NFL Contracts: The Big Con — A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

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There have been several articles and tweets recently from analysts regarding Adrian Peterson’s situation with the Minnesota Vikings and his recent twitter rant about his contract.  I have said it before and I will say it again, most of these NFL contracts are negotiated by the organization knowing they have no intention of honoring the deal.   I view NFL contracts as just “funny money” and a sophisticated “con.”  The contracts are filled with milestones that the athlete must meet in order to be paid the full amount of contract.  It is a joke and so unfair to these men who could possibly end up with life sustaining injuries, early dementia and other life altering health problems to be coned into signing deals that will never be honored.  If the plan is to only payout $20,000,000, then that should be the deal!!!

Football is an extremely violent sport, yet the athletes that play the sport are the least compensated compared to other professional sports.  According to Forbes, the National Football League is the most lucrative sports league in the world.  The average value of an NFL team is approximately $1.43 billion and continues to increase each season.  The major money makers for the owners and the league are all of the sponsorship deals the league enters into such as Bose, Microsoft, DirecTV, which is a $4 billion dollar partnership spread over a four year contract, and many others.  That said, the league is making a mint off ticket sales and merchandise.

One analyst said that Peterson should just be a man and have a conversation with the owner, really? Do you see that as having a positive outcome?  If Adrian Peterson thought all he had to do was have a conversation with the owner he would have done that.  I don’t believe he should have taken to social media to express his displeasure with his contract.  However, this is young man where the light bulb finally went off and he knows that he’s coming to end of his career with the Vikings and will not see the true value of deal he signed.  Let’s take a look at Peterson’s contract and why he’s angry and rightfully so.  According to my research, he signed a six (6) year $86,280,000 contract that includes a $12,000,000 signing bonus that is spread out over five (5) years and $36,000,000 guaranteed.  It’s my understanding that the $36,000,000 is inclusive of the $12,000,000 signing bonus.  Therefore, of his $86,280,000, $56,280,000 is NOT guaranteed and the organization never had any intention of honoring the deal for the life of the contract and they knew that when the deal was presented to him.

Keep in mind that the running back position has been devalued over the last ten years so the Vikings organization is in no way going to payout the remainder of Peterson’s deal.  He has approximately $18,000,000 of the $36,000,000 guaranteed left to be paid.   Once he has been paid the entire amount of his guaranteed compensation the Vikings organization will release him so that they don’t have too honor the remainder of his deal.

Roger Goodell, the Commissioner, who is not putting his life on the line, is being paid $44,000,000 a year and his salary is guaranteed.  That is absolutely ridiculous. The National Football League is a well-oiled machine and can be run by a goat so there is no reason for Roger Goodell’s salary to be that outrageous.  Roger Goodell strong armed the players in 2011 to take a “league” friendly deal.  That would NEVER have happened if I had been working for the players.  The league and owners are making a mint and it is unfair to treat the players with such disrespect.  Roger Goodell should only be paid a fraction of what he is making.  He has not established a good relationship with the players and he doesn’t care about doing so.  He is all about the money and not the health or well-being of the players.

The NFLPA needs to renegotiate the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the owners.  These “funny money” contracts only serve the owners; they are not designed for the benefit of the athletes and they are the people being injured and the reason for the mega sponsorship deals.   The NFLPA is ineffective and does not serve the athletes best interest.  The NFLPA needs to renegotiate how the players are paid.  My recommendation is that instead of paying the players over the course of a the16 games they be paid every two weeks over 12 months.  This payment plan works for everyone involved.  It keeps moneys in the owners’ bank accounts drawing interest and it will help the players develop a better system of managing their money.   NFL players are the professional athletes that primarily end up in financial ruin once their careers are over because of poor money management.  It is time for the league to help these young men become better managers of their money.

Why is Russell Wilson still fighting with the Seattle Seahawks about a new deal?  This is a young man that won a championship for a team that had never won one but that don’t want to pay him what he’s worth.  Russell Wilson’s father was a lawyer so I hope he does not allow himself to be tricked into signing one of these “funny money” deals.  He should hold out and ensure that 95% of his salary is guaranteed.  He has won the same number of Super Bowls as Peyton Manning and he didn’t have to cheat to win, Shady Brady.

This blog will be a series.




Ray McDonald: Strike 1, Strike 2, Strike 3 and You’re out Idiot!!!

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I am a big proponent of “second chances” for athletes that get involved in domestic violence situations because I know from personal experience that the situation is not always what it appears to be.  There are times when the woman is clearly the aggressor and she lies to the police and everyone around her so that she appears to be innocent of any wrong doing.

However, there are situations such as Ray McDonald where he is clearly incapable of controlling his behavior.  The 49ers gave him chance after chance to clean up is act but he just continued to be unable able to control his anger and reactions to certain situations involving women.  Ray McDonald is 30 years old and still behaves like a 20 year old and that is unacceptable.  At what point will he acknowledge that he has a problem and seek counseling for his issues be them anger or just plain stupidity.  When will men and women in bad relationships realize it’s not a good fit and move on?

The Chicago Bears gave him another chance to keep his job in the NFL and he has pissed it away being stupid.  The Bears did a good thing and there should not be any fallout from their decision to take a chance on Ray McDonald.  The media has to stop shining the spotlight on these situations and creating atmospheres of hysterics.  Is domestic violence wrong? Of course it is and I’m not trying to downplay what is happening but it’s not just occurring in the NFL and other professional sports.  My point is professional athletes cannot be the poster boys for domestic violence.  The Chicago Bears organization did nothing wrong!!!  Ray McDonald and Ray McDonald alone caused his own demise.  Clearly, he convinced the Bears organization that his troubles were behind him and they are not.  He needs psychological counseling and if this latest incident involves the same woman she needs counseling as well because the relationship is toxic and they don’t need to be together.

I am tired to women staying with men because of their status so they can go to parties, walk red carpets, shop and sit at home doing nothing.  All of this comes with a price when you are in a relationship with a fool like Ray McDonald.  Clearly, he does not want this woman because if he did they would not continue to have these brew ha, ha, ha’s.

Ray McDonald is the product of a two parent household and his parents have supported him during his many arrest but It’s time for them to take off their rose colored glasses because they can’t see the forest for the trees.  It is obvious that he has a problem and is in an unhealthy relationship that should have ended some time ago.  If he has not saved any money from his time in league, shame on him because his chances of receiving another opportunity to play in the league are SLIM TO NONE.


Where there is Smoke there is FIRE!!! — New England Patriots UGH!!!

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All of the football analysts are shocked and surprised that Roger Kraft is back peddling on his threat to fight the penalties assessed on the Patriots for CHEATING yet again.  I am not surprised at all because he knows to peel back the onion would probably expose more shenanigans by Belicheat and Shady Brady.

My annoyance with these “so-called” football analysts is because most of them will not acknowledge that the Patriots are just a bunch of scoundrels.  Since hiring Bill Belichick all of their success has been built on CHEATING.  The two guys that make the least amount of money suffered the worst fate (i.e. the water boys).  They were FIRED!! The bottom line is they were told to either deflate the footballs or be fired.  At the end of the day, they had to choose between being fired by Belichick or taking a chance on being fired later so they chose later.  Anyone with half a brain knows that these guys did not make this decision on their own.  As far as I am concerned, they were working in a hostile work environment and if they are not talking, somebody is paying them to keep quiet and you can take that to the bank.  Check Shady Brady and Belicheat’s bank statements.  As the old sayings goes, follow the paper trail.

As for Brady, the choosing to fight the suspension, it’s all “smoke and mirrors.”  He knows the suspension will stand because he does not have a leg to stand on.  Besides, the suspension is a slap on the wrist.  People, all of you need to remember that the football is equipment and part of the game, things such as “stickum” and “head slaps” are not equipment so get over yourselves and stop trying to give Shady Brady a way out.  The guy cheated and he got an edge regardless of how you want to paint the picture it is what it is.

Troy Aikman, called in it January.  He said there is no way Brady and Belichick did not know what was going on with the football.  The faulty players union had better not come to Brady’s assistance without reinstating Ray Rice.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  Ray Rice’s situation was personal it did not impact the integrity of the game.  What Brady and Belichick did.  They are the worst and they continue to be given a pass.  When are the other owners going to say enough is enough.

Thank goodness Jerry Jones and John Elway came out in support of Roger Goodell.  I am not a fan of Roger Goodell but at least he did something.  He did not do enough but karma will do the rest for Belicheat and Shady Brady.


Is Trent Baalke the Coach of the 49ers or the GM?

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Since the exit of Jim Harbaugh from the 49ers, Trent Baalke has become the face of the organization.  He is the person being asked by the media to opine on what’s going on with the team, not the coaching staff which I find interesting.   We have not really heard anything from Coach Jimmy T or his staff about the team and what the plans are.  Trent Baalke has been front and center answering the questions related to the team and the players.  It just annoys me that he is the person calling the shots when the truth of the matter is he does not have the credentials.

What are his credentials you ask?  That’s an excellent question so let me breakdown what he brings to the organization besides his arrogance.  Set forth below are Baalke’s NFL credentials:

Personnel Scout – 1998 – 2000:  New York Jets

National Scout and College Scouting Coordinator – 2001 – 2004:  Washington Redskins

Western Regional Scout, Director of Personnel, VP of Player Personnel – San Francisco 49ers

Promoted to General Manager for the 49ers in 2011

Basically, he’s been a scout until he got with the 49ers and duped the York’s into believing he knows football.  Clearly, duping the York’s is not a hard thing to do because they know even less about the game.  Nowhere in his credentials does it reflect that he has ever been a coach or has the skills to be one.  Yet, he is the person responding to questions about the teams’ game plan.  He was able to talk Jed York into hiring Jim Harbaugh because he knew the team needed a leader and a coach that could transform the team into a winner and that’s exactly what happened.  Once he realized Jim Harbaugh was receiving all of the attention, he couldn’t handle it because he desperately needs to feel important.

Trent Baalke made the statement recently that Justin Smith is hard to read, really?  The Baalke, York duo destroyed the team.  What incentive does Justin Smith have to return to an organization that does not care about winning?  That is not hard to read, it’s telling that Baalke does not want to face the fact that the team lost key players because of his arrogance and desperate need to be seen as the face of the franchise.  Baalke is a scout; he will always be a scout and nothing more.  As a GM, his goal should have been to support the coach and ensure that he had the resources available to build a winning team.  Instead, he was smarting that the spotlight was not on him, shame of him.

The 49ers have some really talented players in Kap, Bowman, Boldin etc. but will Baalke’s arrogance continue to destroy the team?




What Happened to the Houston Rockets?

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Wow, the Houston Rockets just ran out of steam in game 4.  I watched the game truly perplexed that Kevin McHale used the “hack-a-Jordan” as a strategy for the game.  It did not work when teams used it against Shaquille O’Neal and it’s not going to be a viable formula against the Clippers.  The Rockets were completely out of synch and fouls became the norm.

They were not getting rebounds or second chance shots after missed shots off the backboard.  The Rockets are a better team than what we’re seeing in this playoff series.  If they want to win game five, focus on more touch passes and getting the ball in the hands of someone other than James Harden.  At times during the game, it was as if James Harden was the only player on the floor.  James Harden is amazing but in order for the team to win games the entire squad has to be involved in the game and that’s not happening.

I can’t stand when a player takes the ball and dribbles all over the court instead of passing it around and trying to get the best shot.  James Harden, stop doing that and get your teammates involved.  That would be okay, if his dribbling and shooting garnered more than 26 points.  No one on the team scored more than 12 points with the exception of Dwight Howard, who scored 16 points, BOO!!!

Dwight Howard, Dwight Howard, Dwight Howard, what can I say except he is just not well respected by his peers and that’s unfortunate because when they start jawing at him on the court he becomes unglued and unable to focus.  He was ultimately ejected from the game, which I didn’t agree with.  I don’t believe players should be ejected from the game during the playoffs because tempers are flaring and the level of competitiveness is at an all-time high.  There needs to be more flexibility with the rule on ejecting players.  Unless, it is a bench clearing brawl, let them play!!!


Tom Brady is the Lance Armstrong of the National Football League

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I published several blogs prior to the release of the Wells Report on “Deflategate” because I was certain of what the outcome would be and as I suspected the cheating Patriots are at it again.  One problem I have with the report, is the statement regarding Tom Brady’s knowledge of the situation.  Excuse me, “it is probable that Tom Brady was aware.”  It is more than “probable” that he was aware.  He instigated the entire thing.  This guy is just like Lance Armstrong; he hatched the plan and bullied these low level guys into carrying it out.  The Patriots wins have never set well with me from the first time they won a Super Bowl.  All four of their Super Bowls have been achieved through cheating.

Give me a break we are supposed to believe that men who only wanted shoes and autographed footballs from Brady were the masterminds behind this.  Clearly, they are not the sharpest tools in the shed and it’s highly unlikely they are clairvoyant and were able to read Tom Brady’s mind and know that he needed non-regulation balls in order to be able to throw accurately.  Why does Tom Brady have the telephone number of the equipment manager?  Why did he start texting him after the story broke?  Why did he invite him to the quarterback meeting?  Tom Brady has never invited the equipment manager to the quarterback meeting but the story breaks and he’s invited, really?  The Patriots organization has been built on cheating since the hiring of Bill Belichick and it is time for Roger Goodell to do his job apart from his friendship with Robert Kraft.  When the Patriots used their cheap substitution trick play during the Ravens game and Coach Harbaugh complained, Brady said, Coach Harbaugh should read the rules, well he is a walking contradiction because clearly, the rules only apply to him when they are useful.  Otherwise, he has no use for them.

Roger Goodell has been quick to hand down ridiculous punishment to Ray Rice, James Hardy, Aldon Smith and others for matters happening in their personal lives.  These personal matters do not impact the integrity of the game.  He suspended Ray Framer, the general manager for the Cleveland Browns, without pay for the first four games for sending text messages to personnel during the games, that’s stupid.  He has fined players for wearing Beats headphones, when this is how they supplement their income.  Let’s not forget all of the fines he has leveled against Marshawn Lynch.  None of these matters rise to the level of impacting the integrity of the game.  However, what Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have done and continue to do have a direct and serious impact on the integrity of the game.

Vegas Baby:   When you have places like Vegas where people are betting the odds, this is a very serious matter.  People are losing millions of dollars based on fixed games and that is what’s been happening with Brady and Belichick.  Cheating is cheating, no matter how you slice the pie.  The cheating impacts Fantasy Football and games like this as well.  When are they going to be punished?

Roger Goodell destroyed the New Orleans Saints over “Bountygate” but has yet to punish the Patriots.  When Sean Peyton told Roger Goodell that he was not aware of “Bountygate,” Roger Goodell told him “that ignorance is not an excuse and it’s his locker room so he should have known what was going on,” well that same principle should apply to Bill Belichick.  Also, the fine should be $25,000 per deflated ball, which is eleven (11), plus an additional $1,000,000 for lying and cheating for the fourth time.  Brady should be banned from football or at least suspended for the entire 2015 season and so should Bill Belichick.  This consistent behavior of cheating by this organization has jeopardized the integrity of the NFL.  Neither Brady nor Belichick should receive the gold jacket or ever be considered.

I am tired of analyst saying it’s not a big deal; well it is a very big deal when you’re talking about what’s happening in Vegas, Fantasy Football and other betting venues.  The punishment needs to fit the crime and this is a serious crime.  Roger Goodell needs to take a page out of MLB and Professional Cycling books and throw the book at Brady and Belichick.  Also, the owner of the Saints needs to take a stand against this.  How long are the other owners going to allow this to go on?

The most recent Super Bowl was given to them by Pete Carroll because the NFL did not want Marshawn Lynch to be the face of the NFL and all of us who are true football fans know the call by Pete Carroll was political.  At the end of the day, the Patriots should never have been in the Super Bowl.

It is time for Roger Goodell to stop allowing his friendship with Robert Kraft to cloud his judgment!!! DO YOU JOB ROGER GOODELL OR GIVE UP YOUR 40,000,000 SALARY!!!



Baby Mamas: The Underground Economy Part III — Watch Your Step

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As promised this is Part III of “Baby Mamas: The Underground Economy – Financed by Professional Athletes.”  It’s important that the men and women involved in this cycle of brokenness accept the fact that no one wins in these situations and make a conscious effort to curtail their behavior. The majority of these young men are in their 20’s with little or no life skills on how to be a parent or a partner in a relationship.  The ages of the women can vary.  For instance, Evelyn Lazado is “39” and recently gave birth to a baby boy with Carl Crawford, a 33 year old baseball player.  She lived with Antoine Walker, a basketball player, for a number of years and was briefly married to Chad Johnson, a football player.  She did not have a child with either athlete.  However, she meets Carl Crawford and a baby is born.  In case you’re wondering, Antoine Walker and Chad Johnson had more than one baby mama when they met her.  I will say this, it was wise of her not to have children with either one of these men because it has been rumored that both of them are serial cheaters and abusive.  If the rumor is true, why did she stay with them? Okay, she left Chad Johnson after the head butting incident but he made it clear before they got married that he did not think he could be faithful. Was it an oops with Carl Crawford?  There are no oops when you’re over 18 and dam near 40!!!!  However, it could have been a planned pregnancy, wink, wink.

Most recently, 21 year old La’el Collins, former LSU offensive lineman was interviewed by police recently about the shooting death of his 29-year-old, 8 months pregnant ex-girlfriend in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He was expected to go high in the 2015 draft but after this incident his value dropped significantly and he was not drafted.  DNA results have confirmed that he is not the father of the child.  Unfortunately, the baby died.  The murder of this woman leaves a child from a prior relationship without a mother and a family grieving for the loss of their daughter.  My prayer is that this young man is not involved in this horrific crime.  Not another Rae Carruth, please.  As a reminder, murder is not an option for birth control.

I can write all day about how these men should wear condoms and they should.  More importantly they need to be educated on how to spot a woman that is setting a trap for him.  We know that men are visual so it’s rare that thinking comes into play when they are attracted to a woman he’s interested in dating and having sex with.  If they’re only going out for a one night stand, fine whatever blows your skirt up but they have to think about the consequences of bringing an unwanted child into the world.  Men have to learn to control themselves and the women need to have higher standards and not have children because they don’t want to work.

In order to curtail this behavior, one option that should be considered by the government is taxing child support payments over $5,000 per month.   The men should be financially responsible for supporting the children they help create but these women should not reap all of the benefits.  There are two parent households that make a lot less than some of the child support payments professional athletes are required to pay.  If a woman is receiving $7,000 a month in child support payments she is clearing $84,000 a year and we know most of it is not going towards the care of the child.

Here are some tips for spotting women that are planning to become a “baby mama”: 

  1. If you see the same woman all the time at your sporting events and she’s practically hanging out in the locker room, don’t stop unless you plan to wear a condom and take it with you.
  2. If you go out on a date and she invites you in and strips, make an excuse and vacate the premises as expeditiously as possible. I know that might be difficult but be smart if you have no self control.
  3. During your conversation over dinner, if all she does is complain about her job, red flag. Drop her off at home and never call again.
  4. If she is “in between” jobs or does not have one, tread lightly and slowly.
  5. If her job is minimum wage and she’s wearing designer clothing, lives at home and has no education, think twice before jumping into that.
  6. Ask the woman what her long terms goals are.   If she does not have any or if they are lofty and unrealistic, this is probably someone you want to avoid.
  7. If the woman has a child, find out where the father is and if she says, he left when she got pregnant, explore why and remember there are always two sides to every story and somewhere in the middle is the truth.
  8. If the woman already has children by an athlete and has not worked in years, not a good fit so keep moving.
  9. If a woman tells you she’s on the pill or another form of birth control, err on the side of caution and wear a condom.

If you encounter a woman with any of above qualities, run fast.  Flee, Flee, Flee!!!

Young men, you need to learn to look beyond the physical and engage in intelligent conversations with women you are interested in dating.  There are warning signs and you must adhere to them in order to avoid the pitfalls.  That said, I also understand that some of you don’t have the point of reference or knowledge necessary to recognize the warning signs.  My advice to you is to get a mentor but a good mentor not someone that is your equal.  You may also want to consider therapy to work out your issues with women and relationships.

I understand that men are physical creatures and your brain has the tendency to work differently but you need to train your brain (both sectors of it) to think a little more and not react so carelessly.  Your careless behavior will bring you a result that you are not ready for nor or you equipped to handle.

My dear women, I understand that you want a family but at what cost? Don’t sacrifice your dignity or body for money.  If you find yourself in a situation with a professional athlete you need to be careful as well.  Some of these men can be very charming and give the appearance of wanting to be in a monogamous relationship but that is the farthest thing from their mind and they don’t mind lying to get what they want.  You have too much to offer to allow yourselves to be controlled by a man and his money.  Focus on educating yourself and earning your own money because sooner or later you will have to pay the piper and his fees are VERY expensive.  The piper comes for your self-respect, dignity, self-esteem and sometimes your soul, he wants it all.  Be very careful when setting traps for men because there is truth in the saying “oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

For the women not trying to deceive, here are some tips to help you avoid the pitfalls of dating Professional Athletes:

  1. Ask him how many children he has and if he supports all of them. If he has more than one, remove yourself from the conversation. You don’t ever want to be “baby mama” number two and so on, unless he was previously married and all of the children are from his marriage.
  2. Ask him how many times he’s been married, if it’s more than once “watch your step.”  As my mother would say, “all of those women were not bad, there is something wrong with him.”
  3.  Ask him if he knows all of his children and if they reside in the same state. If he has a rainbow of children, don’t give him your number.
  4.  Checkout his pedigree. If he is from a broken home and his father or mother have different baby mamas and baby daddies, Flee, Flee, Flee!!!! I know it’s a woman’s nature to nurture but a leopard never changes its spots and people are a product of their environment.
  5.  Please don’t give it up so quickly. If you say no and he does not call you back consider yourself lucky and you dodged a bullet.
  6.  Keep in mind that self-respect is based on what you do and self-esteem is based on what you think about yourself and the two are not the same. In that sense, pay very careful attention to how the man speaks and acts with you. If he disrespects you in words and actions, don’t accept another phone call from him and if he shows up at you home unannounced don’t answer the door.
  7. If he stops answering your calls or responding to your text messages, consider it a blessing and move on.
  8. If he lives in a different state he is geographical undesirable so don’t waste your time, unless he really proves to you that you’re the one and that means marriage, not living together.
  9. If he tells you that he’s married to the game, believe him and keep moving because he is not going to change.  Example, Derek Jeter made it very clear to every woman he spent time with that he was married to the game and was not interested in anything long term. I must say, he is one of smart ones because he did not end up with any baby mamas. However, he’s 40 and dating a 24 year old. Shaking my head.

Ladies just remember you have a lot to offer so don’t sell yourself short.  What’s for you is for you and nothing will change that.  If you have to wait for the right man, wait because you win in the long run.