Football Recap: Week One Surprises and Not So Surprised

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I wanted to make sure and post about the games from week one.  That said, there is a lot of football that has to be played before the cream rises to the top.  There were some very interesting wins and losses.  Let’s look at the games from week one.

Pittsburgh vs. New England = My expectation was that Pittsburgh would win but Pittsburgh’s defense was on non-existent.  Read my blog about the breakdown of the Steelers defense.

Indianapolis vs. Buffalo = Buffalo won because their defense was able to shut the Colts running and passing game down. Buffalo’s win was a surprise to some and not others.

Green Bay vs. Cleveland Browns = Green Bay. Everyone expected Green Bay to win and they did.

Kansas City vs. Houston Texans = Kansas City won because their defense and offensive game was on.  The big question is can they continue to win?  Read my KC breakdown.

Carolina vs. Jacksonville = Panthers won, no surprise.

Cleveland vs. Jets = Jets won, no surprise.

Seattle vs. St. Louis = St Louis won because Pete Carroll continues to make the same bad play calling at a pivotal point in the game. Coach Carroll has a very good strategic mind but he believes his own hype and thinks he’s the smartest person in the room. That arrogance cost him the Super Bowl and the game against St. Louis.

Miami vs. Washington = All I have to say about this game is so glad Washington LOST!!! This is the most horrible team in the League both from an organizational and team standpoint.

New Orleans vs. Arizona = I know some people were surprised that Arizona won but the truth of the matter is the Saints don’t play well on the road. Also, since “bountygate” the team has struggled and continues to do so.  By the way, Coach Payton believes his own hype which is causing New Orleans to lose games as well.

Detroit vs. San Diego = No surprise that San Diego won.

Baltimore vs. Denver = No surprise that Denver won but Peyton’s performance in the game was off and gave a lot of people pause. Has Denver’s management started succession planning? If not, they need to.  Peyton is 39 years old and it’s time for him to take a look in the mirror and give some serious thought to whether he wants to continue putting his body through this.

Cincinnati vs. Oakland = No surprises that Cincinnati won. Oakland was business as usual.

Tennessee vs. Tampa Bay = Tennessee won. Tennessee was picked to win but I was more surprised at Tampa Bay’s lack of defense. Marcus Mariota threw four touchdowns. He had an outstanding game. The OL for Tampa Bay did not help Jameis Winston at all. Also, he was missing key receivers who are out due to injuries in the preseason. The injuries that occur during preseason is all the more reason to get rid of these preseason games. The teams need to figure out a better way of trimming down the rosters. This argument will be in a later blog.

New York Giants vs. Dallas = Dallas won, no surprise. The biggest surprise was how poorly the Giants were playing and were winning.  The play called by the coach to give the running back the ball and Eli telling him not to score was just plain STUPID!!!

Philadelphia vs. Atlanta = Atlanta won, no surprise.

Minnesota vs. San Francisco = San Francisco won. It was not a surprise to me but a big surprise to others around the League. The San Francisco defense was awesome and the running game was amazing. The 49ers play “smash mouth” football which is what they have been about and need to continue doing. That said, Kap will need to pass against the Steelers and use his legs because the Steelers defense will look different from week one.