Michael Sam: His Own Worst Enemy

Montreal's Michael Sam warms up before the first half of a Canadian Football League game. (Justin Tang/The Canadian Press via AP)

Michael Sam has stepped away from football citing mental issues.  What did he think would happen if he put “all” of his business out about his sexuality in the street.  He was never referred to as a football player in articles.  Every article that was written started with “Michael Sam the first openly gay football player.”

Michael Sam allowed his sexuality to define him instead of letting his abilities as a football player speak on the field.  I understand that he felt the need not to be one of the “boys” in the locker room so he wanted to let the “world” know that he is gay.  For any other gay athlete who is considering telling the world that you’re gay before you have a signed contract with a professional team, DON’T say anything.  Besides, it’s not necessary and it’s nobody’s business what your sexual orientation is.  Live your life, people that are heterosexual do not announce to the world what their sexual orientation is.

Therefore, people with different lifestyles should not feel pressured to announce their lifestyle to the world.  His teammates in Canada started grumbling that he was receiving preferential treatment and they were becoming resentful.  This was bound to happen on any team because the media made his sexuality more of a story than it should have been.

ESPN awarded him the Arthur Ashe bravery award.  What is brave about announcing what your sexual preference is?  Nobody cares and the media has to stop blowing these kind of announcements out of proportion.  The average person could care less about who someone has in his/her bedroom and if he’s a football player all we care about is whether or not he can play the game.

It is unfortunate for Michael Sam that this happened to him and I hope he finds happiness and healing.  He is young and in a very difficult position so hopefully he has a plan B.  It will be important for him to focus on living a normal life and dealing with the demons that come with fame.  This young man did not receive proper counseling about what was best for his future.  It would have made more sense to live his life, play football and find out he has the skills to play on the professional level.  Instead, he was ill advised to tell the world about his sexual preference and now he is left picking up the pieces.



3 thoughts on “Michael Sam: His Own Worst Enemy”

  1. Mental concern my behind! His plan blew up in his face…….”come out , get the endorsements, the NFL contract and the money will roll in!”

    Well you see it doesn’t work that way in the media….you have to show you are worthy of having your Trashy business out there in the world; however he didn’t do that. Sam didn’t prove he had the skills to play in the big league! If he could play worth anything, his skills would have overshadowed his lifestyle.

    Honestly…don’t force you lifestyle on me and I want force my lifestyle on you. JUST PLAY THE GAME.

  2. I totally agree with the blog and comment, especially that the media seems to destroy gay and/or straight people for ratings. Now that homosexuals can marry and have their equal rights, let marriage announcements inform the public. Let’s not rally around those that are gay or transgender and give them awards for activities in their bedroom as bravery. I’m tired of gays being treated special, when in the 60s it was commonly known they suffer from mental illness and, unfortunately Michael Sams has become an example of this diagnosis. I don’t care that gays can or can not marry, but since it is now law, it is no longer a big deal. So, lets stop making homosexual reports of players a big deal and let us focus on the game.

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