Chip Kelly is the Latest NFL Coach to get Axed

The Look you get from the Head Coach you just fired and he’s still going to get PAID!!!

From where I’m sitting, which is my home office, of course, Lurie threw a tantrum, fired Chip Kelly and now he will have to pay him a nice salary to do nothing for the next two years. That decision is my book shows a lack of leadership. The American media is such a joke and here’s why. They should have asked Lurie the following questions:

  1. Did he sit down with Chip a year ago when he agreed to allow him to take over all aspects of the team and set goals and expectations for the next three years? If so, what were those goals and expectations?
  2. Was he okay with the trades Chip made during the off season that everyone perceived as bad? If so, why?
  3. If he was not okay with the changes did he communicate his concerns to Chip? If so, what was Chip’s response?
  4. Why the knee jerk reaction to a losing season? The Jets track record is spotty so was it really necessary to make such a drastic change one game before the end of the season?

Six days is not going to make a lot of difference in the hunt for a coach because the pickings are slim and the best coaches are on the college level and they are not willing to give up their cushy jobs to coach in the NFL because of poor management decisions like this one.

Lurie stated that the team is going “in a different direction,” this statement is a staple with NFL owners, it really means they don’t have a clue about how to effectively manage or run the franchise. Based on his press conference, he was setting some form of goals and expectations for the next coach. He threw out things like “collaborative structure,” heart-to-heart connection with the players, “emotional intelligence” and maximizing a players’ full potential. Those things are great but they don’t win football games, with the exception of maximizing a players’ full potential, which we all know that comment is related to the DeMarco Murray debacle. When DeMarco Murray became the free agent the Cowboys should have signed him, not the Eagles.  That loss was bad for the Cowboys and the Eagles and it should NEVER have happened.

I’m going to throw this statement out for “kicks and giggles”: That’s why the NFLPA and the owners need to start discussions for a change in the salary cap because it’s a joke.

Back to Lurie, at the end of the day, Lurie has only himself to blame because he didn’t vet Chip properly. Chip Kelly had NEVER spent any time in the NFL prior to getting the job with the Eagles. He was not accustomed to dealing with grown men who are paid handsomely to play football. He was accustomed to dealing with young men in college that would do whatever he said. Coaching in the NFL is a completely different ballgame so this mess rest squarely on Lurie’s shoulders.

I am not saying that Chip Kelly should not have been terminated but what I am saying is that, Lurie should have sat with him prior to firing him, set goals and expectations and told him he has the next two years to meet them and if he doesn’t he’s out. That would have shown true mature leadership and would have been better for the team.

These NFL owners need to stop with the coach and QB carousel, that’s why most of these teams don’t do well.



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There is only one week of regular season football left. Teams in the playoff hunt are praying that the football gods are merciful if their playoff hopes rest on another team. This recap is for Week 16, which brought about some interesting wins and losses. I will not hold you in suspense about my thoughts on last week’s games. Let’s get started.

San Diego vs. Oakland: This was a good win for the Raiders. The game was a good defensive game played by both teams. The football analysts made a point of pointing out Philip Rivers high passing percentage but what’s the use of that when they can’t win games? The teams need to focus more on defense and running the ball. On a side note: Neither one of these teams need to move to Los Angeles. The Raiders core fan base is in Oakland and if they leave, like they did before, they are going to find out that attendance will not rise to the level that’s needed to sustain the team in Los Angeles. The Chargers players and families do not want to leave the city of San Diego. The City of San Diego needs to give the stadium a facelift and keep the team there.

Redskins vs. Eagles: The Eagles have some internal issues that’s causing them not to be able to hold on and win. Chip Kelly needs a QB that has not spent the last 5 years rehabbing. The Eagles defense was worn out at the end of the game. This notion in the League of just pass, pass, pass has resulted in no defense, no defense, no defense. The Redskins are lucky but their luck is about to run out.

Redskins vs. Eagles: The Eagles have some internal issues that’s causing them not to be able to hold on and win. Chip Kelly needs a QB that has not spent the last 5 years rehabbing. The Eagles defense was worn out at the end of the game. This notion in the League of just pass, pass, pass has resulted in no defense, no defense, no defense. The Redskins are lucky but their luck is about to run out.

Panthers vs. Falcons: This was a dogfight but I really believe part of the loss was related to all of the emotion from the OBJ brew ha, ha.

Steelers vs. Ravens: The Steelers should have won this game. Did having a mediocre QB like Ryan Mallett cause the Steelers to be confused? That’s STUPID, the team should be able to play against whomever. The only way for the Steelers to make the playoffs is if they win their next game and Jets lose.

Cowboys vs. Bills: Nobody cares.

49ers vs. Lions: Nobody cares. The media needs to stop lobbying for the Lions Coach to be fired. There is no reason for Jim Caldwell to be fired as the head coach. The media is a joke.

Browns vs. Chiefs: Manziel played a good game. If Pettine and the Browns organization had not listened to the media, they would have more wins than loses. NFL teams need to work with these young players, including QBs and give them time to develop and grow. They spend too much time believing what the media says they should be doing.

Colts vs. Dolphins: Nobody cares.

Patriots vs. Jets: The Jets won because Belichick did not want to risk any injures to Brady or Gronk, who was returning from a knee. Belichick was being smart although the idiot analysts were saying he needed to put the ball in Brady’s hand and pass to Gronk, not, Belichick did just what he should have done and that was keep the ball on the ground. Smart move.

Bears vs. Buccaneers: Nobody cares about the Bears. However, the Bucs have a young QB and they just need to continue supporting and developing him.

Texas vs. Titans: The Titans are a young team with a lot of new talent. They need time to gel as a team.

Jaguars vs. Saints: Nobody cares, except the fans because the Saints needed a win. However, I don’t think it was wise for Drew Brees to play with a torn plantar fascia.

Packers vs. Cardinals: The Cardinals defense tells the story. The Packers are missing Jordy Nelson.

Rams vs. Seahawks: Excellent matchup. The Rams came away with the W. This was a very well-played game by both teams.

Vikings vs. Giants: The Giants need help on offense. They need an offensive line, a running back and a fullback. Not having ODJ in the game hurt them as well.

Bengals vs. Broncos: The Bengals kicker lost the game. These kickers have got to learn that their job depends on them getting the extra points.




Cleveland Browns vs. Seattle SeahawksHopefully, Pete Carroll gave Pettine some advice about what a top tier QB looks like and to have class when speaking to the media on a subject you don’t know anything about.

The best game of the week was the Steelers and Broncos.  Osweiler did a good job managing the clock and keeping the Broncos ahead of the mighty Steelers into half time.  However, Big Ben and the Steelers started staging a comeback in the third quarter that was just magical and kept me on the edge of my seat.  Osweiler is doing his job as backup QB but nothing supplements for experience, which is what Big Ben has.  Osweiler needs time and a lot of time to grow into the role.  It’s obvious he’s learned a lot being in Peyton’s company but that does not mean he’s ready to take the reins.  If the Broncos organization is smart they will not listen to the media or those “has been football players” and remove Peyton but give Osweiler more playing time in the coming season.

Here are my thoughts about the games last week.

Buccaneers vs. Rams:  Does anyone really care, except for the people in St. Louis who don’t want the Rams to leave?  The truth be told the people in California don’t want them to move either so please don’t return to California stay in St. Louis where you’re wanted.

Jets vs. Cowboys:  Not a bad came and the win keeps the Jets playoff hopes alive but it depends on help from other teams that they may not get.

Chiefs vs. Ravens:  The Chiefs are really playing well after a very slow start.  It will not get them to the Super Bowl but it is something to build on in the off season.  The Ravens are just banged up and need to focus on getting healthy during the off season.

Falcons vs. Jaguars: So what, the Falcons bet the Jaguars so has almost every other team in the League.

Bears vs. Vikings:  Really? The Bears have problems on both sides of the ball and it’s not Jay Cutler.

Titans vs. Patriots: “Crickets”

Panthers vs. Giants:  All of the talk is about the behavior of Odell Beckham and Josh Norman on the field but I’m going to challenge you to think about the fact that the Panthers were leading 35 – 7 with 5:32 left to go in the third quarter.  How did the Giants rally a comeback?  The answer is simple and it’s what I’ve been writing about for a while, if all a team does is throw passes and get quick touchdowns it becomes more difficult for the defense to remain sharp.  By the time the Giants made a surge, the Panthers defense was running on empty.  If you don’t manage the clock or have a good running game or no running game it will become increasingly more difficult to win games.  The one bright spot for Panthers is Cam, who had a 100 yards rushing and that’s nice but where is the running back.  It should not be left up to the QB to pass and run all of the time.  I love the fact that Cam is mobile and he’s hard to defend so it keeps the opposing defense guessing but he needs rest as well.  This was another SWAC football game.

Bills vs. Redskins:  I’m sure Jay Gruden is pleased with himself right now, just keep playing.

Packers vs. Raiders:  This was actually the second best game of the day.  The Raiders still have a long way to go but they have definitely improved.  Hopefully, they don’t fall into the trap of just wanting a passing game and fill the running back and fullback gaps.  If the team improves its running game they can become a formidable opponent.

Cleveland vs. Seahawks:  Mike Pettine is Russell Wilson a top tier quarterback now?  Enough said.

Broncos vs. Steelers:  I talked about this game in my beginning paragraph.

Dolphins vs. Chargers:  Who cares?

Cardinals vs. Eagles:  Why didn’t Chip Kelly put DeMarco Murray in the game when it was 4th and inches?  If he had done that, it’s possible they could have tied the score and gone into half time 17 all?  Is it true that the Eagles only traded for Murray so that Dallas would not have him?  This trade was not good for either team.

Lions vs. Saints:  SWAC football at the highest level.  The Lions were leading and the Saints staged a descent comeback but without Jimmy Graham, Drew Brees is lost.  Another trade that should never have taken place, Jimmy Graham belongs with the Saints not the Seahawks.



How Did the Warriors Lose Their First Game?

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Basketball fans were wondering how the Bucks were able to hand the “Mighty Warriors” their first loss of the season.  Actually, the answer is easy.  The Bucks took a page out of the Warriors playbook and won.  When I say the Bucks took a page out of the Warriors playbook, it’s not a literal statement so settle down people the Bucks did not steal the Warriors playbook.

The Warriors play VERY unselfish basketball.  They pass the ball around very quickly, drive the lane, hit the fast break and look for the open player.  Well, that’s exactly what the Bucks did.  Also, the Bucks three point shooting was on.  Giannis, played Clay Thompson very well and caused him to get into foul trouble and that’s what teams have to do in order to have a remote chance of beating the Warriors.  The Warriors will be very hard to beat and considered by most analysts to be the best team in the League.  I will say this, in order for teams to be competitive when playing the Warriors the players must move the ball around quickly and be unselfish with the ball.  Another component for remaining competitive with the Warriors is speed.  Those guys are lighting fast.  They remind me of “Show Time” with Magic and the Lakers.

The matchup that will be very interesting to watch is the Spurs and Warriors.  The Spurs are an older team but Pop is the best coach in the league and if anyone can beat the Warriors without playing their game is the Spurs so that’s the game to watch.





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Please note that I will continue to write about how sloppy NFL football has become without the running game and good defensive units. Of course, teams with injuries to their offensive and defensive units will encounter problems until everyone is healthy and playing at a high level.   However, watching QBs throwing pass after pass is just boring.   Additionally, if a receiver misses a pass or it’s considered “poorly” thrown, then we have to listen to or read articles by so-called sports analyst like Greg Cosell opine about footwork and how the pass should have been thrown. Notwithstanding the fact that he has never played the game and apparently sits in a room and watches reel after reel of film after all of the games and dissects the QBs footwork, yeah right!!!

Clearly, people that make those kinds of statements are not aware of how fast the pace is going on the field so a QB is not going to throw to every open receiver or throw perfect passes all the time.   Aside from that, here is my recap of last week’s games.

Vikings vs. Cardinals: Thus far, one of the most impressive games of the season. The problem for the Vikings was the three turnovers. For the most part, the teams were evenly matched but for the turnovers, it’s possible the Vikings could have won the game. In a close game like that, the ball must be protected at all cost.  Bridgewater navigated an impressive drive down the field and put the team within field goal range and had the ball knocked out of his hand. The Vikings had 72 yards rushing and the Cardinals had 97. This is what I’m talking about instead of Bridgewater trying to throw against the Arizona defense it would have made more sense to run the ball at that juncture. This pass, pass, pass nonsense is making the difference between winning and losing football games.

Seahawks vs. Ravens:   Come on the Ravens are banged up and need to look forward to the off season and getting healthy.

Falcons vs. Panthers: Cam Newton just knows how to win and the Falcons just know how to lose.  The Falcons NEVER scored, really?

Redskins vs. Bears: Nobody cares.

Steelers vs. Bengals: This is what the Steelers do towards the end of the season. They play hide and seek at the beginning of the season, then come out and destroy teams at the end of the season and it’s like where did that team come from? I did not expect them to beat the Bengals nor did I expect Andy Dalton to tackle someone and hurt his thumb. Why Andy did you do that? Why?  You don’t put yourself in harms way at such a crucial moment in the season.

49ers vs. the Browns: Does anyone really care? I am a 49ers fan but because the management of this team is so ridiculous, they where destined to go into obscurity for another ten years. Shades of the firing of Coach Mariucci. By the way, the Browns won.  Go Manziel!!!!

Colts vs. Jaguars: SWAC Football, blah, blah, blah

Chargers vs. Chiefs: Oddly enough, the Chiefs and the Charges have good defensive units and that showed in this game. Also, Alex Smith is not one for throwing a lot of passes and that works for Andy Reid’s offense. The Chiefs have show that a team can bounce back when it has a good running game and good a defensive unit.

Titans vs. Jets: SWAC Football blah, blah, blah

Bills vs. Eagles: Rex Ryan should just shut up and let his team play ball. Maybe they will win.

Lions vs. Rams: The Rams running back (Gurley) did his thing, tired out the Lions defense and that helped the Rams get a win.  The press keeps throwing out that the coach of the Lions maybe fired, why?  There problem was hiring Vince Lombardi’s nephew and once he was fired the team improved.  That was a bad decision and they learned from it.

Raiders vs. Broncos: I know everyone is singing Osweiler’s praises but keep in mind, that’s why teams have backup players so that can come in and keep things moving. That does not mean the injured player should lose his job. The defense for both teams played well but Denver should have been able to come away with a win. The Raiders are improving but they still have a lot of work to do.

Cowboys vs. Packers: Surly, no one expected the Cowboys to win, right? That’s a rhetorical question.

Patriots vs. Texans: Hmph

Giants vs. Dolphins: SWAC football at the highest level




Image result for images of defense wins gamesImage result for images of defense wins games

I know a lot of people will be angry with me about the comparison I’m about to make but it’s necessary because watching NFL football is like watching some college football teams.  A lot of the teams in the NFL play like the teams in the SWAC.  SWAC is the acronym for South Western Athletic Conference.  The majority of the teams in the SWAC believe outscoring the opponent is the way to win football games.  Therefore, instead of incorporating defense and the running game into their systems, they just pass, pass, pass and hope at the end of four quarters their team has the most points.  Well, this kind of football is what fans are seeing with the NFL and it’s an absolute joke.  Trent Dilfer has made a point of saying that NFL football “is sloppy” the last couple of weeks and he’s right.

The devaluation of the running game and the lack of defense displayed by NFL teams is part of the reason most of the teams don’t do well and the reason teams are plagued by the coach and quarterback merry-go-round.   The truth is fans would like to see more defensive played games combined with a good running game.  It’s nice to see a QB throw a long pass but that’s not what fans want to see all the time.

Now on to the recap and I’m starting with the teams that play like SWAC teams:

Patriots vs. Eagles:  Although the Eagles won, I am not going to waste any more time than I have to writing about them because we all know the Patriots should have won the game.  The question now is why did the Pats lose?  All of the analysts said it was because of the injuries on offense, which is very true so what does that tell you?  What the analyst should have been saying was that since the Patriots offensive game was off the lack of defense utilized by the team was exposed.  It is obvious that the Patriots defense is practically non-existent and the team depends on Tom Brady and the offense to score points and keep them in the game and that is what happens.   The Eagles scored at will yesterday, the score doesn’t reflect how lopsided the game really was.  The Pats win a lot of games for a couple of reasons and they are as follows:

  1. Their division sucks so they don’t have a lot of competition;
  2. They have a fairly easy schedule throughout the season;
  3. Gronk is 6’6” and weighs approximately 260 pounds so he is tough to defend; and the biggest reason is:
  4. Tom Brady throws a lot of short passes, controls possession of clock so he runs a lot of time off the clock and ultimately scores. It’s a brilliant plan as long as your offensive weapons are healthy.

Bears vs. 49ers:  I will not waste time talking about the 49fers because the Bears should have won that game.  Jay Cutler put up 21 points, put the team in field goal range twice to win the game and the punter missed both of the field goals.  The media needs to get off Jay Cutler’s back.  The problem with the Bears is the same as the Patriots and other NFL teams, no defense.  The Bears allowed Blaine Gabbert to run a 44 yard touchdown, really?  The lack of defense has plagued the Bears for years and all the media wants to do is harp on Jay Cutler because he is not throwing passes all over the field.  He shouldn’t have to.  The Bears were playing in Chicago; they scored 21 points which was more than enough to beat the 49ers and they were in field goal range twice.   If the Bears had a good defensive unit, like the one headed up by Mike Singletary that would not have happened.

Packers vs. Lions:  The Lions had this game won but allowed Aaron Rodgers to toss up a “hail Mary.”  Where was the defense?

Jaguars vs. Titans:  The team that scores the most points wins.  The Titans won.

Texans vs. Bills:  This was just another whoever scores the most points wins.  The Bills won.

Panthers vs. Saints:  The Panthers have a very good defensive unit so the Saints should not have scored 38 points.  However, the Saints do have the tendency to play well in the Super Dome.  Let’s be clear, the Saints defense is terrible so they are all about passing the ball and trying to win by outscoring their opponents, which is stupid because not only is their defense terrible they don’t really have a running game so all they have is Drew Brees passing the ball and being picked off.

Bengals vs. Browns:  Did the Browns management expect the 3rd string QB to really be able to compete with the Bengals?  That’s a rhetorical question.  The coach nor the organization needed to know what Johnny Manziel was doing on his day off since it didn’t impact the team.  There is not a company is this country that will question its employees about what they’re doing on their off days, unless they want to be sued.

Ravens vs. Dolphins:  Now some of you may want to say since this was a low scoring game, and the Dolphins won, the defense was on for both teams.  Actually, both teams are just bad.  The Ravens are bad because they’ve endured a lot of injuries this season and the Dolphins have been bad since Don Shula retired.

Seahawks vs. Vikings:  Coach Carroll is getting back to the kind of football the Seahawks are accustomed to playing and winning.  He should not be concerned about what the media is saying about Russell Wilson needing to stay in the pocket and pass the ball more.  Don’t change the formula that made you a winner.  We’re seeing signs of a resurgence of the Seahawks defense and that’s what fans like and want to see.  The Seahawks defense shut the Vikings run game down and kept them from scoring in the air.  DEFENSE WINS GAMES AND CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

Jets vs. Giants:  We all know that the Giants do not have a defensive game.  Can someone tell me how does a team with a two time Super Bowl MVP QB continue to lose on a regular basis?  The Giants have two of the best receivers playing and they scored 20 points while the Jets scored 23. I cry foul!!!

Arizona vs. Rams:  The Cardinals have a good defense and a strong offense.  The Rams are up and down.

Chiefs vs. Raiders:  The Chiefs are finally playing the way we know they can.  Both teams have good defensive units but the Chiefs are a better team.  The Raiders have a ways to go.

Broncos vs. Chargers:  The Broncos played a good conservative game, which is what you do with the backup QB.  I saw Brock throw a long pass that was missed by the receiver and I said out loud, “don’t do that again, you’re not ready for that.”  What did he do on the next possession, threw a long pass and it was picked off.  Fortunately, they were playing the Chargers so it didn’t hurt them but had they been playing a better team, it could have meant the difference between winning and losing.  The Broncos have a good running back, utilize him and pass when necessary.

Steelers vs. Colts:  The Colts are missing Andrew Luck and Big Ben is a terrific QB.

Cowboys vs. Redskins:  The Cowboys neither the Redskins should be excited about this game, except the Cowboys can give kudos to their defense because it kept them in the game without their leader, Tony Romo.  The Redskins were at home with their starting QB and could not beat a 3rd string Cowboys QB.  By the way, the Cowboys had three (3) turnovers and the Redskins still could not capitalize on the mistakes and that’s because of the Cowboys defense.




New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick not happy in the second half of last night's game. (AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)

Eagles vs. Lions: Clearly, the Lions made a good move firing Vince Lombardi’s nephew as their offensive coordinator. As far as the Eagles goes, Chip Kelly’s off season moves last season are not paying off. He has a lot of work to do in the off season.

Panthers vs. Cowboys: The Panther defense and offense was just too much for the beaten up Cowboys. Romo should never have come back. He was not ready to play against a hard hitting defense like the Panthers. It’s time for Jerry Jones to start thinking about succession planning. Go get RG3.

Bears vs. Packers: The Packers are their own worst enemy. The mistake made in this game was the last play where Aaron Rodgers chose to pass the ball instead of running it in. Rodgers was being chased by number 91 who weighs about 300 pounds, Aaron could easily have outrun him. The Packers offensive line had opened a hole for Aaron to run through and the Bears defensive linemen were standing in the end zone or off to the side so all he had to do was run it in for a touchdown. The devaluation of the running back is coming back to haunt a lot of teams.

Vikings vs. Falcons: Vikings won. No surprise

Rams vs. Bengals: Bengals won. No surprise

Texans vs. Saints: The Texans are finally in a rhythm because the QB position is stable. If the coach had stayed with Hoyer from the start of season the team would be in a different position. His inability to assess true talent caused this. As for the Saints, firing Rex Ryan was not the solution to the Saints problems. They have to accept the fact that “Bountygate” destroyed the team and they are in a rebuilding phase.

Buccaneers vs. Colts: The Colts win, surprised me in light of the fact that Andrew Luck is out for the remainder of the season. The Bucs defense is improving.

Chargers vs. Jaguars: Chargers won. No surprise. The Chargers need to improve their offensive line and get a good running back and fullback.  If they can do that, next season will be much better.

Bills vs. Chiefs: The Bills lost but the Chiefs have not lived up the expectation. They should have been in a better position than what they’re in now.

Dolphins vs. Jets: For the people who thought the Dolphins were real after they fired their coach and hired the receiver coach, I guess they’ve figured out the Dolphins are not real. The Jets are not great but they’re good enough to beat the Dolphins. The Jets need to get rid of 36-year-old Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith. They need to go with the 3rd string QB and develop him.

Raiders vs. Titans: The Raiders won by three points. These two teams are fairly evenly matched.

Giants vs. Redskins: The Giants just can’t be trusted. They have better talent on the team and they lose to the hapless Redskins, really?

Cardinals vs. 49ers: Although the Cardinals only won by 6 points a very well respected sportscaster said it best: “the Cardinals dummied down because the 49ers are so bad.”

Steelers vs. Seahawks: This was a dog fight. This game came down to good old fashion football.

Patriots vs. Broncos: Game, Set, Match. I have always said the only team on the Patriots schedule that was capable of beating them was Denver. Enough said. Denver’s running game proved that the League needs to stop devaluing the role of the running back. That position is critical to the success of a team.

Browns vs. Ravens: This game came down to who could last the longest. The Ravens lasted the longest.