NFL: Week 2 Analysis

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I’m not going to analyze all of the games because this is just week 2 and teams are still getting the cobwebs out. Of course, there are some obvious problems with several teams across the league that are not performing as well as expected and I’m going to talk about a couple of them.

Seattle Seahawks vs. 49ers:  It’s obvious that the Seahawks management let a lot of their best players go because of money and it’s showing on both sides of the ball.  They barely beat the 49ers, one of the worst teams in the league.  Russell Wilson just put that game on his back and probably said to himself, “HELL NO, there is no way we’re losing to one of the worst teams in the league.”  John Lynch was quick to say that Kap would have been fired regardless of him opting out of his contract. Clearly Lynch was another bad hire by the 49ers management and he should fire himself.

Patriots vs. Saints:  All of the sportscasters and writers were quick to point out how great Tom Brady is and how quickly the team bounced back from the thrashing by the Chiefs.  People, they played the Saints who is in need of a new owner, head coach and defensive coordinator.

Bears vs. Bucs:  Da Bears are in need of a new owner, head coach and players.  This team has done nothing but lose since they fired Lovie Smith. Karma is a bitch.

Chiefs vs. Eagles:  This was the best game of the day because of the defensive pressure exhibited by both teams.  The Chiefs running game is clicking and it will only get better.  It is my opinion that Andy Reid is one of the best coaches in the NFL and there are only a few.

Titans vs. Jaguars:  The Titans must allow Mariota to be a dual threat because he will stretch the defense and create plays for the receivers and backs.  The Jaguars have a good team but there’s a problem at the QB position and it’s possible that Bortles just needs to calm down and play his game.  Time will tell.

Panthers vs. Bills:  It is my opinion that the Panthers are another team that let a number of good players go, especially on the offensive side so now Cam is back to having to do it all.  It is totally unfair to expect the quarterback to do it all because all it does is lead to injuries and a short career.

Broncos vs. Cowboys:  The Broncos defense is unmatched by any other team in the league.  The media needs to stop with the chatter that Zeke became frustrated and stop trying, that’s nonsense.  Zeke was shut down by the Broncos, end of story.

Bengals vs. Texans:  I’m a big proponent of the coach and management supporting their quarterback through difficult times and that’s what the Bengals have done for a number of seasons with Andy Dalton but his abilities have been an issue for some time.  Also Marvin Lewis has been the coach of the Bengals for 14 seasons and the time has come for him to show some mental toughness and move on from Andy Dalton or he’s out of a job.  By the way, his next quarterback is not currently on the bench.  He needs to go out and get Kap or RG3 in that order.  The people talking about the team not getting Kap are stupid and need to shut up and focus on winning.

The rest of the games were business as usual.