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The owner for the Chargers better think long and hard about relocating that team to anywhere in Los Angeles. There may be a smattering of Charger fans in Los Angeles but it’s not enough to relocate the team.  It amazes me that these greedy owners want to be Jerry Jones and build outlandish stadiums so that they can charge higher ticket prices for everything.  News flash: Los Angeles has plenty of venues for concerts, conventions etc. so don’t bank on that to help defray the cost of the stadium.  Also, you’re looking at an empty stadium.

Rams vs. Seahawks: Seahawks won 24 to 3. Surprise, not!!!

Dolphins vs. Jets: Dolphins won 34 to 13. Bye Ryan Fitzpatrick.  This will teach the Jets organization and any other franchise not to put your team in the hands of a journeyman QB or pay attention to employees (i.e. players).

Titans vs. Chiefs: Titans won 19 to 17. This was a surprise.  Both of these teams keep fighting.

Steelers vs. Bengals: Steelers won 24 to 20. Typical dogfight between these two teams with the Steelers coming out on top.

Lions vs. Giants: Giants won 17 to 6. The Giants have improved from their very shaky start at the beginning of the season.  It will not amount to anything in the playoffs.

Colts vs. Vikings: Colts won 34 to 6. The Vikings defense has completely disappeared.  This loss is more about the Vikings coming apart than the Colts actually winning.

Jaguars vs. Texans: The Texans won 21 to 20.  The Jaguars should have won this game but as I have said in every single recap the Jaguars losses are related to coaching, not the lack of quality players.  The coach has been fired.

Packers vs. Bears: The Packers won 30 to 27. This is a big rivalry so I expected a good game.

Browns vs. Bills: Bills won 33 to 13. RG3 did fairly well for a first time.  It’s possible the team could win next season if he remains healthy and the Browns defense turns around.

Eagles vs. Ravens: Ravens won 27 to 26. This was a good game.

49ers vs. Falcons: Falcons won 43 to 13. The Falcons fast past offense has been too much for most clubs and since the 49ers don’t have a defense there was no hope for them.

Saints vs. Cardinals: Saints won 48 to 41. The team with the must touchdowns won, yuck!!! No defense displayed by either team.

Raiders vs. Chargers: Raiders won 19 to 16. Phillip Rivers threw another interception that cost the Chargers the game.  He is just not a critical thinker.

Patriots vs. Broncos: Patriots won 16 to 3. The Broncos defense shut down the Patriots offense but in order to win, the offense has to generate points.   That being said, Seimen is a young QB so the media pundits just need to take several seats and allow this young man to come into his own.

Buccaneers vs. Cowboys: Cowboys won 26 to 20. Dak and Zeke played their game and won. Word to the wise, don’t mess with a winning formula.

Panthers vs. Redskins: Panthers won 26 to 15. The Panthers defense appeared.