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49ers vs. Cardinals: The Cardinals won 33 to 21.  Surely, no one thought the 49ers would win. Come on, I know you were holding out hope because Carson Palmer wasn’t starting but that’s not a good enough reason to believe the squad had a chance.  It’s not that the Cardinals are flourishing this season.  San Francisco’s front office has to boot Trent Baalke, the GM and allow Chip Kelly coach from his gut. Jed York needs to do Baalke what Jeffrey Lurie did to Chip Kelly, except don’t wait until before the week before the last game to fire him, fire Baalke now and let his uncle, Ed DeBartolo, Jr. become the interim GM.  Jed York was very inexperienced for the role of president so instead of seeking advice from Ed DeBartolo, Jr. he drank far too much Baalke juice which has resulted in the team going back to what it was when Jed York’s mother sued her brother, Ed DeBartolo, Jr. for the team.

Redskins vs. Ravens: Redskins won 16 to 10. The Ravens are imploding and it’s due to the team’s inability to get any offense going.  The defense is decent but the offense is horrible.  The Redskins won because they played the Ravens.

Patriots vs. Browns: Patriots won 33 to 13. I had to listen to Brady is back from all of the commentators, seriously guys they played the Browns.  Hue Jackson still has a lot of work to do and hopefully RG3 will get his mind off of his Instagram “side chick” and do his job when he returns from injuries.

Eagles vs. Lions: Lions won 24 to 23. This was a nail biter.  I was pulling for the Eagles to remain undefeated but it wasn’t to be. Consistency from your kicker can be the difference between a win, a tie or a loss.  The Eagles learned that the hard way yesterday.   

Bears vs. Colts: Colts won 29 to 23.  This is what happens to a team when you fire a winning coach (i.e. Lovie Smith).  All Smith did while he was in Chicago was win and now the team is at the bottom of the heap and that’s because the franchise is being poorly run.  Fans can cry about Jay Cutler all day but in my opinion the biggest problem with the team is the management.

Titans vs. Dolphins: Titans won 30 to 17. The fans were chanting for the backup QB to start for the Dolphins but let’s be real.  The Dolphins have bigger problems than the QB.  Tannenhill has his problems but when the OL is being pushed around, and Tannenhill is being knocked all over the field and is forced to run for his life come on now there are other problems. Also, the problems have existed for years.  The Dolphins Management hired 38 year old Adam Gase as the head coach last season after firing the head coach, Joe Philbin.  Gase served in a number of assistant roles in the NFL since 2003 but seriously, was he really qualified to be a head coach of an NFL team that has suffered defeat after defeat since the retirement of Don Shula.

Texans vs. Vikings: Vikings won 31 to 13.  The Vikings defense was just too much for the Texans.  The Vikings are the only undefeated team and that says a lot about how this season is playing out.

Falcons vs. Broncos: Falcons won 23 to 16. The Falcons up tempo offense threw the Broncos off their game.  They scored early and didn’t show any fear, which resulted in a win.  However, Siemens wasn’t able to play so the back-up QB was playing for Broncos so that played a role in the Broncos losing as well.

Cowboys vs. Bengals: Cowboys won 28 to 14. The Bengals are struggling this season but if this keeps up it’s possible they could miss the playoffs for the first time in a long time.  Jerry Jones said that Romo will start when he returns, seriously?

Bills vs. Rams: Bills won 30 to 19.  The Rams left L.A. a loser and they returned a loser, that’s all I have to say, except why do people believe Jeff Fisher is a good coach? One more thing, the Bills are not real.

Chargers vs. Raiders: Raiders won 34 to 31. Raider fans please don’t get your hopes up based on the commentators saying how real the Raiders are and they’re back.  Jack Del Rio is the coach and the team is only going to go so far before it implodes.

Giants vs. Packers: Packers won 23 to 16.  Packers won in spite of Aaron Rodgers being picked off twice, really?  The Giants have to be able to convert picks into points.  The Giants did a fairly good job putting pressure on Rodgers but if the offense can’t put points on the board it’s all for naught.

Panthers vs. Buccaneers: Bucs won 17 to 14.  This game came down to the kicker for the Bucs and he came through in the end after missing to field goals early in the game.  Cam didn’t play because of a concussion.  The Panthers MUST  improve the OL.  The Panthers are still a good team but they just need to find a way to get all of the cylinders firing again.