NFL RECAP: Week 12

Image result for free images of holiday seasonThis is for the teams that will not be going to the playoffs.  Focus on next year.


The recap is as follows:

Vikings vs. Lions: Detroit won 16 to 13. The Vikings have fallen off significantly since the start of the season and it’s my opinion the loss of Norv Turner as the offensive coordinator has a lot to do with this melt down.  Yes, the offense was having some challenges prior to his resignation but he should have been asked to stay on for continuity.

Redskins vs. Cowboys: Cowboys won 31 to 26. Truthfully, this game should not have been this close.  Dallas has some gaping holes in their defense and unless the holes are plugged, it will be difficult for the team to get out of the playoffs.  Three of the team’s top defensive players have been suspended for drug abuse.  Dallas does not have a pass rush and without that they will continue to give up points and the offense will not be able to outscore the other team.

Steelers vs. Colts: Steelers won 28 to 7. Andrew Luck is out with another concussion and Big Ben is back, enough said.

Cardinals vs. Falcons: Falcons won 38 to 19. The Falcons have the fastest offense in the league and the Cardinals defense/offense is not close to what it was last year.

Bengals vs. Ravens: Ravens won 19 to 14. The Bengals are suffering because they lost their offensive coordinator, Hue Jackson, to the Browns.

Jaguars vs. Bills: Bills won 28 to 21. The problem with the Jaguars is coaching and probably a lack of financial resources from management to pay better quality players.  Gus Bradley was named the head coach in 2013 and the team has continued to regress.  I’m not a proponent of firing coaches unless they are just absolutely horrible and have been given a number of opportunities to turn the team around.  Bradley’s resume speaks for itself; he didn’t have the experience necessary to become an NFL head coach.

Titans vs. Bears: Titans won 27 to 21. The Bears receivers lost this game.  There were too many dropped passes in the end zone.

Giants vs. Browns: 27 to 13. The Browns need to focus on next season and use the next couple of games to work on schemes for next season.  The word is RGIII has been removed from injured reserve and will start in a couple of games.  That’s probably a good idea so that Hue Jackson can see what he’s bringing to the table.  Hopefully, it’s more than his Instagram girlfriend.

Chargers vs. Texans: Chargers won 21 to 13. Osweiler threw three (3) interceptions and there were two (2) fumbles by the running backs.  The Texans lost this game because of their mistakes.

49ers vs. Dolphins: Dolphins won 31 to 24. The 49ers need an offensive/defensive coordinator.  This was the team’s best game but a team can’t win if the defense gives up 31 points.  If the Bengals fire Marvin Lewis, the 49ers should hire him because defense is where he truly excels.  The 49ers need to hire Lane Kiffin as the offensive coordinator and leave Chip Kelly in as the figure head.  There is no reason to throw away more money because they made another bad coaching decision.  Do you miss Jim Harbaugh yet?  Also, it’s time to give Trent Baalke the boot.

Rams vs. Saints: Saints won 49 to 21. So what?

Seahawks vs. Buccaneers: Buccaneers won 14 to 5. Richard Sherman was burned by Mike Evans and the Bucs defense had Russell Wilson on the run all day.  The Bucs were firing on all cylinders and it was too much for the Seahawks.

Patriots vs. Jets: Patriots won 22 to 17. This is what happens when a team places its trust in a “journeyman” QB and listens to players instead of making professional decisions that are the best for the team.

Panthers vs. Raiders: Raiders won 35 to 32. This was the second best game of the day.  The Panthers defense is not what it was last year and that’s the team’s biggest problem. A team can’t give up 35 points and win.  The same thing goes for the Raiders.  The difference is the Raiders managed the clock better.

Chiefs vs. Broncos: Chiefs won 30 to 27. This was the best game of the day.  Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison picked the Broncos to win but I picked the Chiefs.  I chose the Chiefs because of the experience levels of the QBs and the Chiefs are slow and steady, which is the thing other teams have not figured out.

Packers vs. Eagles: Packers won 27 to 13. This was one of the Packers better played games.  The Packers defense showed up and that was the biggest difference in this game.  Rodgers didn’t have to throw pass after pass to keep the team in the game.  As a matter of fact, Rodgers and Wentz offense in terms of passing and rushing was fairly close.  Defense wins games.