Peyton Manning: Is A Standup Guy

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I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Peyton Manning play through the years. He is the epitome of a class act. He was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts where he spent fourteen (14) seasons from 1998 to 2011. He thought that he would retire with the Colts. After suffering with major neck problems and three (3) neck surgeries in 15 months he was facing an uphill battle but as only Peyton can do he set his mind to coming back and playing the game he lives, breaths and loves.

Unfortunately as a result of his neck problems, his dream of retiring with the Colts was not to be. Coach Pagano decided to name Andrew Luck the starting quarterback of the Colts and I can’t say it was a bad decision. The Coach was doing succession planning and as a result Peyton drew the short straw. Also, there was no guarantee that Peyton would be able to come back from such extensive neck surgery and play at the level the team needed. Although he was heartbroken by the decision and the fans hated to see him leave, he left with grace and dignity.

Peyton has consistently kept himself above the noise. You will find not where he has made derogatory comments; had to apologize for making inappropriate statements, unlike Tom Brady who made unflattering comments about Peyton. Peyton Manning took it all in stride and his response to Brady was that he didn’t have anything to apologize for. That is kind of response that sets him apart from so many other players past and present.

Kudos to John Elway and the Denver Broncos for giving Peyton the opportunity to continue playing.

Peyton is the only player that I can say should be in the Hall of Fame while he is still playing.




Is Jay Gruden Setting RGIII Up To Fail? Absolutely

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Initially, I gave Jay Gruden the benefit of the doubt because he’s a new head coach and I thought he wouldn’t bring any baggage to the Washington Redskins but clearly that’s not the case. Let me start by saying, I am not a fan of preseason games because they are too risky and there is no reward, except helping to pare down the roster to a 53 man squad. Paring down the roster can be done the same way it’s done in Pop Warner, elementary school, high school and college. These preseason games are just a way for the League to make money.  They need to be banned because the propensity for injury is too high before the season commences. Far too many starting players suffer season ending injuries as a result of these insignificant games and these injuries cause problems with their bank accounts. It would be great if the NFLPA focused on improving this part of the process instead of Shady Brady.

On to what this blog is really about and that is what’s happening to RGIII in Washington. Albeit the Redskins won the preseason game against Detroit it was a disaster for RGIII. The offensive line allowed RGIII to be sacked three times. One of the hits was so hard he went out with a concussion. The lack of protection was so absurd that anyone watching the game saw the offensive line allow the defensive safety and the defensive linebacker to just pummel RGIII.  Reflect on the picture above.

What is up with that? This tells me that Coach Gruden is not doing his job as the coach, which is to protect RGIII. Why did Gruden allow RGIII to play that many downs in a preseason game. Surely, he saw that the offensive line wasn’t doing its job? Rumor has it that Coach Gruden came to the team with a hidden agenda and that was to get rid of RGIII. If the rumor is true he should be man enough to say that he does not want RGIII to be the starting quarterback for the team but don’t put him in harms way with a subpar offensive line and allow him to be injured in a preseason game. That shows a lack of professionalism and poor coaching skills. The problem is not RGIII, it’s the inability of Coach Gruden and so many other coaches in the NFL to understand and coach athletic quarterbacks. Coach Gruden does not have an impressive coaching resume. He is riding on the coattail of his brother, Jon Gruden.

His NFL experience is being the “offensive assistant” for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers under the leadership of his brother Jon Gruden from 2002 to 2008. He promptly departed when Jon Gruden was fired as the head coach. He was the offensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals from 2011 to 2013 and was hired as the head coach for the Washington Redskins in 2014.

I am going to ask the hard question: Why was RGIII sacked 3 times? By the way, neither Cousins nor McCoy were sacked. Did the offensive line change? If not, what was the difference? Don’t tell me that it’s because RGIII was not moving his feet properly, Joe Theismann because that’s a bunch of bull. I have heard that some of the team members are not fond of RGIII because he threw them under the bus with statements like; “Everybody plays a role in whether a team wins or loses.” Let me be the first to say, he’s absolutely correct and I’m sitting right there on the bench with him. The quarterback should not be held to a standard higher than the coach or any other player on the team. There is no way; I would shoulder the responsibility of an entire team when everyone plays a part. Football is a team sport and everybody has a role to play.

Coach Gruden’s other “coaching” experience is with arena football teams and the United Football League, boo hiss!!! These teams are a far cry from what happens in the NFL. Talk about laughable so he really is riding on the coattail of his brother.

These NFL Clubs continue to hire the same inadequate coaches. They lack the skills necessary to coach skilled athletic quarterbacks. The coaches on the college level have no problem coaching these athletes but the coaches on the professional level are still stuck in the “OLD” days where they want the quarterback to remain in the pocket. That is stupid!!! They should develop plays to enhance their skills not force them to be in the pocket. The plays should be designed to compliments both levels of the game not just one aspect, whether it’s in or out of the pocket.

Is Jay Gruden setting RGIII up for failure? From where I’m sitting the answer is YES, no doubt!!!


49ers vs. Texans Preseason Game: What’s Missing?

As all you know, I am a diehard 49ers fan. However, I am a realist and not delusional about what happened to the team during the off season after the firing of Coach Harbaugh. I love the above photo of Kap, Vernon and Torrey because it symbolizes all that the team can be offensively. I watched the preseason game against the Texans and was not happy about the loss. However, I realize we can’t put a lot of stock into one preseason game because it’s part of the elimination process. That said, preseason games can be a precursor to what might transpire during the season.

Based on what happened during the off season, here is my analysis of what the team needs in order to make it back to the Super Bowl.


Kap has great offensive weapons with Vernon Davis, Anquan Boldin, Torrey Smith and Reggie Bush. Torrey Smith brings the speed that has not been a significant factor for the 49er offense because the team typically played “smash mouth” football. Frank Gore in the backfield epitomized the smash mouth football running game but he’s no longer there. Reggie Bush is not a smash mouth running back but he has the speed to break through the holes in a defense and can be counted on to get yardage. I am confident that he will be an asset to Special Teams, which was subpar even under Coach Harbaugh. Additionally, I think Carlos Hyde will be a significant improvement to Special Teams. Kap definitely has the arm strength and it’s a good that Coach Jimmy T is allowing him to call his own plays because it will help him read the defenses as well as confuse them, which is the most critical part of this process.  Also, since this is a new offense it makes more sense for Kap to call his own plays.

On a side note, the 49ers should go out and get Ray Rice.  The team needs a smash mouth, north/south running back.

Offensive Line:

Based on the preseason game against the Texans, it was blatantly clear that the team has to build up the offensive line to protect Kap and create opportunities for the running backs. There were TOO MANY instances where the Texans defense was pushing the 49er offensive line around like ragdolls. Additionally, the offensive line for the 49ers must have the ability to read the opposing defense and create holes for the running backs to run through.

Flashback: The offensive line that protected Joe Montana is what the 49ers need to protect Kap. There was no way back in the day that an opposing team would have gotten to Joe Montana.

Second Flashback: Roger Craig and Ricky Watters were awesome because of the holes created by the 49er offensive line.

The 49ers offensive line has to get back to the “old” hard smash mouth football.


There are four areas of improvement needed by the 49ers on defense and they are as follows:

  1. The 49ers need good defensive linemen. Justin Smith is a very good defensive lineman and what the team needs but he has endured some off the field issues. By the way, this is an opportunity for the 49er management to step up and help this young man get back to being the exception player he is because they need his leadership on the field. Without a strong defensive lineman, the team will struggle. Stop allowing the popular opinion to manage the team. Figure out what it takes to help him and do it so that the defensive line can be what it needs to be. Let’s not forget that the firing of Aldon Smith was detrimental to the pass rush of the team. If that hole is not plugged they are going to lose a lot of games. It doesn’t matter how many points the offense scores if the defense can’t prevent the other team from scoring.  The 49er management failed Aldon Smith, let’s see how they handle Justin Smith.
  2. The 49ers also need help with defensive corners. The opposition will continue to breakdown the 49er defense if the team does get some strong, tall and quick defensive corners.
  3. OMG, the 49ers have got to plug the gaping hole left by Patrick Willis. That middle linebacker position is critical to the success of the team. Michael Wilhoite is a good middle linebacker but he lacks speed.
  4. Eric Reid and Antoine Bethea are good safety’s but too short. They have the speed but they lack the weight and height needed to defend against tall, strong receivers. Therefore, it’s critical to improve the linebacker position because it will make it easier for the safety’s and corners to do their job defensively.

Hopefully, there are players in the group of rookies they’ve drafted that can rise to the occasion.

By the way, the team can’t depend on the kicker to keep them in the game with three point plays. The team has to score and prevent the other team from scoring.

Trent Baalke, you were a scout, why haven’t you been able to see what’s needed? You’re probably too busy trying to be the coach. Since Jed York does not understand the x’s and o’s, enough said, right?

If the team does not do well this season, sports analysts and 49er management don’t vilify Kap because the “powers that be” failed to do their job.








Michael Sam: His Own Worst Enemy

Montreal's Michael Sam warms up before the first half of a Canadian Football League game. (Justin Tang/The Canadian Press via AP)

Michael Sam has stepped away from football citing mental issues.  What did he think would happen if he put “all” of his business out about his sexuality in the street.  He was never referred to as a football player in articles.  Every article that was written started with “Michael Sam the first openly gay football player.”

Michael Sam allowed his sexuality to define him instead of letting his abilities as a football player speak on the field.  I understand that he felt the need not to be one of the “boys” in the locker room so he wanted to let the “world” know that he is gay.  For any other gay athlete who is considering telling the world that you’re gay before you have a signed contract with a professional team, DON’T say anything.  Besides, it’s not necessary and it’s nobody’s business what your sexual orientation is.  Live your life, people that are heterosexual do not announce to the world what their sexual orientation is.

Therefore, people with different lifestyles should not feel pressured to announce their lifestyle to the world.  His teammates in Canada started grumbling that he was receiving preferential treatment and they were becoming resentful.  This was bound to happen on any team because the media made his sexuality more of a story than it should have been.

ESPN awarded him the Arthur Ashe bravery award.  What is brave about announcing what your sexual preference is?  Nobody cares and the media has to stop blowing these kind of announcements out of proportion.  The average person could care less about who someone has in his/her bedroom and if he’s a football player all we care about is whether or not he can play the game.

It is unfortunate for Michael Sam that this happened to him and I hope he finds happiness and healing.  He is young and in a very difficult position so hopefully he has a plan B.  It will be important for him to focus on living a normal life and dealing with the demons that come with fame.  This young man did not receive proper counseling about what was best for his future.  It would have made more sense to live his life, play football and find out he has the skills to play on the professional level.  Instead, he was ill advised to tell the world about his sexual preference and now he is left picking up the pieces.



Tim Tebow vs. Johnny Manziel

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Stop right there: I know you think this article is about comparing Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel and tearing each one of them down like the majority of the news organizations. Actually, it’s not about that all. I’m actually comparing the Clubs they were drafted into and their leadership as well as pointing out what the media missed during their assaults on these two young men.   These two QBs never stood a chance because just like the media built them up it tore them down and they continue the assaults.

Tim Tebow

Some little known facts about Tim Tebow is that he was home-schooled, his parents have strong Christian beliefs and there is a law in Florida known as the Tim Tebow Law that the legislature passed in 1996 that allowed home-schooled students to participate on the team of a local high school in the district they lived in. Guess what? Tim Tebow took advantage of this law and attended Trinity Christian Academy where he played tight end. In 2003 he moved into an apartment in St. Johns County which made him eligible to play for Allen D. Nease High School, which is where is got is quarterback start. It was at Nease in his junior year that he gained attention for his running and throwing abilities. In that same year he sustained an injury to his right leg that they thought was a bad cramp. He continued to play in the game and rushed for a 29-yard touchdown. Well, after the game it was determined that he had a broken fibula. Who Dat, says a running QB can’t play with injuries, Who Dat?

He went on to play for the University of Florida where he won the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore in 2007 and lead the Gators to the 2008 BCS championship. Tebow was selected in the first round in the 2010 NFL Draft by the “horrific” Denver Broncos where he was doomed from the get go. The Broncos had just hired Josh McDaniels as the head coach after firing Mike Shanahan when Tebow was drafted. Who the hell is Josh McDaniels and what had he done? Nothing really, he was a graduate assistant under Nick Saban at Michigan, who was a friend of his fathers’ and after that he was with the “cheating” Patriots. He took a page from Bill Belichick’s playbook when he was hired by the Broncos and ended up being caught up in a scandal because the Denver Post reported that the team’s director of video operations videotaped a San Francisco walkthrough practice during the teams’ game in England. This was aptly dubbed “Spygate II.”

Coaches like Jon Gruden and Tony Dungy believed that Tebow could be successful in the NFL but NFL analyst Mel Kiper believed Tebow did not have the intangibles to play quarterback in the NFL. My, my, my, Mel Kiper spewed his venom and the young man’s career was sunk before it got started.

I can’t help but wonder if it was Tebow’s strong faith and how he chose to live his life that caused some of the backlash. After all, some people do have a problem with people who put their faith on display and don’t shy away from their beliefs for the camera.

Johnny “Football” Manziel

First of all, he was born into wealth. His family became wealthy through the Texas petroleum industry so he’s not hurting for money. The nickname “Johnny Football” is a registered trademark. In high school he started off playing wide receiver but started the fourth game in his sophomore year as the quarterback and never looked back. During his high school years Manziel was compared to quarterbacks like Brett Favre, Michael Vick and Drew Brees. From high school he chose to attend Texas A&M University where he shattered a number of QB records. For instance, he broke Archie Manning’s 43 year old total offense record. Manziel produced 557 yards of total offense, breaking Manning’s record of 540, impressive. Additionally, he broke the single season record for offensive production in the SEC with 4600 yards, surpassing Cam Newton and Tim Tebow.  Manziel announced that he would forego his junior season and enter the draft.

Johnny has always been an arrogant player and there is nothing wrong with that because it’s his arrogance that made him a successful QB. However, some coaches and sports analysts don’t handle that very well. There were various scouting opinions which ranged from he was “undraftable” to “rare competitor” and it is my belief that the negative statements caused his stock to drop. Former NFL head coach Barry Switzer took it to a personal level, criticizing Manziel, saying: “I don’t like his antics. I think he’s an arrogant little prick. I’ve said that and I’ll say it again.” Shaking my head, this is a grown man in his 70s. His comments were childish and unprofessional? These kind of statements impacted where Johnny ultimately ended up, which was with the hapless, poorly managed Cleveland Browns. If the comments had been more focused on Johnny forgoing his education and playing longer in college to gain more experience at the QB position that would have more beneficial and professional. I am not a proponent of these young kids entering the draft early without a diploma in their hands because there are too many uncertain factors waiting to befall them.

It is my understanding that on draft day, 21 teams, including the Cleveland Browns, passed on him. While Manziel was waiting to get drafted, he texted the Browns quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains that he wants to “wreck the league” in Cleveland. Loggains forwarded the text to head to coach Mike Pettine, who made the decision to trade up to draft Manziel. The Browns drafted him as the 22nd overall pick and the stage was set for disaster. The fact that Johnny thought that he could “wreck the league” in Cleveland showed his level of maturity and spoke volumes about the management of the Cleveland Browns. It was the text of a 22 year old that has never played on the professional level that caught your attention and made you draft him, really?

The Browns organization has always been in disarray. They did not need a QB because they already had a good QB in Brian Hoyer but as usual that organization does not know how to support a QB and continue to fall victim to the media. The Browns just keep playing musical chairs with QBs and destroying careers along the way. The Texans on the other hand did need a QB but chose to pass on Johnny and take Jadeveon Clowney, who they didn’t need. They already had J.J. Watt and a good DL but as the QB world turns the Texans traded for Brian Hoyer of the Browns in the off season, I cry foul!!!

Can Tebow and Manziel Play in the NFL?:

Of course they can. The problem with most of the NFL Teams is they continue to hire the same coaches, who are stuck in time and have not caught up with the new more athletic college QBs. They have not been able to create successful strategies that incorporate the athleticism of these young men. Instead, they force them to play in the pocket under the guise of not getting hurt and becoming a “more complete” QB. That is such a joke and is an out and out lie. Getting hurt is part of the game and has nothing to do with staying in the pocket. If your OL is weak, your QB is going to get sacked and more likely than not hurt because he’s not being protected.

So-called sports analysts like Mel Kiper who have never played the game and will argue; neither have and I and true that but the difference is I believe is progress and they believe in the status quo, (i.e. “the pocket passer”) and find pleasure in destroying the new more athletic QB. My recommendation for these stuck in time sports analysts, except that the game is changing and get with the program or get left behind.

Teams shore up your OL and coaches develop strategic plays that compliment the athleticism of your QB. If you do that it’s very possible that you will have a winning team. Coach Harbaugh and Coach Carroll have proven that it can be done.




Aldon Smith: All That’s Wrong with 49er Management

Aldon Smith in 2014.jpg

Aldon Smith was arrested again, for driving under the influence, hit and run and vandalism. I had to publish this blog before the media starts its “seek and destroy” campaign against this young man. According to news sources this is his fifth arrest since he joined the 49ers in 2011. Aldon’s arrest comes on the heels of an already struggling team and poor management. This arrest signifies all that is wrong with the 49er organization.

If Aldon Smith played for the Cowboys, Jerry Jones would have noticed his spiral and immediately taken him under his wing and started helping him but what did the 49er organization do? Absolutely, nothing, they just allowed him to spiral downwards. While in college he was arrested for driving under the influence, this young man had problems when he was drafted so why didn’t the organization do something at that time? Clearly, he has a problem and is crying out for help.

Media and sports analysts instead of vilifying Smith, how about advocating for him to get help? If he does not get help for his problems, he will end up a statistic and a burden on society like so many others.  The organization has decided to release him instead of helping him, really? I understand that he’s an adult and he has to acknowledge that he has a problem but he is 25 years old and has some deep seated issues that are affecting his ability to make wise choices.

By the way, the management of the 49er organization is out of touch with its players and is not in the business of fostering relationships.  Managements’ “don’t care attitude” is a direct result of the mass exodus of 49er players that took place during the off season. I looked at some pictures from the first five days of training camp and there is Trent Baalke standing on the sideline looking smug. What value is he adding by hanging out on the sideline? Is it too much to ask the media to write about the problems facing the franchise because of the lack of good leadership within the 49er management structure?  The only thing the media seems to care about is trying to vilify Kap and create a quarterback controversy, where one does not exist. Enough of your stupid sound bytes.  How about attacking some real issues?  Trent Baalke said a couple of days ago that the organization would do everything to keep Aldon Smith, well that didn’t last long, did it?  So, the organization can’t support him through a crisis?  As long as he towes the line, the organization would work to retain him, right?  Well, part of retaining members of a team is recognizing when some of them need additional care.

Coach Harbaugh saw the handwriting on the wall and knew it was time to move on. He realized that the current regime is only concerned about money, has no clue about how to build a strong team and does not care about the players. I believe Coach Jimmy T cares about the players but he’s just trying to keep his head above water on a sinking ship that is broken in half like the Titanic and is sinking even faster.

Image result for photo of the titanic sinkingImage result for photo of the titanic sinking


The Republican Presidential Debate

I know that my blog is about sports but I watched the Republican Presidential Debate and was not impressed with the questions, answers or the behavior of the candidates, one of whom who could very well become our Commander and Chief.  Therefore, I was compelled to stray from my normal blog and give you my thoughts about tonight’s debate.

I watched the Republican Presidential Debate and the best thing about it was Donald Trump talking about how he took full advantage of the laws of this country when he filed for bankruptcy 4 times, which is really sad but he didn’t run from the question. Also, there were too many candidates on the stage in order for it to be effective. The media has become a circus. How do they expect candidates to really talk about what their plans are when you can only hear from a select few and it was obvious they focused on certain candidates. They tried to attack Donald Trump, didn’t work. Then their strategy was to attack the President and the current administration, in my opinion that’s stupid, the questions should have been geared to what are these candidates bringing to the table.

One of the most inane comments came from Jeb Bush, who said the country is divided and we need to pull the country back together and it’s because of the President and Hillary Clinton. What world is he living in? The country was divided when his father and brother were in office. The people in the audience clapped loudly, people stop believing in sound bytes and end the hypocrisy.

All of them want to dismantle the IRS, Social Security, put education back in the hands of the states, repeal the Health Care Act but they plan to increase jobs. Well how many jobs will be lost when all of these systems are dismantled?

Jeb Bush, claims that when he was Governor of Florida he increased jobs and improved education more than any state in the country. Really? If what he did for education in Florida produced people that can’t convict a man that killed an unarmed boy or a woman that killed her two year old daughter, I shutter to think what that educational system looks like. These people are completely unrealistic in their thought process. Some of the questions from ordinary people were just plain STUPID. For instance, one woman asked what they plan to do so that Christians are allowed to speak their minds about gay marriage. One candidate said he does not want his marriage or guns in the hands of the government but that’s not really answering the question, right? I was shouting at the television saying silly lady your opinion is your opinion but don’t use God as a way to be cruel to people because their life style is different. When is someone going to say that.

There was only one question asked about what’s happening in this country to Black people when confronted by some of these crazy police officers. The question was asked to one candidate and his response was more training. That is the dumbest answer and a sound byte. How about the FBI will be sent in to investigate these police departments like what was done in Ferguson and rid the departments of the bad apples. Let’s be real a lot of these police officers engaged in this violent murderous behavior would be criminals themselves “but for” becoming police officers.

How about a question about the Mental Health system Ronald Reagan destroyed? As a result of his madness, we are dealing with people walking into schools and movie theatres taking everybody out. He destroyed the mental health system but we had to take care of him when he became one of the people he didn’t care about.

Why don’t we want everyone to have health? Early in my traveling days I met a husband and wife from Russia who were doctors while I was on vacation in Spain. I was probably 25 years old. When I found out they were doctors I said to them, “why don’t you move to America, you can make much more money?” They said we would NEVER move to America because you all don’t believe in taking care of everyone that’s sick. I never forgot that but it is so true. Think about how insurance companies and management companies dictate to doctors how they should treat patients. There was a time when doctor’s managed their own practice but these insurance companies and management companies are all about managing budgets and not health care for the sick.

My recommendation for everyone is truly look inward don’t vote for someone because you’ve always done it, think about the old, the sick, the disenfranchised, uneducated, the poor, the rich, the educated, jobs etc. and really pray for deliverance and ask God for wisdom and to heal your heart. We are never going to right every wrong but we can make this is an even better country if we start being honest.


The Franchise Tag is a Way for Owners to Hedge their Bets?

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I had to stray for a moment to publish a blog about all things crazy with Shady Brady and the nonsense that is “Deflategate.” However, I am back to continue our education on the ridiculousness that is the NFL Franchise Tag and how it is being used by “Owners” to hedge their bets on signing players to long term contracts and keeping them out of the reach of other teams until they can determine whether or not to sign a player to a longer term deal.

Back to the business of NFL contracts and the “Franchise Tag” and what it means if a player is designated by a Club as a Franchise Player. Let’s look at what the Exclusive Franchise Tag represents for a player. The Exclusive Franchise Tender is a one year NFL Player Contract. The payout for the Exclusive Franchise tag is an average of the five (5) highest salaries in the Player Contracts for the League year as of the end of the Restricted Free Agent signing period. As a reminder, the Non-Exclusive Franchise Tag salary is the average of the five (5) highest salaries for the Players’ position. There are examples in the Collective Bargaining Agreement if you want to see how it works but at the end of the day this methodology takes the negotiations out of the hands of the players and places all of the power in the hands of the “Owners.”  If a player is designated as a “franchise player” regardless of how well he has played, what his contributions have been to the Club over the years, his salary will be based on an average of previously paid salaries so basically the players get screwed with this designation. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the Club will engage a franchise player the next season, which means if the player has not prepared himself financially or is not wanted by another team he is can find himself being an UBER driver.

If the player accepts the Franchise Tag designation, the player’s contract is fully guaranteed, even if the player’s contract is terminated because of the lack of comparative skill; as a result of an injury sustained in the performance of his services under his Player Contract; and/or due to a Club’s determination to create room for Salary Cap purposes. However, there is a flaw in this “guaranteed” provision which is, any contract termination due to the failure of the player to establish or maintain his excellent physical condition will be subject to review of a neutral physician appointed by the parties, whose physical findings will be conclusive in any arbitration proceeding relating to the physical condition of the player at the time of the exam, provided that such exam takes place within twenty (20) days of the contract termination. So there you have it “guaranteed” does not always mean “guaranteed.”

Some of the Players who were tendered with the franchise tag for the upcoming season included Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, New England Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski, New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, Denver Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas and the Kansas City Chiefs pass rusher Justin Houston.

These players have been big contributors to their respective Clubs so why the “franchise tag” you ask? The owners are definitely hedging their bets by tendering the “franchise tag” on high caliber players. Owners designate the franchise tag for several reasons. It could be designated to make room for the salary cap, a player may have been injured over the course of time so it’s easier to pay less money and let the player go at the end of season if he’s not playing up to standard, it’s a way of getting rid of a problem player or they just don’t want to pay the player what he’s worth. Keep in mind football is a very lucrative business and the owners want to keep as much money in their coffers as possible.

In the case of Dez Bryant, early on in his career he had some off the field issues and his passion for the game causes him to explode on the sideline or it could be that when he left Jerry Jones management agency Jones was upset and never got over it so he tendered the “franchise tag,” not expecting Dez and Roc Nation to push back. I must admit I was very impressed with the manner in which Dez and his management team handled the Jones team. Also, it was unfair to do that to one of the best receivers in the League.

In the case of Jason Pierre-Paul, early in his five (5) year career with the Giants he was a formidable pass rusher but a series of injuries and back surgery in recent seasons has diminished his abilities. In addition to his injuries on the job, he is the poster boy for STUPID. He was tendered the franchise tag and decides to play with firecrackers and blew off a portion of his hand. That kind of behavior leaves me shaking my head. Some of these men need to grow up and understand that they are commodities and can’t run of risk of injuries off the field, UGH!!! As a result of poor decision making, he is currently unemployed, idiot!!! Naturally, the Giants are thinking they dodged a bullet by not negotiating a longer deal with Pierre-Paul.