Olympic Swimmers Lied about being Robbed: Shame on You

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Oh, what a tangled web we weave; when first we practice to deceive, Ryan Lochte, Jimmy Feigen, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger. I will admit that when I heard all of the rumblings initially, I thought these were just some drunk swimmers out partying and celebrating after finishing their respective competitions and ended up getting robbed but downplayed the situation.  There were conflicting reports that said, they were robbed and others said they weren’t robbed.  Honestly, I said to the country of Brazil stop with the investigation nonsense because you know as well as I do that your country has a high crime rate and it’s very possible they were robbed.  I was throwing some serious shade at the Brazilian police, only to be proven wrong.

Needless to say, I was confused by the; they were robbed, they weren’t robbed dueling stories. However, now that the fog has cleared and the fact of the matter is Ryan Lochte and his compadres decided it was better to make themselves look good and make the country of Brazil look bad.  These are not children and Ryan Lochte is 32 years old and more than likely the leader of the pack and the creator of the lie that has infuriated the country of Brazil.  These grown “MEN” owe the country of Brazil an apology and the IOC should require them to do so.

This was just a bold face lie and it was told to save their own skin and public persona, I cry foul!!! The nerve of them to create a lie of that proportion.  It was bad enough to say they were robbed but for Ryan to say a gun was pointed at his head and the other swimmers were forced to lay on the ground shows a lack of integrity and blatant disrespect for the United States.  The US athletes have worked hard and have done exceptionally well for the country and to have these buffoons cause this kind of trouble infuriates me.

Can we say “shades of the black guy did it?” These entitled privilege minded white boys mentality must be put on blast.  These white boys need to stop lying and blaming other people for their bad behavior. They were drunk, made a scene at a gas station, damaged property and when the story was made public, in typical deflect fashion, they made up a lie and pointed the finger at someone else.  I am so sick of this behavior.  The media has vilified Gabby Douglas for her behavior but has tried to downplay this mess.  It’s the old “boys will be boys” excuse, well it’s not acceptable.

They may have held their hands over their hearts during their medal ceremonies but they showed no more respect for the country by lying and covering up their lack of respect for other people.


The Formidable Final Five: Team USA Women’s Gymnastics

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - AUGUST 09: (L to R) Gold medalists Alexandra Raisman, Madison Kocian, Lauren Hernandez, Gabrielle Douglas and Simone Biles of the United States pose for photographs with their medals after the medal ceremony for the Artistic Gymnastics Women's Team on Day 4 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Rio Olympic Arena on August 9, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

I can’t say enough about these five young women.  I’m so proud of how they’ve handled themselves from qualifying to represent the United States, to their complete domination of Women’s Gymnastics at the games in Rio.

Marta and Bella Karolyi have done an outstanding job with women’s gymnastics in America.  If it were not for the Karolyi’s, the women would be suffering like the men.  Although the young ladies decided on the name “Final Five,” I believe it’s only fitting to add a little punch to their name, hence the reason I’ve added “Formidable” because these young women are truly a force to be reckoned with.

We’re all familiar with Aly and Gabby from the 2012 Olympic squad but Simone, Laurie and Madison bring an entirely new level to the sport.  Simone has become American’s darling little super power.  She has routines that rival male gymnast and that’s saying a lot.  She exudes a confidence that is unmatched, as do the other members of the team.  I had to write about these amazing young women and what they’ve done to enhance women’s gymnastics.  

Simone had the opportunity to bring home five (5) gold medals but it was not to be.  That’s fine because she is only 19 years old and barring any injuries over the next four (4) years she can do it in the next Olympics.

With all of the praise that is going out to these young women, something does need to be clarified and that is, in order to qualify for the individual all-around competition, a gymnast must perform on each apparatus.  The media would have us to believe that Laurie was slighted in some way and that’s why she wasn’t selected to compete in the all-around competition. 

Laurie did not compete on the uneven bars because the coaches made the decision to bring Madison in to perform on the uneven bars because she is one of the top performers on this apparatus.  Therefore, Laurie was not eligible to compete in the all-around competition, nothing else.  She wasn’t slighted.  By doing bringing in Madison the USA slaughtered the competition and it was a great decision.    Laurie is only 16 and has plenty of time to improve in this area so don’t worry, she will a beast on the uneven bars as well.

Once again, congratulations to the “Formidable Final Five.”


Why is Nick Saban Afraid of Maurice Smith Leaving Bama?

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Nick Saban, why are you holding Maurice Smith back from leaving?  He has played three (3) years for you and has graduated within that time frame, which is to be commended.  He has done his time with you at Alabama and has proven to be a true “student athlete.” Nick, why are you afraid?  Did Maurice Smith design your defense?  Did he design your offense? Was he the motivator of your team?  Oh, that was your job but if it’s Maurice’s job, then you need to give him your paycheck and have the boosters buy Maurice a house.

Nick, why don’t you take a page out of Notre Dame’s playbook and follow their example?  You may recall that they allowed their starting quarterback, who had graduated, to leave and play for Florida State, and by the way, he became the starting quarterback there.  I don’t think Notre Dame was too concerned because they believe in helping individual student athletes as much as they can so that they can be successful and move to next level.

Nick based on your behavior it appears to me that you don’t care about your players, you only care about yourself.  May I remind you that you are a hypocrite.  You let one of your players go, who you felt was expendable and you allowed him to play for a team in the SEC.  Again, why are you afraid to let Maurice Smith go?

Nick, you are selfish and you only care about yourself not your players future growth.  Please remember not all of your players will go to the NFL so they need a life as well.  If this is what makes Maurice Smith happy, let him go.

News Flash Nick: You coached at LSU and moved over to BAMA both teams are in the SEC.  Nick, please grow up and show some maturity and wisdom.  FYI, keep in mind that other parents are watching how you handle this situation.


The Disparity between the NBPA, NFLPA and MLB just keeps Growing

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With the recent approval by the NBPA to retroactively extend health insurance to retired players with three (3) years or more of service in the NBA, I’m going to ask a question that I’ve been asking since I started writing my blog, why don’t NFL players have better health insurance once they retire?

The NFL is the most profitable of all the professional sports and the most violent, yet it has the worst player contracts and the worst health insurance. Why?  There are a couple of answers to this question, one being that the NFLPA lacks the leadership to effectively make changes around player contracts and health insurance.  Another response would be that the owners have all the power and the players have none.  Also, the media plays a huge role in this disparity as well.  The media constantly reports on the “big money” contracts the NFL players receive.  Believe me when I say, a lot of those contracts are “smoke and mirrors.”

The only real “guaranteed” money is the signing bonus; the rest of the contract is primarily tied to contingencies, performance etc. In most instances, a team can release a player at any time and the player’s money is gone unless he gets’ picked up by another team.

When an NFL player retires they only receive health insurance for five (5) years after retirement. That’s insane when most of the ailments that come with having your head and body knocked around like a rag doll don’t kick in for decades after the players have retired.

The NFLPA is in dire need of a leader of Michelle Roberts caliber, the Executive Director for the NBPA. The NFLPA needs to fight for better guaranteed contracts and health insurance.  It would be very difficult for NFL players to pay into a health insurance plan for retired players because the bulk of their contracts are structured poorly and since most of the money isn’t really guaranteed they don’t have a lot of incentive to reach back and help those that have come before them.

Food for thought:  NFL players allow the media to goad them into making negative comments about other players.  This behavior will keep them divided and the only way they’re going to make any strides against the League and the owners is to work together collectively.  The players need to strike and give serious consideration to changing the current pay structure.  The pay structure should be changed whereby the players are paid over nine (9) or twelve (12) months, instead of sixteen (16) weeks.  This would be an incentive to the owners because the owners get to keep money in their accounts longer, earn interest and have longer investment options.  Also, this kind of payment plan will hopefully help players budget better, retain their money longer and refrain from frivolous spending.