Red Alert Red Alert — “Person of Interest”

The NFL came out today and said a “Person of Interest” has been identified in the New England Patriots Deflategate scandal.  Allegedly, they have their “eye” on the equipment manager.  Really, the most underpaid person in the locker room took it upon himself to let the air out of 11 of 12 balls without the knowledge of Bill Belichick or Tom Brady.  Do these people really think we believe the person with the most to lose is the culprit?

For the sake of argument, let’s say he is the lone deflator.  He could not have done it without the knowledge of Belichick or Brady for the following reason:

  • When the defensive player on the Colts team intercepted the ball he knew immediately that something was wrong with it. Didn’t Tom Brady throw the ball? Weren’t the Patriots receivers catching the ball prior to the interception? If the answers to these questions are “yes,” then either Tom Brady and his receivers are oblivious to the rules governing the weight and dimensions of the football, which makes them idiots or they knew the balls had been deflated. 

If Tom Brady has the integrity that the Patriots organization and sports analysts want us to believe, why didn’t he say something was wrong with the balls during the game?  Instead they are blaming it on the equipment manager.  Of course the equipment manager or someone low on the totem pole did the dirty work.  It’s akin to a man hiring a hit man to kill his wife.  He does not pull the trigger but the “justice system” puts everybody involved in the “murder for hire” plot in jail.  Stop, we are not stupid and I take offense that the media outlets and the Patriots organization think we are.

In 2012 USC was fined for deflating balls in the game against Oregon.  According to the investigation conducted by USC a lone Student Manager took it upon himself without the knowledge of Lane Kiffin or anyone on his staff to deflate the balls.  USC promptly fired the student manager and ultimately fired Lane Kiffin.  Maybe this student manager is the equipment manager for the Patriots and he likes deflating footballs and giving the team he’s working for an edge.

Hall of Famer, Jerry Rice said if the Patriots win the Super Bowl, as asterisk should be placed by their championship.  I agree with Jerry Rice but I’m going to take it a step further and say they should have three (3) asterisks already.  The Patriots prior wins are suspect.  From the moment they started winning I questioned their wins.  In an effort to downplay the cheating, the media wants us to believe Belichick is a genius.  It does not take a genius to cheat, you just can’t get caught because it’s at that point when people realize your genius is a sham and Bill Belichick is a sham.

It is really pathetic that the scapegoat will probably be a person who is living paycheck to paycheck.  My recommendation to this person is if you are going to take the fall, make sure they pay you what you’re worth.

I guess if you’re Roger Goodell and your buddy is Robert Kraft, your eyes are on everyone but Belichick , Brady and the Patriots organization.


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