Football is Officially Here!!!

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Football season has officially kicked off and people are rooting for their favorite teams but the reality is most of the teams will be as bad as they’ve always been. Normally, I would do a blow by blow of each game but it’s too early in the season because the first game is really about getting the cob webs out with the exception of a couple of teams.

For instance, San Francisco fans just need to accept that fact that the four (4) years they had with Jim Harbaugh are a distant memory and things have gone back to the ten (10) years prior to him being hired. Another team is the Giants, if they don’t shore up that offensive line Eli will continue to be mauled. I was surprised by Cleveland’s tenacity against the Steelers.  It’s obvious why Brock Osweiler lost his starting position and should never have been anywhere but with the Broncos working on his skills.  It will be interesting to see how the Browns do this year but I like the fact that Coach Jackson is allowing the QB to be a duel threat because that can work to the team’s advantage.  I’m a big supporter of the QB moving out of pocket and being allowed to maximize his full potential.  This staying in the pocket is just nonsense and keeps the game stuck in the past.

The biggest surprise was the thrashing the Chiefs gave the Pats. Tom Brady didn’t throw for a single touchdown in the game, which is very surprising.  That being said, I want to remind everyone that this has happened to the Pats before and they still game back and won their division.  This season maybe the beginning of the end for 40-year old Brady.  Honestly, it’s time for him to go home and let a younger QB take over that roll.  Boy-bye, please take several seats!!!

The San Diego Chargers moved out of San Diego to Carson, California and to a sprinkle of fans as did the Rams. Southern California is not a football town so Rams go back to St. Louis and Chargers go back to San Diego.  It doesn’t matter that the Rams won, they will not fill any stadium in Southern California, new or old.