn the respect of the players.  That can be done by asking intelligent questions, giving them space, stop intruding in their personal lives and showing professionalism.

KD is one of the nicest guys on the court but after he took a stand, the media attacked him again and he later on apologized for his prior statements.  Apology accepted but point made.



Why is role of the Running Back being Devalued by the NFL?

Are NFL owners trying to devalue the role of the running back or is the devaluation media driven?  The running back is critical to the success of any football team, whether it’s Pop Warner, high school, college or an NFL franchise.  Through the years, we have watched the decline of the role of the running back in the NFL.  There was a time when the running back position was highly coveted and a must have in order to be a contender in the NFL.  In recent years, the importance of the position started to fade and I’m wondering, why?  Gone are the days when an NFL team hung its championship desires on Marcus Allen, Eric Dickerson, Tony Dorsett, Marshall Falk, Franco Harris, Walter Peyton and many others.

This devaluation is merely a way for the owners and the league to manage salaries and budgets.  How and/or why are you devaluing a key role on the field.  I challenge you to remove the running back from your offense and let’s see what happens.  The 49ers tried that this season and it was very costly.  Yes, you will win games but you will not win championships.  I continue to read articles written by “sports analyst” saying the league is moving towards a passing game.  I understand the importance of the QB and passing the ball but for anyone to believe all a team needs to do is pass the ball shows a lack of knowledge of the game.  The QB needs to orchestrate the offense on the field, not just throw the ball for the sake of the media.  Fans don’t care who gets the ball as long as the team wins.   Actually, fans enjoy seeing a running back with the agility of Marshawn Lynch and Walter Peyton so why is the media trying so hard to get people to believe the role is no longer valuable?

Owners and/or the media have continually created a campaign emphasizing that the running back position is not a key role.  My belief is that this is a cloak and dagger routine used to lower the salaries of the running backs.  Owners need to focus on improving and maintaining their offensive and defensive lines and by doing so the teams will be successful.

It is my sincere hope that the NFL Players Union understands the importance of not allowing this to happen.  The Players Union needs to show it’s support for  players like Marshawn Lynch so that they do not have to fight by themselves to be paid what they deserve to be paid.  I hope every player understands that if this devaluation of the running back position is allowed it will only be a matter of time before it is done to their position as well.  For example, there is the constant battle between the pay for a tight end and a wide receiver, which is stupid because both positions catch the ball.

Owners, please stop listening to the media.  Pay your players based on the value they bring to your organization.  Please do not allow the media to break up your team because a player is asking to be paid based on his value to your organization.  There was a time when NFL teams paid their players based on their skills and what they brought to the team.




Can the New 49er Coaches Get the Job Done?

As soon as the NFL season ended there were numerous articles written about Colin Kaepernick’s contract and what his future looks like with the 49ers because he was handpicked by Coach Harbaugh.   Kap has never been the problem with the 49ers.  It was and will continue to be John and Jed York and Trent Baalke’s need for the spotlight.  This cast of characters decided that the Coach could not be the face of the team, it had to be them.  Now they have the spotlight let’s see who they will blame when things do go well for the team.  That said, I do want the best for team but I am realistic and don’t know how that’s possible unless Coach Tomsula has some tricks up his sleeve.

On February 9, 2015, Coach Tomsula announced his coaching staff, all personally selected by 34 year old Jed York and the scout Trent Baalke, I’m sure.  I’ve already provided Geep Chryst pedigree so now on to Coach Eric Mangini.

Coach Mangini was promoted from Tight Ends Coach to the Defensive Coordinator.  Was this a wise decision?  Coach Mangini’s full coaching history is as follows:

1995 24 NFL Cleveland Browns Coaches Assistant

1996 25 NFL Baltimore Ravens Offensive Assistant/Quality Control

1997 26 NFL New York Jets Defensive Assistant/Quality Control

1998 27 NFL New York Jets Defensive Assistant/Quality Control

1999 28 NFL New York Jets Defensive Assistant/Quality Control

2000 29 NFL New England Patriots Defensive Backs

2001 30 NFL New England Patriots Defensive Backs

2002 31 NFL New England Patriots Defensive Backs

2003 32 NFL New England Patriots Defensive Backs

2004 33 NFL New England Patriots Defensive Backs

2005 34 NFL New England Patriots Defensive Coordinator

2006 35 NFL New York Jets Head Coach — 10-6-0, Finished 2nd in AFC East Division

2007 36 NFL New York Jets Head Coach — 4-12-0, Finished 3rd in AFC East Division

2008 37 NFL New York Jets Head Coach — 9-7-0, Finished 3rd in AFC East Division

2009 38 NFL Cleveland Browns Head Coach — 5-11-0, Finished 4th in AFC North Division

2010 39 NFL Cleveland Browns Head Coach — 5-11-0, Finished 3rd in AFC North Division

2013 42 NFL San Francisco 49ers Sr. Offensive Consultant

2014 43 NFL San Francisco 49ers Tight Ends

He was the head coach for the Jets and Browns from 2006 through 2010, with the exception of 2006 and 2008 his time as a head coach does not blow my socks off, especially since he was coaching in one of the worst divisions in the league.  It’s possible he’s better at being an assistant coach than a head coach.  There is the tendency to elevate people to a position where they are destined to fail because they don’t have the skillset to succeed in the role.  Also, there are several other factors that play into the success of a head coach such as, assistant coaches and the head coach being allowed to make decisions about the players and the overall structure of the team.  The head coach must have the respect and support of management or he’s destined for failure and will become the scapegoat when things go awry.  Does that sound familiar?  During his tenure with the 49ers as the “Tight Ends” coach, with the exception of Vernon Davis I don’t recall a lot of development for the other TEs.  Also, Vernon Davis was practically non-existent last year and he’s the best TE on the team.    The remaining TEs are as follows:

Vance McDonald,

Xavier Grimble

Asante Cleveland

Garrett Celek

So we are to believe that he can ascend to the role of Defensive Coordinator and get the team to the playoffs and the Super Bowl?  He does not have any Super Bowl, Conference or Division Championships under his belt.  However, he does have a couple of things going for him, Coach Tomsula was good in that role and the injured players are returning so that should ease his transition.

The jury is still out on him.


Amateur Night at the Super Bowl: Part Deux

I was conversing with the brother about the Super Bowl because I am still in disbelief that the Seahawks lost as a result of the bad call made by Pete Carroll and his Offensive Coordinator, Darrell Bevell.  My brother calmly said, “you know, your boy (i.e. Pete Carroll) did the same thing with USC and caused them to lose the Rose Bowl to Texas 41 to 38.”  I was perplexed because I did not recall that happening and I screamed, say it’s not so, well it’s so.  I started researching whether my brother was correct and low and behold, my brother’s memory is much better than mine and he was absolutely right.

Actually, Coach Carroll made several questionable decisions in that game but the most costly one was when he decided to go for a first down on fourth-and-2 on the Texas 45, which set up the Longhorns’ drive that resulted in USC losing the game.

Coach Carroll, the goal is to learn from your mistakes not repeat them.  

Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for Coach Carroll and he has done a tremendous job with the Seahawks.  However, calls that make the difference between being the champion and second runner up can be very costly for a coach in the locker room.   Regardless of the outcome, the Seahawks are the better team and “but for” the bad call made by the coaching staff they would be the NFL Champions.  This is a prime example of how the coach loses the game.

Coach Carroll is stepping up and being accountable for the bad call, as well as, he should.  This blunder rests squarely on his shoulders and the Offensive Coordinator.  Initially, I thought there was a dead cat on the line somewhere because never in a millions years would I have expected a coach in the NFL to make such a bad call, especially Pete Carroll.  However, in light of the fact that Coach Carroll has the propensity for making bad decisions at critical moments in a game, it may be a situation whereby he is too smart for the “Good of the Team.”

As a result of this absurd call, true football fans have to live the next year hearing how great a bunch of cheaters are.  I cry foul!!!!



There is a Price to Pay for Disrespect

Warren Sapp was arrested for getting into a brew ha ha with two prostitutes he hired while covering the 2015 Super Bowl activities.  He was involved in a similar incident in 2010 with a woman he was partying with.  In this most recent incident it is alleged that he refused to pay the ladies the agreed upon price.  If he thought the price was too high, too bad, he should have paid it anyway.

Rule of Thumb:  Once services have been rendered the payment is due.  Clearly, he did not get that memo, idiot!!!

First of all, he should not have engaged in his behavior given his previous brush with the law in 2010 but he did anyway.  This shows a lack judgment and respect for himself and his four, count them four “baby mamas.”

Second, at what point do you grow up?  This is a man, with financial issues galore.  He filed bankruptcy recently, owes millions in taxes and is in debt.  His salary at the NFL network was $549,000 that he no longer has because of his stupidity and poor judgment. I watch the NFL network and I can tell you, I was not impressed with his analytical skills.   However, he was different and brought a perspective that the NFL network wanted.

Since this is not the first time maybe he should consider counseling to deal with his issues.  He has got to learn that he cannot bully women into having sex with him.

Warren Sapp you are no longer in the “league” therefore you are no longer in their “league.”  You need to find a woman that is going to be interested in Warren Sapp the man, not Warren Sapp the former NFL football player.  The truth be told, there is no woman that wants Warren Sapp the former NFL football player.


The Non-Dynamic Duo of Jed York and Trent Baalke

As an avid 49ers fan, I am constantly looking for information on the new coaches hired by Jed York and Trent Baalke.  Clearly, Coach Tomsula has no authority to hire anyone because twiddle dee and twiddle dumb are in the drivers’ seat. That’s obvious by the fact that Trent Baalke made the statement that the 49ers will “run” the ball and Jed York stated that he wants the 49ers to be like the “Seahawks,” really?  It was my understanding from all of the their front office leaks that the team was headed in different direction and there was a plan in place.  Oh well, I guess their plan consisted of just making statements about what they want the team to do but no clue on how it will be achieved.

First of all, you need a plan to “run” the ball in order to “be like the Seahawks.”  Those are ridiculous statements and prove that these two guys don’t have a clue about running a successful NFL franchise.  If they wanted the team to be like the Seahawks, Jim Harbaugh would still be the coach.  I’m letting go of the fact that Coach Harbaugh is gone and focusing on what’s happening with the team during the off season.  The “Non-Dynamic Duo” have yet to fill all of the coaching slots required to have a successful season.  Am I shocked by their ineffectiveness? NO.  This is just par for the course.  That said, they have announced that Geep Chryst, will be promoted from QB coach to OC, hmmm that gives me pause but let’s survey his coaching history.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in History from Princeton and a Master’s degree in Education Administration that he parlayed into an NFL coaching career.  Additionally, he played at the linebacker position during his time at Princeton and he played on the baseball team so he was a dual purpose athlete.  What’s good about that is, so was Kap, but the jury is still out on his QB coaching skills.  I’m not sure he has mastered the art of coaching a QB to the next level.  For instance, from where I’m sitting whenever the defense is on the field, the QB should have his eyes “glued” to the playbook and I did not see enough of that from Kap.  It is responsibility of the QB coach to ensure that the QB is focused on the next play, the next play and the next play, not chit chatting on the sideline.

Chryst Coaching Career:

1987 — First Coach of the University Wisconsin — Platteville

1988 — Coached the Wisconsin Badgers

1989 — 1990: QB Coach for the Wyoming Cowboys

1991 — 1995 Wide Receivers Coach — Orlando Thunder, World League of American Football, as well as playing with the team as a long snapper and serving as the quality control coach for the Chicago Bears

1995 — 1998: Tight Ends and QB Coach for the Arizona Cardinals

1999 — 2000: Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach for the San Diego Chargers.  The Chargers won 7 regular season games in 1999 and 1 one regular season game in 2000.  OMG, if this is indicative of his OC skillset the team is in trouble.

2001 — 2003:  Returned to the Arizona Cardinals as the QB Coach

2004 — 2005: Left the NFL for a time period

2006 — 2010: Carolina Panthers as the Tight Ends Coach

2011 — to Present: 49ers QB Coach and recently promoted to OC

Albeit he was the OC and QB coach for the San Diego Chargers from 1999 to 2000, the team “sucked.” None of his NFL history reflects that he has enough experience in the OC position to make an impact.  I’m not saying he can’t make the transition but based on his track record, his lack of experience in the role and Jed York and Trent Baalke calling the shots from the peanut gallery it will be difficult if not impossible for him to be successful.





Amateur Night at the Super Bowl: Shaking My Head

It was amateur night at the Super Bowl last night.  I was with a group of friends watching the game and imagine the shock on their faces when the Seahawks lost as a result of the bad play called by Darrell Bevell, the offensive coach, with the approval of Pete Carroll.  My friends started with the “Russell Wilson” screwed up.  I quickly jumped to his defense, dialed all of them back and said rewind the play and let me show you what happened because it was not Russell’s fault.

All of them thought that Russell should have handed the ball to Marshawn, which was the logical play to call but that is not what happened.  I showed them that Marshawn was instructed to run to the end zone instead of being set to take the handoff and plow into the end zone, which is the play that should have been called.  He would have gotten into the end zone on guts alone but it was not to be.

Instead, Darrell Bevell called a pass play in “man coverage.”   I’m sorry but that’s a play a high school football coach would call in his first championship game, not an NFL coach.  When you are at this level and you have the best running back in the league and you’re on the 2 yard line and the opposing team is in man coverage you DO NOT CALL A PASS PLAY, especially when your receivers have been sketchy all night long.

The Patriots did not have to use deflated balls or stolen plays to win this championship.  All they had to do was sit back and allow the Seahawks to hand them the game.  Wow, SHAKING MY HEAD!!!!

Not only did Seattle lose the game by making a rookie call but they thwarted opportunities for the young men on team to make additional income as a result endorsements.

Can someone please explain to me, why this play was called?  Was the fix in?