NFL RECAP: Week 14

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Let me start by saying, enough of the media pundits trying to start a quarterback controversy in Dallas because Dallas lost to the Giants. Jerry Jones can be a fool if he wants to and put Tony Romo in and end up out of the playoffs as quickly as Romo came into the game.  Let’s face it people the fact of the matter is Romo has NEVER gotten the Cowboys past the first round of the playoffs, even when he was healthy and young so stop kidding yourselves.

Now for the recap:

Raiders vs. Chiefs: Chiefs won 21 to 13. This win came down to coaching.  Andy Reid is a better coach than Jack Del Rio.

Steelers vs. Bills: Steelers won 27 to 20. The media pundits are wondering if Rex Ryan will bench Tyrod Taylor and my question is why?  The problem with the Bills is Rex Ryan he’s just not a very good coach.  Therefore, he should bench himself.  Please take several seats!!!

Chargers vs. Panthers: Panthers won 28 to 16. Philip Rivers threw three interceptions in this game as he often does in most of his games.  What’s interesting is that the media pundits consistently give him a pass but they will malign Cam, Osweiler, Kap and Rodgers any opportunity they get.  The media likes Philip Rivers because he throws a lot of passes and has a lot of yardage.  I would rather have a QB that makes less throws, is a critical thinker and wins games. Philip Rivers is not that quarterback.

Bengals vs. Browns: Bengals won 23 to 10. I’m sure Coach Lewis wishes he had Hue Jackson back as his offensive coordinator and Hue Jackson maybe wondering why he left.  My recommendation to Hue is to stay the course because the Browns have not been any good since Bernie Kosar was the Browns’ quarterback and that was almost 25 years ago.

Bears vs. Lions: Lions won 20 to 17. The Lions have done a good job of coming back from the ashes to end up as a playoff contender.  Do you think the Bears owner misses Lovie Smith yet?  If not, he should.

Texans vs. Colts: The Texans won 22 to 17. The media pundits wanted the Colts to win so badly because they love to badmouth Brock Osweiler because of his contract.  Really people, give the kid a break this is his first real opportunity and he’s had really solid performances.  As for Andrew Luck, he’s prone to concussions and should not be in the league any longer for health reasons.

Vikings vs. Jaguars: Vikings won 25 to 16.  Once again the Jaguars played a solid game but could not come away with a win.

Cardinals vs. Dolphins: Dolphins won 26 to 23. These two teams from a statistical perspective were fairly evenly matched.  Palmer had two interceptions, Tannenhill had one and both kickers missed field goals so this game could have gone either way.  Unfortunately, Tannenhill was hurt in this game and maybe out for the remainder of season.

Redskins vs. Eagles: Redskins won 27 to 22. What has happened to the Eagles defense?  The Eagles have imploded after starting the season off so well.

Broncos vs. Titans: Titans won 13 to 10. Mariotta is really coming along nicely.  He will be a very good quarterback if he remains healthy.  Siemen still needs work.

Jets vs. 49ers: Jets won in overtime 23 to 17. The 49ers had this game won but the defense gave up 23 points.  The 49ers need a defensive coordinator and a lot more.  The truth is the team has reverted back to what it was when Eddie DeBartolo’s sister sued him and took the team.  Since DeBartologate, the team’s only success came under Jim Harbaugh.  I can’t say it enough times, get rid of Trent Baalke.

Packers vs. Seahawks: Packers won 38 to 10. The Packers were thrashed by the Bucs and came back to do the same thing to the Seahawks.  Russell Wilson threw five interceptions, which is something he has never done.  Well there is a first time for everything.  Also, the Seahawks have a tough schedule so this was probably fatigue.  The Seahawks next two games are at home and the last one is in San Francisco.  I predict the Seahawks will win all three of their remaining regular season games.

Falcons vs. Rams: Falcons won 42 to 14. The Rams fired Jeff Fisher after this loss, which is interesting.  Jeff Fisher has never been a good coach.  Had the Rams paid careful attention to his football resume they would never have hired him.  Regardless of whether Jeff Fisher or someone else is the coach, this organization is doomed in Los Angeles.

Saints vs. Bucs: The Bucs won 16 to 11. The Bucs are on a role and part of that is because their defense has been firing on all cylinders.  As for the Saints, as long as they rely on Drew Brees to win their games  they will continue to lose games.

Cowboys vs. Giants: Giants won 10 to 7. The Cowboys are batting 0 wins against the Giants this season.  Regardless of what the media pundits are saying this was a very good game and a good learning opportunity for Dak and the Dallas offensive line.  The Giants defenders brought a quick pass rush to Dallas’ offensive line, which proved to be difficult for the offensive line to defend against.  Hopefully, after studying the game film they will be ready for any team bringing a pass rush in future games.  Otherwise, it’s one and done for them in the playoffs.

Ravens vs. Patriots: Patriots won 30 to 23. Belichick “jedi mind tricks.”







NFL RECAP: Week 13

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Cowboys vs. Vikings: Cowboys won 17 to 15. This was a very good game.  The Vikings defense is ranked fourth in the League so for the Cowboys to score 17 points reflects just how good the Cowboys offensive line is.  Also, the Cowboys defense really stepped up. The Vikings did a good job on defense as usual but as I’ve stated in earlier blog recaps the loss of Norv Turner dealt a blow to the chemistry of the team.  It is my opinion that he should have discussed the possibility of resigning with Coach Zimmer before resigning.  Norv Turner’s behavior was extremely unprofessional.

Chiefs vs. Falcons: Chiefs won 29 to 28. The Chiefs are slow and steady.  What I like about the Chiefs is that they just keep plugging away during a game and more often than not they come away with a win.  The team’s success can be attributed to Andy Reid and his coaching staff.  It’s very hard to win in the league and that’s why a good coaching staff is critical.

Dolphins vs. Ravens: Ravens won 38 to 6. This was the surprise of the day.  The Ravens shut the Dolphins running game down and once that was done, the Dolphins were done.

49ers vs. Bears: Bears won 26 to 6.  Okay, I could say the weather was horrible and that’s why the Bears were able to come away with a victory but it’s more than that for the 49ers.  When Jim Harbaugh was coaching this team, they won in cold weather so this is about coaching or shall I say a lack there of.  Kap was benched but Gabbert didn’t do much better.  The Bears are horrible but the 49ers are worst.  The 49ers have been horrible since Harbaugh was fired and it’s not going to get any better; unless they get a new defensive and offensive coordinator.  The team needs a new coach but it’s stupid to have three coaches sitting home doing nothing but collecting a paycheck. First, Jed York needs to fire the GM, Trent Baalke because the truth is the team is in this debacle because of him.  Second, if the Bengals are stupid enough to fire Marvin Lewis, the 49ers should hire him as the defensive coordinator.  Third, make Lane Kiffin an offer he can’t refuse to become the offensive coordinator.  Kiffin is not ready to be a head coach but he can and will turn the offense around.  Look at what he has done with Jalen Hurts at Alabama.  Kiffin has had some challenges during his coaching career such as being fired by the Raiders and USC but who hasn’t.  The Raiders and USC fired him from the head coach position because he wasn’t good in that role.  It is my opinion that Kiffin is better suited for the role of an offensive coordinator, not a head coach.

I have been a big supporter of Kap but at this juncture Kap needs to do some soul searching about whether or not his passion for the game is still there or is he better suited for the causes that he has taken on. Kap was a much better QB when he had weight on and when he was not distracted.  He has done a wonderful thing for the country by forcing people to have conversations about police brutality and the treatment of African-Americans and people of color, which he is to be commended for that.  However, at the end of the day, when someone is paying your salary, you are required to perform and meet a certain standard and Kap hasn’t had the success he had under Jim Harbaugh.  It is my opinion that he can bounce back but he will have to redirect his energy, remove distractions out of his life and refocus his passion for the game.  Kap is a very talented and hardworking QB and he has what it takes to get back to the QB that took the 49ers to the Super Bowl and two conference championships but he will have to do some real soul searching.  Having said that, the 49ers will have to take big steps in the coaching department to help whoever the QB is for the team.

Eagles vs. Bengals: Bengals won 32 to 14.  The Eagles defense disappeared.  Wentz had 60 passing attempts and 36 completions for 308 yards.  Dalton had 31 attempts 23 completions for 332 years.  Clearly, Dalton’s much more methodical approach to passing the football garnered more success.  These teams that primarily focus on the QB just passing the ball have caused the game to be so awful and unwatchable.  Wentz is a rookie QB and there is absolutely no reason for him to be required to make that many passes in a game.  Then fans have to sit and listen to the idiot commentators wax philosophical about the passing game of the QB, it is just plain stupid.  The Eagles were a much better team at the beginning of the year than they are now.  If Marvin Lewis is not fired by the Bengals, if will be important for him to go out and find a new offensive coordinator because that is their biggest problem.  The best offensive coordinator out there right now is Lane Kiffin and the team that gets him wins.

Texans vs. Packers: Packers won 21 to 13.  Snow and icy conditions, the Packers should have won.  That said, Osweiler is accustomed to playing in those conditions having started a few games in Denver but it still takes some getting used to.

Rams vs. Patriots: Patriots won 25 to 10. Did Jeff Fisher really think starting Jared Goff would change anything?  It’s a rhetorical question.  Fans in Los Angeles have already started grumbling about not being able to watch games from other conferences now that there is a team in Los Angeles.  I said that would happen as soon as the Rams arrived and my words have already started to ring true.  As for the brew, ha, ha that Eric Dickerson has created, boy bye!!! No one cares if he stands on the Rams sidelines or not.  Surely, he didn’t think that he could make derogatory comments about the organization and he would be welcome on the sideline?  My guess is he hasn’t gotten over how he was treated by the Rams eons ago so he’s using this as a vehicle to continue to be the victim.  I have always questioned the hiring of Jeff Fisher when there are better coaches out there like Tom Laughlin and Lovie Smith but clearly he is liked by the media and the Rams organization so for now he’s not going anywhere soon.  Therefore, Eric Dickerson can become comfortable with not attending Rams games.  Besides, when they weren’t in Los Angeles he wasn’t attending Rams gams so there shouldn’t be a difference.

Lions vs. Saints: Lions won 28 to 13. The Lions defense shut Drew Brees down.  Since the Saints rely solely on Drew Brees to win they will continue to lose.  No defense translates to losses when you come up against a team with a fairly good defense.

Bills vs. Raiders: The Raiders won 38 to 24. The Bills self-destructed on defense and allowed the Raiders to score 38 points and win the game, which is just ridiculous.  Neither of these teams will make it out of the playoffs but the Raiders will give their fans something to cheer about going into the post season.

Redskins vs. Cardinals: Cardinals won 31 to 23. The Cardinals defense still gives up too many points and is not the same unit as last year but they did a good job of shutting down the Redskins rushing game.  Neither one of these teams will make it out of the playoffs, if they happen to make it to the playoffs.

Giants vs. Steelers: Steelers won 24 to 14. The Giants were no match for the Steelers defense or the offense.  Eli will still throw picks and the offense will continue to self-destruct.  The Steelers are the Steelers.

Buccaneers vs. Chargers: Bucs won 28 to 21.  Philip Rivers had two interceptions in the game with the most critical one coming in the fourth quarter, which cost the Chargers the game.  Rivers is the same QB that threw four (4) interceptions in the fourth quarter in the game against the Dolphins in November.  What amazes me about the commentators when they talk about Rivers they always find something flowery to say about him regardless of what he does, hmmm?  Rivers is not a bad QB but he’s not a critical thinker, he panics when the team is losing and takes it upon himself to do whatever which almost always ends up disastrous for the team.  Winston on the other hand remained composed and focused on turning the game around.  The Bucs won as a result of his critical thinking.

Panthers vs. Seahawks: Seahawks won 40 to 7. Would the outcome of the game been different if Coach Riviera had not made the decision to keep Cam out of the game for the first play because he wore a turtleneck and not a tie? It is highly unlikely that the Panthers would have won the game but it would have been a more competitive game.  The Panthers were not going to beat the Seahawks because the owner chose money over the team.  The Panthers lost a lot of key players to free agency, including Josh Norman who was key to the success of the defense.  If the defense was last year’s team the Seahawks would not have scored 40 points.   A team can’t give up 40 points and expect to win unless the QB is racking up points against the other team and that’s not going to happen against the Seahawks.  Coach Rivera should have come up with another way to punish Cam for not adhering to the team dress code. This debacle rests squarely on his shoulders, not Cam’s.  Honestly, I didn’t even realize that Cam wasn’t starting but based on the body language of the QB on the first play, I made that statement that he was about to throw a pick and that’s exactly what happened.  Come on, putting an untested QB in for one play and expecting him to be successful wasn’t a good coaching decision.  Pete Carroll has made some stupid decisions that have costs the Seahawks games but he would NEVER make a decision like that.

Colts vs. Jets: Colts won 41 to 10. I’m amazed at the commentators coming out now and writing about how the Jets should not start Fitzpatrick, seriously?  I said that before the season started when the Journeyman was holding them hostage for money.  Coach Bowles should never have taken anything Brandon Marshall had to say into account.  You can’t allow players to run the team and that’s what the coach and management did.  Fitzpatrick’s stats were out there in plain sight, he’s a backup QB and nothing more and that’s why he’s remained in the league for so long.  He has never held another team hostage but he saw how vulnerable the Jets were and he took advantage of them so shame on the Jets management and coach.  Additionally, the Jets defense was non-existent last night.  As for the one touchdown Petty threw it was a gimme.  The Jets have a lot of work to do over the summer.





NFL RECAP: Week 12

Image result for free images of holiday seasonThis is for the teams that will not be going to the playoffs.  Focus on next year.


The recap is as follows:

Vikings vs. Lions: Detroit won 16 to 13. The Vikings have fallen off significantly since the start of the season and it’s my opinion the loss of Norv Turner as the offensive coordinator has a lot to do with this melt down.  Yes, the offense was having some challenges prior to his resignation but he should have been asked to stay on for continuity.

Redskins vs. Cowboys: Cowboys won 31 to 26. Truthfully, this game should not have been this close.  Dallas has some gaping holes in their defense and unless the holes are plugged, it will be difficult for the team to get out of the playoffs.  Three of the team’s top defensive players have been suspended for drug abuse.  Dallas does not have a pass rush and without that they will continue to give up points and the offense will not be able to outscore the other team.

Steelers vs. Colts: Steelers won 28 to 7. Andrew Luck is out with another concussion and Big Ben is back, enough said.

Cardinals vs. Falcons: Falcons won 38 to 19. The Falcons have the fastest offense in the league and the Cardinals defense/offense is not close to what it was last year.

Bengals vs. Ravens: Ravens won 19 to 14. The Bengals are suffering because they lost their offensive coordinator, Hue Jackson, to the Browns.

Jaguars vs. Bills: Bills won 28 to 21. The problem with the Jaguars is coaching and probably a lack of financial resources from management to pay better quality players.  Gus Bradley was named the head coach in 2013 and the team has continued to regress.  I’m not a proponent of firing coaches unless they are just absolutely horrible and have been given a number of opportunities to turn the team around.  Bradley’s resume speaks for itself; he didn’t have the experience necessary to become an NFL head coach.

Titans vs. Bears: Titans won 27 to 21. The Bears receivers lost this game.  There were too many dropped passes in the end zone.

Giants vs. Browns: 27 to 13. The Browns need to focus on next season and use the next couple of games to work on schemes for next season.  The word is RGIII has been removed from injured reserve and will start in a couple of games.  That’s probably a good idea so that Hue Jackson can see what he’s bringing to the table.  Hopefully, it’s more than his Instagram girlfriend.

Chargers vs. Texans: Chargers won 21 to 13. Osweiler threw three (3) interceptions and there were two (2) fumbles by the running backs.  The Texans lost this game because of their mistakes.

49ers vs. Dolphins: Dolphins won 31 to 24. The 49ers need an offensive/defensive coordinator.  This was the team’s best game but a team can’t win if the defense gives up 31 points.  If the Bengals fire Marvin Lewis, the 49ers should hire him because defense is where he truly excels.  The 49ers need to hire Lane Kiffin as the offensive coordinator and leave Chip Kelly in as the figure head.  There is no reason to throw away more money because they made another bad coaching decision.  Do you miss Jim Harbaugh yet?  Also, it’s time to give Trent Baalke the boot.

Rams vs. Saints: Saints won 49 to 21. So what?

Seahawks vs. Buccaneers: Buccaneers won 14 to 5. Richard Sherman was burned by Mike Evans and the Bucs defense had Russell Wilson on the run all day.  The Bucs were firing on all cylinders and it was too much for the Seahawks.

Patriots vs. Jets: Patriots won 22 to 17. This is what happens when a team places its trust in a “journeyman” QB and listens to players instead of making professional decisions that are the best for the team.

Panthers vs. Raiders: Raiders won 35 to 32. This was the second best game of the day.  The Panthers defense is not what it was last year and that’s the team’s biggest problem. A team can’t give up 35 points and win.  The same thing goes for the Raiders.  The difference is the Raiders managed the clock better.

Chiefs vs. Broncos: Chiefs won 30 to 27. This was the best game of the day.  Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison picked the Broncos to win but I picked the Chiefs.  I chose the Chiefs because of the experience levels of the QBs and the Chiefs are slow and steady, which is the thing other teams have not figured out.

Packers vs. Eagles: Packers won 27 to 13. This was one of the Packers better played games.  The Packers defense showed up and that was the biggest difference in this game.  Rodgers didn’t have to throw pass after pass to keep the team in the game.  As a matter of fact, Rodgers and Wentz offense in terms of passing and rushing was fairly close.  Defense wins games.