NFL Recap: Week 4

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This season has been surprising early on but keep in mind there is still a lot of football to be played.  The biggest surprise of course being the Eagles.  Everyone including me thought that team would be in the garbage for the next ten years after what Chip Kelly did but Eagles owner, Jeffrey Lurie was not having it.  It’s truly amazing what he has done and drafting Carson Wentz was an excellent move.  The Cowboys Dak Prescott played in the league in another life.  The poise this young man exhibits is just uncanny for a newbie.  When the 49ers scored first, he was not bothered and the presence and calm he displays on the field trickles downs to the other players, which results in them playing at a higher level.  The Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos are just masters of the universe when it comes to defense and just a pleasure to watch.  There is nothing like a well oiled defense.  DEFENSE WINS GAMES ALL DAY LONG!!!

Dolphins vs. Bengals: Cincinnati won 22 to 7.  Miami has not had a good team since Don Shula retired and with a new coach, it’s just par for the course.

Colts vs. Jaguars: Jaguars won 30 to 27.  The Jaguars have played all of the opposing teams very close but lost in the list few minutes of the game.  Fortunately, they figured out a way to defeat the Colts.  The Colts are up and down thus far.  They need to figure out a rhythm.

Panthers vs. Falcons: Falcons won 48 to 33.  The Panthers have got to improve the offensive line because Cam is being slaughtered.  The protection is not there, Michael Orr is out with a concussion which leaves Cam’s blindside wide open.  The Falcons have been surprise but they have of tendency to fade to black later in the season so it’s wait and see for now.

Raiders vs. Ravens: Raiders won 28 to 27.  Surely, you didn’t think the Ravens would remain undefeated but the Ravens losing to Raiders shows that the team has a long way to go.

Lions vs. Bears: Bears won 17 to 14.  Brian Hoyer made the difference in this game.  I’ve said time and time again that Brian Hoyer is a good QB from the time he was with Browns but bad coaching and a subpar team will destroy a QB.  My recommendation to the Bears is to keep Hoyer in this role and relegate Jay Cutler to back-up.

Titans vs. Texans: Texans won 27 to 20.  Good defensive game by both teams, which is something I enjoy watching.

Bills vs. Patriots: Bills won 16 to 0.  Of the four games without Brady everyone predicted the Pats would lose one game and that would be the game against the Cardinals.  No one and I do mean no one expected the Bills to be the team to beat them.  That said, the Bills won because both of the Pats starting QBs are injured.  I’m not sure how real the Bills are right now after firing Greg Roman but time will tell.

Seahawks vs. Jets: Seahawks won 27 to 17.  Russell Wilson has been playing with injuries but shoring up the OL is what was needed to secure a victory.  The Jets placed their money on Fitzpatrick aka “The Journeyman” and they’re losing as a result.  It’s time to get another QB ready.

Browns vs. Redskins: Redskins won 31 to 20.  Seriously, nobody cares?

Broncos vs. Buccaneers: Broncs won 27 to 7. Of course the Broncos won.  However, the Bucs management fired Lovie Smith and promoted his offensive coordinator and he’s proving that he doesn’t have the skillset for this role.  Like the Bears this management decision will prove to be their undoing but the media will blame Jameis Winston, when the problem is poor coaching and management.

Rams vs. Cardinals: Rams won 17 to 13.  The Cardinals are imploding and it’s because Bruce Arians has placed all of his eggs in the Carson Palmer basket which was the wrong thing to do.  He expects Palmer to be able to throw long deep passes down the field when he doesn’t have the arm strength for that and manage the offense, not going to happen.  When you have a QB like Palmer the team’s OL has to carry him and so does the team’s defense.  Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl and he couldn’t throw a nerf football down field but the OL and DL carried the team.  Arians needs to come to terms with Palmer’s lack of arm strength and coach accordingly.  As for the Rams, time will tell if they’re real so the jury is still out on them.

Saints vs. Chargers: Saints won 35 to 34.  Seriously, enough of these “whichever team throws the most touchdowns” wins, it’s stupid and not interesting to watch.  Where is the defense?

Cowboys vs. 49ers: Cowboys won 24 to 17.  Blaine Gabbert put the 49ers in the lead first but completely fizzled out and couldn’t sustain the offense but I’m not surprised.  It’s my guess that Chip Kelly chose Gabbert over Kap because Trent Baalke told him to do so and if my hunch is right, it’s going to be a long season for Kelly for several reasons.  First, I don’t think he knows anything about assessing talent and that was obvious in Philly.  Second, he chose Gabbert over the QB that got the 49ers to the Super Bowl for the first time in many years because of the media and Baalke, who is really nothing but a scout and not a very good one.  Third, Kelly has no experience in coaching a team up from the ashes.  He’s always danced his way into a program that’s already experiencing success.  Kelly needs to take some chances, switch out the QB and coach from his gut, not because someone is telling him what to do or out of fear.  My prediction is that Baalke will be let go after this season for a number of reasons.  I believe Jed York may be finally coming into his own and is no longer drinking the Baalke juice.

Chiefs vs. Steelers: Steelers won 43 to 14.  I know the Steelers got a beat down last week but the Chiefs are no match for Big Ben and Company.

Giants vs. Vikings: Vikings won 24 to 10.  Coach Zimmer is just amazing to watch.  The Defense of the Vikings is just too much for the other teams.  I said this summer Coach Zimmer is my favorite coach.  Keep in mind when Chip Kelly was coaching the Eagles he traded Nick Foles to the Rams for Sam Bradford and Bradford was a marginal QB in Philly.  However, under Coach Zimmer he’s thriving.  It’s coaching people coaching that produces a competitive football team.  Football analysts need to stop placing 100% of the blame on the QB and conduct a deeper review of the coaching staff.