The New England Patriots — More High Jinx, Shocking, Not!!!

The cheating scoundrels known as the New England Patriots are back in the news with perhaps more cheating having taken place during their AFC Championship win over the Indianapolis Colts.  Allegedly, the ball provided for use by the “Special Team” was possibly altered in addition to the 11 of 12 balls used on offense.  Shocking, NOT!!!

How long are the powers that be at the NFL going to ignore the fact that the Patriots are not a super team?  Instead, it is a team built on cheating and there is no genius in that.  Albeit some NFL analysts’ would have you believe Bill Belichick is a coaching god.

In this latest scandal the story is the “locker room attendant” assigned to the officials’ locker room gave an alternate official in charge of K balls a football that had not been pre-approved.   Was this just a mistake or a carefully orchestrated plan by the “locker room attendant” to give the Patriots an edge?  Another guy that makes the least amount of money is going to put his job on line so that the Patriots can win the Super Bowl did this without the knowledge of Bill Belichick or someone on his coaching staff.  I find this highly unlikely and just plain ridiculous.

According to Rule 2 of the Official Playing Rules of the National Football League, “the Referee shall be the sole judge as to whether all balls offered for play comply with the size and weight specifications.  The balls are to remain under the supervision of the Referee until they are delivered to the “ball attendant” just prior to the start of the game.”  Judging from the NFL rule, the K ball remained in the possession of the designated Referee until just before the game.  In that case, the “ball attendant” must have had an altered ball in the room with him before the Referee gave him the game ball, right?  In light of this new revelation, the Patriots have altered eleven (11) of twelve (12) balls used on offense, a K ball and we are to believe that NO one on the Patriots team knew about these infractions except the guys making the least amount of money?  This is comedy at its best!!!  Why would the ball attendant make an adjustment to the K ball when the players are supposedly accustomed to the official ball specifications?

It is my understanding that the “whistleblower” of Deflatgate was Ryan Grigson, the Colts General Manger.   Rumor has it, it’s a well-known secret that the Patriots have been doing shady things like using deflated balls but no one said anything until now.  I wonder why?  I cry foul on Ryan Grigson because if it’s true that this is common knowledge and no one said anything until now, I can only surmise that Grigson tattled because the Colts had a horse in the game, no pun intended, so shame on him.  He should have come forward at the beginning of the season and this could have been resolved early on and the Patriots would not be Super Bowl champions.

How can anyone say that any of the championships won by the Patriots were won fair and square?  The Seahawks gave the Patriots the game and Tom Brady was award the MVP, which he did not deserve.  The MVP should have been awarded to Pete Carroll.

When will the NFL fine the Patriots organization, suspend Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, just to name a few?