Is Trent Baalke the Coach of the 49ers or the GM?

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Since the exit of Jim Harbaugh from the 49ers, Trent Baalke has become the face of the organization.  He is the person being asked by the media to opine on what’s going on with the team, not the coaching staff which I find interesting.   We have not really heard anything from Coach Jimmy T or his staff about the team and what the plans are.  Trent Baalke has been front and center answering the questions related to the team and the players.  It just annoys me that he is the person calling the shots when the truth of the matter is he does not have the credentials.

What are his credentials you ask?  That’s an excellent question so let me breakdown what he brings to the organization besides his arrogance.  Set forth below are Baalke’s NFL credentials:

Personnel Scout – 1998 – 2000:  New York Jets

National Scout and College Scouting Coordinator – 2001 – 2004:  Washington Redskins

Western Regional Scout, Director of Personnel, VP of Player Personnel – San Francisco 49ers

Promoted to General Manager for the 49ers in 2011

Basically, he’s been a scout until he got with the 49ers and duped the York’s into believing he knows football.  Clearly, duping the York’s is not a hard thing to do because they know even less about the game.  Nowhere in his credentials does it reflect that he has ever been a coach or has the skills to be one.  Yet, he is the person responding to questions about the teams’ game plan.  He was able to talk Jed York into hiring Jim Harbaugh because he knew the team needed a leader and a coach that could transform the team into a winner and that’s exactly what happened.  Once he realized Jim Harbaugh was receiving all of the attention, he couldn’t handle it because he desperately needs to feel important.

Trent Baalke made the statement recently that Justin Smith is hard to read, really?  The Baalke, York duo destroyed the team.  What incentive does Justin Smith have to return to an organization that does not care about winning?  That is not hard to read, it’s telling that Baalke does not want to face the fact that the team lost key players because of his arrogance and desperate need to be seen as the face of the franchise.  Baalke is a scout; he will always be a scout and nothing more.  As a GM, his goal should have been to support the coach and ensure that he had the resources available to build a winning team.  Instead, he was smarting that the spotlight was not on him, shame of him.

The 49ers have some really talented players in Kap, Bowman, Boldin etc. but will Baalke’s arrogance continue to destroy the team?