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Some of the games from last week knocked the socks off people and had folks wondering, “just what is happening right now”? Well, it’s football and on any given Sunday a game can be won or lost. Of the undefeated team, analysts are still shocked that the Panthers have not lost a game.  Clearly, Cam is carrying this team because there are not really any well known players on the team.  Of the undefeated teams, the Patriots have the easiest schedule, which NO ONE is willing to say but me. Now on to the recap.

San Francisco vs. Seahawks: You all know that I am a diehard 49er fan and will always root for them. After Kap played so well the week before, my hope was that the momentum would carry into this game but it was not to be. Kap has a monkey on his back when it comes to the Seahawks and he has to figure out a way to win, not only against the Seahawks but other teams. He has the talent and he can do it but I have said it before and I will say it again, he should NEVER have listened to people telling him to stay in the pocket and he sure as hell had no business working out with Kurt Warner last summer. If he was going to listen to anyone, it should have been Joe Montana, who said just be Kap.  Also, the offensive line just SUCKS big time.

Bills vs. Jaguars: The Jaguars won, big deal.

Buccaneers vs. Redskins: The Redskins came back and won. I’m sure Jay Gruden was jumping up and down with glee but let’s be serious they played a team with a lot of defensive issues, a QB that’s new to the League and they only won by three points so nothing to shout about there.

Falcons vs. Titans: Although the Falcons won it was only by three points, which gives me pause as to how far they can really go.

Saints vs. Colts: The Saints pulled out a win and the analysts made a big hoopla about the “veteran” Drew Brees taking on the “youngster” Andrew Luck. All I have to say is Andrew Luck is playing hurt and he should stop playing and take the time to heal. When things are going bad these so-called football analysts will blame every loss on him notwithstanding the fact that he hasn’t healed completely.   Also, the management and the coach are having some issues and that trickles down to the team. Ask the 49ers? Drew Brees was a none factor.

Vikings vs. Lions: The Vikings are doing well after their initial loss against the 49ers. After this loss the Lions fired their offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi but will that put an end to their woes? Hell yes, the Lions hired him because he is the grandson of Vince Lombardi.  This guy had no real NFL experience as an OL coach. He was the QB coach for the Saints from 2009 to 2013, if that’s true. They should be at the bottom of the heap for being stupid, IDIOTS!!!

Steelers vs. Chiefs: No Big Ben and no Mike Vick, enough said.

Browns vs. Rams: The Browns will continue to lose if they don’t let Johnny Manziel become the quarterback. Their season is already in the toilet, LET THE BOY PLAY!!!

Texans vs. Dolphins: Charley Casserly left this team in a mess. By the time he was told to quit or be fired the damage had been done. I said at the beginning of the season they should never have switched Brian Hoyer out for Ryan Mallet because he is not a team player. My point was proven when he missed the flight to the game. At least Brian is back in as the starter. Just let Hoyer play. By the way, the Dolphins are not real.

Jets vs. Patriots: The Jets tried but they’re just not strong enough to beat the Patriots. The Patriots are scumbags from way back but Gronk is a big man and hard to take down.

Raiders vs. Chargers: The score does not reflect how bad the Raiders beat the Chargers. That was the one game that made everybody go, WOW!!! Philip Rivers did not have any game last Sunday and it proves that things don’t always go your way in a game no matter how good you are.

Cowboys vs. Giants: This game just sucked. The Cowboys are playing with 3rd string players so you can’t get much production out of that situation.

Eagles vs. Panthers: The team that should be given the most accolades at this time is the Panthers. Cam is carrying this team on his back and should be commended for it. There is still a lot of football to be played but all I can say to Cam is keep doing your thing.

Ravens vs. Cardinals: No surprise here. The Ravens have been beset by injuries and they have a lot of new players that need time together.




Jay Gruden: Destroyer of Quarterbacks

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I have not made it a secret that I’m not a fan of the manner in which Jay Gruden treated RG3. It was unfair and unprofessional. I don’t believe he has the ability to assess or coach any quarterback in the NFL and that is evident by Andy Dalton’s lack of success in Cincinnati during Gruden’s tenure there as the offensive coordinator. Gruden was the offensive for the Bengals from 2011 through 2014 and during that time, sports analysts and the like were calling for Dalton to be released as the quarterback of the team. The fans were booing Dalton before the 2015 season started and articles were being written about how he is not the QB for the team.

The 2015 season starts, Gruden is gone and Dalton is thriving. That speaks volumes to me. Dalton was drafted 35th in the second round in the 2011 draft by the Bengals. Since drafting Dalton, the Bengals have had success during the season but they have not been able to make it out of the post season in the last four years. The team has not lost a game so far this season and Dalton is playing with confidence and leading his team to victory. My take on this is that Jay Gruden stymied Dalton because he has no clue on how to coach a team and certainly no knowledge of how to work with a quarterback. Dalton’s 2015 passing completion percentage is already better than his percentages for 2011 – 2015.

Now some people may say that Dalton has matured and that’s what has improved his play and that could play a part in it. However, I say take a look at what Gruden did to RG3 and what he’s doing to Cousins. Gruden has no business coaching a Pop Warner team and certainly not an NFL team. His treatment of RG3 was unacceptable and Snyder should never have allowed it. Gruden made comments about RG3 such as, “didn’t take a certain number of steps before passing the ball” etc. those are clown comments and just plain stupid. Now that Cousins is not having any success, it’s the wind, him, the team and a plethora of factors causing Cousins to underperform. Actually, Gruden is the reason Cousins and any other quarterback he comes in contact with has difficulty.

Instead of analyst jumping on the “fire/trade” the quarterback bandwagon, take a look at who the QB is working with and analyze what is really going on. I don’t have a problem with Cousins. He has every right to work hard to be the QB of the team. My problem is with Gruden and his lack of coaching skills. But for his brother Gruden would not be where he is in the NFL. It is a joke that he’s been hired as the head coach of the Redskins. He was not honest with Snyder when he interviewed for the job. He said that he could work with RG3 and the fact of the matter is that he had no intention of working with RG3. His plan was to replace him and now his incompetence is showing.


“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when at first we practice to deceive.” — The line belongs to Sir Walter Scott, from his 1808 poem Marmion.

Let’s see how Snyder handles Gruden after his dismal season.



Week 6: NFL RECAP — Winners and Losers

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Recap of Week 6: Okay, I didn’t to do a recap of week 5 because I chose to write about the firing of the Dolphins head coach after the team lost game 4. As a word of caution to Dolphins fans, don’t get too excited about the win last week and the “tight end” coach, that decision will more likely than not go up in flames as well. Okay, here are my thoughts on the Week 6 games:

Falcons vs. Saints: The Falcons just can’t seem to beat the Saints.  Although the Falcons are the better team.

Redskins vs. Jets: By gosh the wind and everyone on the team caused Kirk Cousins to throw interceptions according to the unskilled Jay Gruden. This guy is a complete moron and only has a head coaching job because of his brother. I don’t want the Redskins to EVER win another game. Jay Gruden almost destroyed Andy Dalton’s career as a QB while he was at Cincinnati.  He destroyed RG3 and if Snyder does not get rid of him he will destroy Cousins. The man DOES NOT KNOW FOOTBALL!!!

Cardinals vs. Steelers: Vick went down and that young boy came in and got the job done. What I liked about the win the most was the camaraderie shown by the entire team and that includes Vick and Big Ben. The Steelers organization is a class act.

Chiefs vs. Vikings: I am really disappointed in the Chiefs this season. I thought they were going to be one of teams to watch.  Whoever said the 49ers should have kept Alex Smith, is an idiot.  He did not throw a touchdown to a receiver the entire 2014 season and it appears that he’s headed in the same direction this season. You all know, I will fight for the player all day long but Alex Smith needs to spend some time with Kurt Warner because Kap should never have wasted his time with him.

Bengals vs. Bills: Okay, the Bills and Rex Ryan are a joke. Rex Ryan is Rex Ryan no matter how much smack he talks. The man is not a good head coach. As for the Bengals, it is my prediction that they will beat the Patriots in the playoffs and go to the Super Bowl. By the way, since the Bengals got rid of Jay Gruden, Andy Dalton has flourished in his QB role.  Word to the wise.

Bears vs. Lions: Honestly, I feel sorry for Jay Cutler.  As far as these two teams go, they just need to go back to the drawing board.

Broncos vs. Browns: Peyton doesn’t need to 25 year old Peyton, all that matters is that he gets’ the job done when he has to. As for the Browns, they want win until they take a chance on Johnny Manziel. Don’t talk to me about the situation with his girlfriend. That situation occurred in his car, which was private.

Texans vs. Jaguars: The head coach wised up and gave the starting position back to Brian Hoyer. Who are the Jaguars again?

Dolphins vs. Titans: Really?

Panthers vs. Seahawks: Cam went into Seattle with the 12the man hoovering and knock that man right back in his seat. The Legion of Boom got confused on defense and blamed everyone for their failure on the miscue but themselves. How about take responsibility for your mistakes guys? It happens. By the way, Cam does not have any real players on his team and he’s getting the job done.

Chargers vs. Greenbay: Expected.

Ravens vs. 49ers: If the 49ers coaching staff listens to Joe Montana and allow Kap to be Kap the offense will surge and they will win games. However, that OL must continue to gel and they need stronger, taller and faster safeties because they are allowing too many points on defense. Bowman can’t do it all. Also, they have got to get a pass rush going. That said, Kap did his thing and he did it well.

Patriots vs. Colts: Pagano gave the game to Patriots with the trick play that was not a trick play. Just play football against the Patriots, people please. Trick plays are Belicheat’s specialty, not the rest of the League.  First Pete Carroll and now Pagano, what’s up?

Giants vs. Eagles: Worst game of the week.

That’s my two cents.



Miami Dolphins: What’s Really Going On?

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Football season is always filled with surprises but the biggest surprise this season came when the Dolphins management fired Coach Joe Philbin after the third loss of the 2015 season and hired the tight ends coach as the interim coach. Well, good luck winning any more games.

Coach Philbin was hired as the head coach in 2012 and his record is 24 wins and 28 loses. By the way, we can’t forget that the team did have that bullying problem to come to light under his leadership. That said, it didn’t start with him so he can’t be blamed for that.

Come now, the Dolphins management needs to come to terms with the fact that they have not had a good team since Coach Shula retired in 1995 and they are arguably in the weakest division in the League. Coach Philbin was hired by the Green Bay Packers in 2003 and he remained with them until he was hired as the head coach of the Dolphins. Is it the ghost of Shula’s past that’s preventing the team from returning to its glory days? No, management like a lot of the NFL teams are looking for instant results and that’s not going to happen. The team has to be willing to hire a coach and give him the opportunity to build a team. I’m not saying that Coach Philbin was the right person because his record speaks for itself but the tight ends coach becomes the interim head coach?  That leaves me shaking my head.

Is the expectation that he will bring something to the table Coach Philbin didn’t have? I understand they are tired of losing but was firing the coach and hiring the tight ends coach the answer? Should they have stayed the course and given him an opportunity to turn the team around? After all, the team has been hapless forever. According to the interim coach, he has to change the culture so I suppose changing the culture will put them on a winning path, yea right!!! What’s the culture he’s referring to? Is it the culture of bullying or have the players grown accustomed to losing?

Whatever the culture is, at the end of the day, football is hard and he needs to come with plays that will help the team win. Also, he has to be able to motivate the players and get them to believe in what he’s doing. I’m not sure talking about changing the culture is the answer but time will tell.




Week 4: NFL Recap — Winners and Losers

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I am not going to spend a lot of time recapping the games from last week but there are a few points that need to be highlighted.

Ravens vs. Steelers = Ravens won. Snoop Dog summed up what the problem was with that game. I can’t write what he said so you will need to go on-line and view his Instagram video. At the end of day, the kicker lost the game and he has been released by the team. Michael Vick played well. Vick really should be a starter somewhere.

Jaguars vs. Colts = Colts won but that is a given. The Jaguars need a lot of help. This team has not really been competitive since coming into the League.

Packers vs. 49ers = Packers won. You all know the Niners are my team. In previous post starting last year, I wrote about what would happen to the team once Coach Harbaugh was fired and my worst nightmare is coming true. Kap has to find that fire inside and come out swinging like his life depends on it or shall we say his job. He is becoming the new whipping stick now that the media has reduced RG3 to the sideline. I will say this, I have a lot of respect for Coach Jimmy T. and Geep because they are not bowing to the pressure of the media. They just need keep doing what they are doing and the team will gel.  It will take time but they have got to find their offensive game. The Niners defense did an excellent job but its hit and miss. Since I am a die hard, the Niners will start to turn around.

Rams vs. Cardinals = Rams won. This was the biggest surprise of the day. The week the Cardinals beat the Niners down, one of the defensive players said the Niners offense was easy to read. Since they lost the following week, I guess that means their offense was easy to read as well, right?

Cowboys vs. Saints = Saints won. This was a nail biter and I picked the Cowboys to win. However, the Saints have the tendency to find a way to win in the Dome. As for the Cowboys, Weeden did a phenomenal job.

Panthers vs. Buccaneers = Panthers won. This was not a surprise but I must say Cam is doing his thing and the Panthers are 4 and 0.

Chiefs vs. Bengals = Bengals won. Although I am not surprised that the Bengals won, I am surprised that the Chiefs are struggling so early in the season. Its possible things will improve for them.

Lions vs. Seahawks = Seahawks won. No surprise there. However, all of the talk was about the ball that was batted out of bounds by the Seahawks player in the end zone. All I have to say about that is it’s a stupid rule and the League needs to get rid of the rule.

Texans vs. Falcons = Falcons won. The Falcons are doing really well but can they sustain it? Only time will tell.

Raiders vs. Bears = Bears won. Hmph

Jets vs. Dolphins = Jets won. Who really cares? This division is so weak.

Giants vs. Bills = Giants won. These two teams are hit and miss. That said, Rex Ryan has been in the League since 1994 in various coaching positions and I don’t think “head coach” is the job for him.

Eagles vs. Redskins = Redskins won. This win makes my skin crawl.

Browns vs. Chargers = Browns won. Why and how? This one is a surprise but since the game was so close all I can say is that’s the game. That said, I still believe Johnny Manziel should be starting.

Broncos vs. Vikings = Broncos won. I am surprised at how close the game was.



Michael Vick: People Need to Let Go of the Past

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People who are dog lovers, like me, were very angry with Michael Vick when it was discovered that he was financially supporting dog fighting on his property.  It made me sick to my stomach to know that an NFL QB with such amazing talent would be involved in something so savage.  I said, he has been given the opportunity of a life time and this is what he does with it.

That said, if there is anyone out there reading this that has lived a perfect life, then I guess you can continue to judge Michael Vick.  However, from where I am sitting there is not one person walking this earth that can say they have lived a mistake free life.

Since he is not the first person and want be the last involved in that dog fighting, it made me research his background to find out what in his life would make him want to be part of something so deplorable.  On a side note, most dog fighting is done by people of all races that live in poor depressed areas.

When Michael Vick was born his parents were unmarried and teenagers so he started off behind the eight ball.  His mother worked two jobs and was on public financial assistance.  His father worked long hours in the shipyards as a sandblaster and spray-painter.  His parents did eventually marry but continued to live in a public housing project in a neighborhood which to this day is still crime-ridden and located in the East End section of port city in Newport News, Virginia.  Vick grew up in a very hard place.  His neighborhood is comprised of drug dealing, drive-by shootings and other killings.  Football was Vick’s way out of nowhere.  In a neighborhood like this, dog fighting is a way a life and unfortunately a source of income.  I can’t even fathom what that life would be like and nor can those of you that continue to scoff at him and refuse to give him a second chance.  Therefore, understand this was a point of reference for him but he has learned that it’s not something he should have been involved in.

He has paid his debt to society and he deserves to be forgiven and people need to move forward.  Yes, he had to lose everything in order to learn to be humble and I believe his experience has been his saving grace.  He has endured managers and agents stealing from him and leaving him with nothing.  Vick was drafted into the NFL like so many others who come into the League with absolutely no life skills and no one in their family to protect them from the wolves in sheep clothing.  Also, they have difficulty cutting themselves off from their “boys” in the neighborhood and that was Vick’s problem.  Remember Aaron Hernandez?

Vick fell victim to the same problems that plague most of these young men from poor families’.  He was taking care of several households because family members weren’t working, he had two children out of wedlock and he had bad managers/agents.  Also, he didn’t know how to break away from the “boyz in the hood” because that was a level of comfort and they probably made him feel like he owed them something.  He is still an outstanding QB and should be starting in place of some of these starting QBs in the league right now.

For those of you who sit on your high horses and judge him take a look at his life circumstances and remember “BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD, THERE GO I.”



Cleveland Browns are Doing Johnny Manziel a Disservice

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Mike Pettine is the head coach of the Cleveland Browns.  It is interesting that he rose to this position via being a high school coach in Pennsylvania for eight (8) years.  Four of the years he spent as the assistant coach to his father.  He got his big break in the NFL with the Baltimore Ravens as an assistant coach from 2002 – 2003.  His rise to head coach is as follows:

2004 Baltimore Ravens — (Assistant Defensive Line Coach)

2005–2008 Baltimore Ravens — (Outside Linebackers Coach)

2009–2012 New York Jets — (Defensive Coordinator)

2013 Buffalo Bills — (Defensive Coordinator)

2014–present Cleveland Browns — (Head Coach)

I am all for organizations hiring coaches that are not part of the typical NFL coaching carousel. However, based on his coaching resume, I don’t think Coach Pettine has the experience needed to nurture talent or build a winning organization.  His time spent with the Ravens is probably the most beneficial NFL experience he gained.  The Browns traded Brian Hoyer so one would think they would use this time to focus on Johnny Manziel so that he can grow into an NFL QB.  Why did they bother to draft him if the plan was to just sit him on the bench?

Give the kid a chance.  He can’t do any worse than Josh McCown, who is 36 years old and should be the backup QB.   Why is Coach Pettine starting a backup over Manziel?  These NFL teams continue to bow to the pressure of the media.  All of these NFL teams need to take a page out of Jerry Jones playbook and ignore what the media has to say about the team’s QB.  No matter how many times the media cried get rid of Tony Romo, Jerry Jones stood by his QB.

Coach Pettine and the Browns organization need to start Manziel and let him hone his skills.  What is the big deal?  The team has always been bad.  Use this season to work with Manziel so that he starts building a rapport with his teammates.   Josh McCown is not going to get the team to the playoffs so this is the time to build the team around Manziel.  McCown has played on nine (9) different NFL teams and one UFL team, enough already.

In light of the fact that Coach Pettine was given the opportunity of a lifetime, he needs to return the favor and start Manziel.