It is time for NFL Players to stop being intimidated by the NFL Owners

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It is time for the NFL to become more in line with the NBA and MLB when it comes to its treatment of the players that risk life and limb to play the game. The NFL owners are not concerned about the players or fans they only care about  lining their own pockets.  Football is the most violent sport, yet it has the worst player contracts and health insurance.  It is time for the NFL players to say enough of being treated like chattel.

The only way change can or will happen is if key players like Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Ben Roethlisberger, Richard Sherman etc. take a stand against the owners. Tom Brady needs to stop hanging out with Robert Kraft and be about the players.  Key players in the NFL tend to separate themselves from the rest of the players, which is stupid and not a “team” mentality. NBA and MLB players are about the good of the team, not management/ownership.  My recommendation is for key NFL players to sit down with key members of the NBA and MLB Players Associations and brainstorm about the best way to tackle this mess with the NFL owners.

One of the things they’ve got to do is put a plan in place to tear down the current establishment and it can’t be done on a whim. The players need to meet and develop a strategy for a lockout, which includes telling players to start saving their money and be frugal because they’re going to be in for a long fight.  The current leadership of the players association must be ousted and new leadership ushered in.

Another problem with the league is some of the players have the tendency to be very negative towards each other, which keeps the players association from becoming a more cohesive and strong organization for the players. The owners have created an environment of fear and intimidation and that has resulted in the players not having a voice.  Chris Long of the Philadelphia Eagles has challenged other white players to join in support of the protest that several African American players are engaged in with respect to the National Anthem.  Alex Smith was asked about the situation with Colin Kaepernick and he’s just as perplexed as everyone on the outside looking in as to why Kap is unemployed and Kap took his job.  What’s happening with the NFL is not about the National Anthem, it’s about being fair and just to the players and the owners refusal to do what’s right.

At the end of the day the players can’t depend on the owners for support, it’s time for the players to take control of their own destiny and fight for what’s right.  It’s time for the Joe Montana’s, Peyton Manning’s and Jerry Rice’s of the football world to take a stand and fight for the rights of players.