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Eagles vs. Lions: The Lions ate the Eagles to pieces.  The questionable moves made by Chip Kelly in the off season have left people shaking their heads and now is game plan or the lack there of has been exposed.  It takes time to put a winning formula together and the team did need a lot of work but to get rid of top talent was not wise, unless there were things going on behind the scenes that made the decisions the best thing for the team in the long run.

Cowboys vs. Panthers:  The Panthers are the truth.  Romo was back but did not make an impact.  Unfortunately, he was injured again.  I am a proponent of players not returning during the season too early.  Romo is very injury pone and the more time he has to recuperate the stronger and healthier he will be.  The latest injury puts him out for the remainder of the season.  I will say it again, it’s time for the Cowboys organization to starting thinking about succession planning.  Jerry Jones, go get RG3!!!

Packers vs. Bears:  The Bears pulled it out.  The Packers could have won the game in the last seconds but Aaron Rodgers chose to pass the ball in traffic instead of running it in for a touchdown.  He was being chased down by number 91 but Aaron could have easily out run him.  The Bears defense left the lane wide open and the Packers offensive line paved the way but Aaron was so focused on passing that he didn’t see the opening.   I understand things are happening very quickly on the field and this reflects why the Packers running game has to improve because the Bears defense had broken down but the Packers running game was non-existent as well.



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Jaguars vs. Titans: Although the Jaguars won, both teams are bad and need a lot of help. The Titans need a running back so that the team doesn’t have to rely solely on Marcus Mariota. He is a good athletic quarterback and very quick. The Titans defense is weak and needs to be the focus during the off season. The Jaguars need an offensive line in order to be competitive.

Raiders vs. Lions: Clearly, the firing of Vince Lombardi’s nephew was a smart move on the Lions part. The Raiders need a new offensive coordinator. They have a good coach that’s bringing continuity to the team but the missing link is the offensive coordinator.

Colts vs. Falcons: The Colts won but the loser in this game was Andrew Luck, who has been playing hurt since the season started. Players have got to start putting their health before the game because the owners place money above all else. The Falcons need an offensive coordinator. The offensive line looks bewildered at times as if they don’t know what’s going on the field.

Rams vs. Ravens: The Ravens won, not sure how given the fact Flacco game out of the game with a torn ACL and MCL, which means he’s done for the remainder of this season and next season. The Rams need to stop playing dirty. The Rams OL needs to be shored up and they need a new QB coach.

Buccaneers vs. Eagles: Wow, the Bucs slaughtered the Eagles. Jameis Winston is coming into his own and the Bucs showed some signs of life on defense. Chip Kelly made some really bad decisions last season and what were cracks in the armor have become full blown holes. His 2015 season is probably done so he has a lot of work to do in the off season. I don’t understand the Nick Foles for Sam Bradford move and it’s come back to bite him in the you know what.

Broncos vs. Bears: Broncos won with the backup QB by two points. Rest assured, if Peyton returns he will start there is no QB controversy. As a reminder, that’s why teams have backups. A player should not have to play injured because he fears losing his job. The Bears need to shore up their defense and the offensive line. They also need a defensive coordinator.

Jets vs. Texans: Initially, I thought the Texans would do a lot better this season because it was my expectation Hoyer would be the starter at the beginning of the season. However, the coach played musical quarterbacks until he finally woke up and realized how selfish Ryan Mallett is and how unselfish Hoyer is. If he had only trusted his instincts the team would probably be in a much better place. The Jets need to get rid of 33 year old Ryan Fitzpatrick and replace him with the 3rd string QB. Geno Smith is not the answer to the team’s quarterback problems.

Cowboys vs. Dolphins: Romo is back and the Dolphins are hapless. I will say it again the Dolphins need an offensive line and a running back.

Chiefs vs. Chargers: The Chiefs are finally coming into their own. I don’t think it will holdout and the Chargers are terrible this season. The Charges have a good offense and defense. They are missing a running game and receivers.

Packers vs. Vikings: The Packers are a good team. They have the tendency to destroy themselves. The Packers were just too much for the Vikings.

49ers vs. Seahawks: The 49ers are crumbling and the Seahawks are starting to turn things around.

Bengals vs. Cardinals: This was the Super Bowl game. It was a dog fight. The Bengals need a fullback to block for the running back and QB.

Bills vs. Patriots: One word, okay four words: Bills and Rex Ryan.




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Bills vs. Jets: I realize Rex Ryan was very happy to get a win over his old team but at the end of the day, management did the right thing by letting him go.  Ryan is a better supporting cast member of a team than head coach.

Jaguars vs. Ravens: The Ravens need Ray Rice more than ever now.

Detroit vs. Packers: The loss of Jordy Nelson and the lack of a running game is impacting the Packers.  Some analysts are saying that the Packers defense has been exposed as a result of these losses.  I don’t agree with them and Greg Cosell’s analysis of Aaron Rodgers has absolutely NO merit.  This man sits on a sofa a just looks at film, HMPH!!!

Dolphins vs. Eagles: Both teams are struggling and need help on both sides of the ball.

Browns vs. Steelers: Two words: Big Ben.  My advice to the Browns management is to continue supporting Manziel.  It will take some time just be patient.

Bears vs. Rams: Wow, we know the Rams can be inconsistent on any given Sunday and they lost to the “Da Bears” and Jay Cutler.

Cowboys vs. Buccaneers: People screamed for Cassel but he’s proven not to be any better than Weeden, no fault of his own.  Football is hard and it’s even harder for a QB that hasn’t played for a while.  Also, the Cowboys are playing with 2nd and 3rd string players as a result of a lot of injuries.  There is a larger issue facing the Cowboys competitive future and that is: Who will replace Romo?  He is very injury prone, has had a couple of back surgeries and he’s 35 years old.  QBs have played into their early and mid-40’s but they’re typically not the starter.  Jones is loyal to Romo, which is great but it’s time for him to start thinking about the future of the team.  Please get RG3.

Panthers vs. Titans: One word for you: CAM

Saints vs. Redskins: WTH?  I realize there is a power struggle going on between the family members but really, the Saints let the Redskins beat them.  I CRY FOUL!!!!

Vikings vs. Raiders: The Raiders have not been playing really strong teams so their numbers are skewed.  Playing the Vikings showed they still have a long way to go before they can be viewed as a premiere team.  Like I said a week ago, the Vikings are the sleeper team.

Chiefs vs. Broncos: Finally, we know that Peyton has been playing hurt and he was injured again yesterday.  All of the “time to retire noise” is just that noise.  The so-called analysts just like to spew negativity and hurl insults without knowing all of the facts.  What I did find interesting is that these same analysts vilified Kap when he threw 4 interceptions but the response to Peyton was very different.  I wonder why?  I am a Peyton Manning fan and he’s broken a lot of records etc. and all of these players need to be shown respect by the analysts.

Patriots vs. Giants: One word: Giants

Cardinals vs. Seahawks: All of these so-called analysts want to blame the Seahawks woes on Russell Wilson.  Saying he’s digressing, these people are just plain clueless.  What’s wrong with Seahawks has nothing to do with Russell or the Legion of Boom.  When Pete Carroll came into the League his offensive and defensive strategies were new and teams had difficulty understanding what was going on.  The Seahawks defense moves in a “V” and swarms a team like bees to honey, which caught opposing offense off guard with the velocity and convergence by the defensive players which made it difficult for teams to adjust to what was happening to them on the field.  Fast forward and teams have had a chance to view more film on the Seahawks and they’ve been able to make adjustments and stop the swarm.  It’s time for Pete Carroll to come up with a new strategy and he will.  For all you so-called sports analysts, enough of the Russell Wilson nonsense, how about show the fans that you actually have insight about the game.

Bengals vs. Texans: Hats off to the Texans.  I believe the apology to the team by the coach for benching Hoyer lifted the team.  As a reminder, a team can only play on emotion for so long.  The Bengals will keep winning.

Are players not allowed to have a bad game or season? The game has ebbs and flows.





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Browns vs. Bengals: No surprise here but I’m happy Johnny Manziel is finally being given the opportunity.  It will take some time and the Browns organization must be patient.

Packers vs. Panthers: The win by the Panthers caught a lot of people off guard, right Michael Irving?  Cam Newton has put this team on his back and he’s determined to get to the next level.  Tearing down Packers banners in the Panthers stadium in the process and is unapologetic.

Redskins vs. Patriots: Did anyone watch this game?

Titans vs. Saints: The Titans won but don’t expect the wins to continue because they fired their coach.

Dolphins vs. Bills: As I’ve stated in earlier blogs just because the Dolphins fired their coach and they won a couple of games they are not real and neither are the Bills.

Rams vs. Vikings: The Vikings are the team to watch.  They might slip up and go further than people expect.  They are just quietly winning and people are not paying a lot of attention to them but they could be the sleeper team.

Jaguars vs. Jets: The Jets won, SO!!!

Raiders vs. Steelers: Big Ben pulled this one out but was injured in the process, dang!!!  Vick is still hurt so the 3rd string QB will have to keep their hopes alive.  The Raiders are playing well and Coach Del Rio has done a good job of getting the players on track but people don’t be deceived.

Giants vs. Buccaneers: The Giants are bad and the Buccaneers are worst.  That said, the Buccaneers are in a rebuilding phase so it’s to be expected and it will take time.

Falcons vs. 49ers: The Falcons loss has more to do with them imploding than Blaine Gabbert leading the 49ers to victory.  I have said in several blogs the Falcons can’t be trusted so the people in Georgia need to accept they will not go very far in the post season.  Benching Kap was wrong.

Broncos vs. Colts: I predicted the Broncos would lose before the Panthers and they did and I’m not surprised it was to the Colts.  Peyton has a monkey on his back because he never thought his old team would let him go and that has been very emotional for him.  The Colts win had more to do with Peyton’s head then Andrew Luck playing a great game.

Eagles vs. Cowboys: The Cowboys team is comprised primarily of 2nd and 3rd string players so this loss was not a surprise.

Bears vs. Chargers: Luck of the draw, I guess.  Both of these teams are having challenges.



What’s Up? NFL Coaches being Fired Left and Right

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As a result of the Miami Dolphins firing their head coach other NFL Clubs have decided to follow suit in hopes of salving their beleaguered seasons. Why don’t owners and GMs do something original for a change?  Clearly, these people are not strategic thinks.  All of them are a bunch of bandwagon jumpers that jump on the first wagon that seems to be going in a direction that’s better than the one they’re on.

Miami fired their head coach and hired the tight end coach and they have won their last couple of games since this happened. Does this really say that the team is on its’ way to becoming a force in the League, highly unlikely because players can only play for so long on emotion.  In order for an NFL team to become a consistent winner there has to be talent on both sides of the ball, competent coaches and patience by the ownership.  A lot of these owners want instant gratification and that’s not going to happen because the truth of the matter is they are not hiring quality coaches because the high powered, smart, out-of-the box thinking coaches are coaching on the college level and they have no desire to leave their cushy jobs for an unstable, over emotional, irrational boss in the NFL.

College coaches with successful programs are not willing to trade in the power they have to come to the NFL coaches because they have seen how difficult it is to put a really talented squad together and a lot of that is due to salary caps and not enough time on the practice field. I am a firm believer that the League needs to stop the preseason games and allow the teams more practice time together.  Also, the salary caps are a joke given the fact that the contracts are an even bigger joke because the majority of the money is not really guaranteed.

Let’s be real, the Titans fired their head coach. Why? They have not had a good season since Steve McNair retired.  They were off to a descent start with Mariota but at the end of the day he is a rookie and they were not going to go far because he still needs time in the League to hone his craft.  Detroit fired their offensive coordinator, who should NEVER have been hired in the first place.  Vince Lombardi’s nephew, really?  Did they think the ghost of Vince Lombardi would come down out of the sky or wherever he is, wave a magic wand and Detroit would turn into a super team? That was a bad hire, period.

Coach Pagano fired his offensive coordinator because of their woes and Andrew Luck is not having a stellar season.  2015 was supposed to be his Super Bowl year, well that’s not going to happen. It’s my belief Coach Pagano fired his offensive coordinator to save his own skin.  Let’s take a look at Andrew Luck.  The Colts are in the AFC South and the teams in that division are Houston, the Jaguars and Tennessee, all of which are joke teams so the Colts will probably still end up in the playoffs because they are the best team in that division.  I can’t give a lot of accolades to a team that plays in a subpar division until they beat good teams that play in tougher divisions and that has not been done by Andrew Luck and the Colts.  Another component to Andrew Luck’s woes is the fact that he’s playing injured which is not a good thing.  It’s my recommendation that he sit out, allow his body to heal and return in time to beat the subpar teams in that division, go to the playoffs and lose in the first round.

As much as I hate to say what I’m about to say but it’s the truth, the New England Patriots will continue to win because Belichick bases his decisions on his players, not the media or what anyone else is doing. Management allows him to have full control of the team and it doesn’t matter that he cheats because everybody just rolls with it and they roll as one.





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Just had to post pictures of Peyton to say “ha” to all of the sports analysts asking if Peyton was done.

Miami vs. New England: Oh please, need I say more?

Kansas City vs. Detroit: Kansas City finally put a win together but it was against a young Detroit squad. Detroit fired their offensive coordinator last week so at this point everyone just needs to calm down and start focusing on how to improve going forward. As a reminder, this is still a young team.

Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta: This was an interesting win by Tampa Bay. I said in my blog last week that I wasn’t sure how far Atlanta could go and this win by Tampa Bay echoes my concern on whether the Falcons have what it takes to go the distance.

San Diego vs. Baltimore: Another interesting win. Baltimore won, shocking!!! Phillip Rivers is having some challenges and it goes to show how quickly things change in the League.

Minnesota vs. Chicago: Minnesota put a good win together. First, Chicago can’t blame Jay Cutler for all of their losses. I want analyst to stop placing all of the blame on the QB. The Chicago squad is missing a number or components such as, an offensive line, the players are young and need time together. They have good receivers, however, the defense is getting to Cutler and it’s hard for him to throw down the field. STOP BLAMING CUTLER, THAT’S STUPID!!! One thing Jay Cutler needs to do is get out of the pocket more and stretch the defense and when he does that he will change the game.

Arizona vs. Cleveland: Clearly, Mike Pettine does not like Johnny Manziel and as a result would prefer to see the team lose with old man McCowan. The Browns problems begin and end with the coach.

Tennessee vs. Houston: Hmmm, Tennessee had to start an OLD QB because Marcus Mariota is injured.

New York Giants vs. New Orleans Saints: Was this a basketball game?

Cincinnati vs. Pittsburg: Cincinnati found a way to win in Pittsburg. Cincinnati needed this win to get them ready to play the Patriots in the playoffs.  However, they need to be able to put points on the board against the Pats and they have to find a way to stop Gronk.

San Francisco vs. St. Louis: People may not understand what I am about to say but here goes: The team has new coaches, different players etc. they are working on learning how to play together and it takes time. There is no reason to point fingers and call for players to be traded etc. Let’s face it, all of us knew this was going to happen, including Baalke and York when the decision was made to fire Coach Harbaugh. Give the team time and they will be fine.

New York Jets vs. Oakland: Coach Del Rio is doing what he set out to do when he accepted the head coaching job for this team and that was to change their culture and make them play football. Keep up the good work.

Carolina vs. Indianapolis: Cam won again.  Will analyst say finally say that the Panthers are real or will they continue to ignore them.