Peeling Back the Onion on NFL Contracts Causes Some People to Cry

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People of are the misguided belief that football players in the NFL make a boat load of money and that they’re being greedy when they hold out for more.  Once I started investigating NFL contracts and comparing them to NBA and MLB contracts I was blown away by the disparity and injustice of the pay scale.  I decided that’s it’s time to peel back the layers of the onion on NFL contracts and show fans what’s really happening to these men.  Honestly, the majority of them are not being paid for the hazardous work they do.  If you are not Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, the money is funny.

One thing to consider is that statics show the average playing career for a football player is approximately three (3) years unless he is a super star and does not receive a career ending injury.  Of the 53 man roster, most fans only know the name of the quarterback, wide receiver, tight end and running back.  There are the Richard Sherman’s and J.J. Watts but they are few and far between.  Football is a violent sport with the highest propensity for injuries of all the professional sports.  A lot of the contracts the players enter into NEVER materialize and the management knows from the onset that they have no intention of honoring these deals.  I will continue to cry foul on the NFLPA because the leadership is poor and is not working in the best interest of the players.

I have said it before and I will say it again, Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the NFL, is guaranteed a salary of $44,000,000 a year and his head and body is not being busted up.  Keep in mind the $44M is just his salary it is not inclusive of bonuses, which I’m sure he receives.  The NFL is a well-oiled machine, there is no reason to pay Goodell this kind of money and only pay the players peanuts who are putting their minds and body on the line.

The owners in the NFL are the wealthiest of all the professional sports.  The average ticket prices for the professional sports are as follows:

NFL — $84.00

NHL — $62.00

NBA — $54.00

MLB — $30.00

Get this:  the NFL team with the highest ticket price for the 2014 season was the New England Patriots so not only do they cheat to win but they rip off their fans, call the Police!!! I CRY FOUL!!!

The NFL 2015 league minimum pay for players depending on their years in the league is as follows:

0 $435,000
1 $510,000
2 $585,000
3 $660,000
4-6 $745,000
7-9 $870,000
10+ $970,000

NBA 2015 League Minimum Pay:

Years in NBA  2015-16
0  $525,093
1  $845,059
2  $947,276
3  $981,348
4  $1,015,421
5  $1,100,602
6  $1,185,784
7  $1,270,964
8  $1,356,146
9  $1,362,897
10+  $1,499,187

MLB minimum pay for 2015 is $507,500, years don’t matter because players receive a cost of living increase each year they’re in the league.  Therefore, the league minimum is primarily for players new the league.

As you can see, as the layers of the onion are peeled back, NFL players are not being paid anywhere close to their counterparts in other professional sports.  Please, I know what they’re been paid is nothing to thumb your nose at but put it in perspective, the sport is violent, a lot of them have ended up with early onset Dementia and Alzheimer’s or other debilitating ailments that the average person does not encounter.  Keep in mind you’re looking at “gross” before Uncle Sam takes his cut and the agent.

For instance, the league minimum for one year is $510,000, ½ goes to Uncle Sam, now he player is at $255,000, less another 15% to the agent $38,250 so the player’s net pay over 16 games is $216,750. Put that in the hands of a young man that has never had a dime in his life and he broke and delivering pizza during the off season and praying he gets’ picked up for the next season.   Don’t add a “baby mama” in the mix.

See how peeling back the onion can make you cry.



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  1. Your investigation into contracts helps my plea to parents: talk more eduction and less sports to your sons as they are growing up. If young men are more in the books as they play these sports, we can have more educated young men once these so-call “million dollar” contacts are presented to them and their families.

    1. Wow, your comment hit home. Shonna you are so right, the more educated our sons are the better prepared they will be. Excellent comment.

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