Amateur Night at the Super Bowl: Part Deux

I was conversing with the brother about the Super Bowl because I am still in disbelief that the Seahawks lost as a result of the bad call made by Pete Carroll and his Offensive Coordinator, Darrell Bevell.  My brother calmly said, “you know, your boy (i.e. Pete Carroll) did the same thing with USC and caused them to lose the Rose Bowl to Texas 41 to 38.”  I was perplexed because I did not recall that happening and I screamed, say it’s not so, well it’s so.  I started researching whether my brother was correct and low and behold, my brother’s memory is much better than mine and he was absolutely right.

Actually, Coach Carroll made several questionable decisions in that game but the most costly one was when he decided to go for a first down on fourth-and-2 on the Texas 45, which set up the Longhorns’ drive that resulted in USC losing the game.

Coach Carroll, the goal is to learn from your mistakes not repeat them.  

Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for Coach Carroll and he has done a tremendous job with the Seahawks.  However, calls that make the difference between being the champion and second runner up can be very costly for a coach in the locker room.   Regardless of the outcome, the Seahawks are the better team and “but for” the bad call made by the coaching staff they would be the NFL Champions.  This is a prime example of how the coach loses the game.

Coach Carroll is stepping up and being accountable for the bad call, as well as, he should.  This blunder rests squarely on his shoulders and the Offensive Coordinator.  Initially, I thought there was a dead cat on the line somewhere because never in a millions years would I have expected a coach in the NFL to make such a bad call, especially Pete Carroll.  However, in light of the fact that Coach Carroll has the propensity for making bad decisions at critical moments in a game, it may be a situation whereby he is too smart for the “Good of the Team.”

As a result of this absurd call, true football fans have to live the next year hearing how great a bunch of cheaters are.  I cry foul!!!!



There is a Price to Pay for Disrespect

Warren Sapp was arrested for getting into a brew ha ha with two prostitutes he hired while covering the 2015 Super Bowl activities.  He was involved in a similar incident in 2010 with a woman he was partying with.  In this most recent incident it is alleged that he refused to pay the ladies the agreed upon price.  If he thought the price was too high, too bad, he should have paid it anyway.

Rule of Thumb:  Once services have been rendered the payment is due.  Clearly, he did not get that memo, idiot!!!

First of all, he should not have engaged in his behavior given his previous brush with the law in 2010 but he did anyway.  This shows a lack judgment and respect for himself and his four, count them four “baby mamas.”

Second, at what point do you grow up?  This is a man, with financial issues galore.  He filed bankruptcy recently, owes millions in taxes and is in debt.  His salary at the NFL network was $549,000 that he no longer has because of his stupidity and poor judgment. I watch the NFL network and I can tell you, I was not impressed with his analytical skills.   However, he was different and brought a perspective that the NFL network wanted.

Since this is not the first time maybe he should consider counseling to deal with his issues.  He has got to learn that he cannot bully women into having sex with him.

Warren Sapp you are no longer in the “league” therefore you are no longer in their “league.”  You need to find a woman that is going to be interested in Warren Sapp the man, not Warren Sapp the former NFL football player.  The truth be told, there is no woman that wants Warren Sapp the former NFL football player.


The Non-Dynamic Duo of Jed York and Trent Baalke

As an avid 49ers fan, I am constantly looking for information on the new coaches hired by Jed York and Trent Baalke.  Clearly, Coach Tomsula has no authority to hire anyone because twiddle dee and twiddle dumb are in the drivers’ seat. That’s obvious by the fact that Trent Baalke made the statement that the 49ers will “run” the ball and Jed York stated that he wants the 49ers to be like the “Seahawks,” really?  It was my understanding from all of the their front office leaks that the team was headed in different direction and there was a plan in place.  Oh well, I guess their plan consisted of just making statements about what they want the team to do but no clue on how it will be achieved.

First of all, you need a plan to “run” the ball in order to “be like the Seahawks.”  Those are ridiculous statements and prove that these two guys don’t have a clue about running a successful NFL franchise.  If they wanted the team to be like the Seahawks, Jim Harbaugh would still be the coach.  I’m letting go of the fact that Coach Harbaugh is gone and focusing on what’s happening with the team during the off season.  The “Non-Dynamic Duo” have yet to fill all of the coaching slots required to have a successful season.  Am I shocked by their ineffectiveness? NO.  This is just par for the course.  That said, they have announced that Geep Chryst, will be promoted from QB coach to OC, hmmm that gives me pause but let’s survey his coaching history.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in History from Princeton and a Master’s degree in Education Administration that he parlayed into an NFL coaching career.  Additionally, he played at the linebacker position during his time at Princeton and he played on the baseball team so he was a dual purpose athlete.  What’s good about that is, so was Kap, but the jury is still out on his QB coaching skills.  I’m not sure he has mastered the art of coaching a QB to the next level.  For instance, from where I’m sitting whenever the defense is on the field, the QB should have his eyes “glued” to the playbook and I did not see enough of that from Kap.  It is responsibility of the QB coach to ensure that the QB is focused on the next play, the next play and the next play, not chit chatting on the sideline.

Chryst Coaching Career:

1987 — First Coach of the University Wisconsin — Platteville

1988 — Coached the Wisconsin Badgers

1989 — 1990: QB Coach for the Wyoming Cowboys

1991 — 1995 Wide Receivers Coach — Orlando Thunder, World League of American Football, as well as playing with the team as a long snapper and serving as the quality control coach for the Chicago Bears

1995 — 1998: Tight Ends and QB Coach for the Arizona Cardinals

1999 — 2000: Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach for the San Diego Chargers.  The Chargers won 7 regular season games in 1999 and 1 one regular season game in 2000.  OMG, if this is indicative of his OC skillset the team is in trouble.

2001 — 2003:  Returned to the Arizona Cardinals as the QB Coach

2004 — 2005: Left the NFL for a time period

2006 — 2010: Carolina Panthers as the Tight Ends Coach

2011 — to Present: 49ers QB Coach and recently promoted to OC

Albeit he was the OC and QB coach for the San Diego Chargers from 1999 to 2000, the team “sucked.” None of his NFL history reflects that he has enough experience in the OC position to make an impact.  I’m not saying he can’t make the transition but based on his track record, his lack of experience in the role and Jed York and Trent Baalke calling the shots from the peanut gallery it will be difficult if not impossible for him to be successful.





Amateur Night at the Super Bowl: Shaking My Head

It was amateur night at the Super Bowl last night.  I was with a group of friends watching the game and imagine the shock on their faces when the Seahawks lost as a result of the bad play called by Darrell Bevell, the offensive coach, with the approval of Pete Carroll.  My friends started with the “Russell Wilson” screwed up.  I quickly jumped to his defense, dialed all of them back and said rewind the play and let me show you what happened because it was not Russell’s fault.

All of them thought that Russell should have handed the ball to Marshawn, which was the logical play to call but that is not what happened.  I showed them that Marshawn was instructed to run to the end zone instead of being set to take the handoff and plow into the end zone, which is the play that should have been called.  He would have gotten into the end zone on guts alone but it was not to be.

Instead, Darrell Bevell called a pass play in “man coverage.”   I’m sorry but that’s a play a high school football coach would call in his first championship game, not an NFL coach.  When you are at this level and you have the best running back in the league and you’re on the 2 yard line and the opposing team is in man coverage you DO NOT CALL A PASS PLAY, especially when your receivers have been sketchy all night long.

The Patriots did not have to use deflated balls or stolen plays to win this championship.  All they had to do was sit back and allow the Seahawks to hand them the game.  Wow, SHAKING MY HEAD!!!!

Not only did Seattle lose the game by making a rookie call but they thwarted opportunities for the young men on team to make additional income as a result endorsements.

Can someone please explain to me, why this play was called?  Was the fix in?

Shhh, Don’t Mention Deflategate

Quiet please - Male figure in silhouette gesturing for quiet...Has anyone noticed that the NFL nor the media have barely mentioned “Deflategate” in the last couple of days?  I’m sure that’s because it’s Super Bowl time and they are not interested in doing what’s right only in how much money they stand to make between commercials, ticket sales, merchandise etc.

The Patriots are being allowed to play even though they cheated to get there.  It is absurd that the owners are not crying FOUL but they don’t care because it’s all about the money all of them share in the bounty.

The media has written more articles about the impending birth of Richard Sherman’s son than “Deflatgate.”  What is wrong with this picture?  It is a sad day when cheating is sweep under the rug and people turn a blind eye to everything that’s wrong with the manner in which Roger Goodell has chosen not to handle this matter.  Roger Goodell can jump up and down and stomp his feet about Marshawn Lynch not wanting to converse to the media and allegedly grabbing his crotch but he can’t have someone interview Tom Brady about 11 of 12 balls being deflated.   I suppose it is okay to cheat if you’re Bill Belichick or Tom Brady.  Well, from where I’m sitting it should NEVER be okay to cheat.  Bill Belichick should not be allowed to coach the game and Tom Brady should not be allowed to play.

The NFL is filled with hypocrites.  Marshawn has been fined repeatedly for not being comfortable on a podium and speaking to the media.  If Roger Goodell is going to fine Marshawn Lynch for not speaking to the media and not interview and fine Tom Brady for the cheating that has taken place throughout his career, that’s hypocritical and just WRONG.  Deion Sanders was able to interview Marshawn and that’s because he can relate to his journey.  Marshawn was raised to just get the job done and not talk about it.  He has lived his life that way and should not penalized for it.  He should not be forced into a situation that makes him uncomfortable.

Marshawn Lynch is appreciative and grateful for the opportunity that has been afforded to him through football and he is 100% a team player.  He’s humble not arrogant.  He does not buy into it’s all about him, he believes it’s all about the team.  If you don’t believe me go to Youtube and watch the interview between Marshawn and Deion and hopefully you will gain a different perspective about this young man.

Always truthful,


Curly, Larry and Moe a/k/a John York, Jed York and Trent Baalke

Why Did the Non-Dynamic Trio – John and Jed York and Trent Baalke promote Jim Tomsula to Head Coach of the 49ers?  One can only surmise that Tomsula was hired because he’s a “yes” man and they needed some form of continuity for the team after firing Jim Harbaugh and most of the coaching staff.  I’m sure Curly, Larry and Moe are shocked that they are not having a lot of luck hiring assistant coaches and coordinators.  Their arrogance made them believe that coaches would be begging to work for them, NOT!!! People do not want to be part of a team that has bad leadership.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost.  Jed York sat on his high horse and said the team was going in a new direction.  Well, based on the fact that they are having difficulty hiring credible coaches the only direction the team will be going is down.  If the rumors are true about the inability to fill the new stadium in Santa Clara, when the team was supposed to on the brink of a championship run, get ready to see even fewer fans.

I don’t think Jim Tomsula has a snowballs chance in hell of coaching the 49ers to success.  He was named interim coach on December 27, 2010, after Mike Singletary was fired.  There was not much for him to do at the time.  He won his first and only game as the interim head coach and now he’s been hired as the head coach, really?  Jim Harbaugh retained him as a defensive line coach.  Based on his coaching stats, his strength is in defense.

Lets’ take a look at Coach Tomsula’s coaching stats, which are set forth below.

Coach Tomsula’s Stats:

Catawba College (1989) – The College he attended.

  • Strength and conditioning Coach

Woodland Hills HS (1990)

  • Defensive Line Coach

Charleston Southern (1992-1995)

  • Assistant Coach

Catawba (1997-2005)

  • Defensive Line Coach; Strength and conditioning

England Monarchs (1998)

  • Defensive Line Coach

Scottish Claymores (1999–2003)

  • Defensive Line Coach

Berlin Thunder (2004–2005)

  • Defensive Coordinator

Rhein Fire (2006) – No mention of what he did at Rhein

San Francisco 49ers (2007–2014)

  • Defensive Line Coach

San Francisco 49ers (2010)

  • Interim Head Coach

San Francisco 49ers (2015–present)

  • Head Coach

Coach Tomsula spent 9 years as a defensive coach for the now defunct World Football League that was started by the NFL in Europe.  Unless, he has some magical plays and mystical powers, the team is headed for disaster, thanks to the current leadership.

The 49ers play smash mouth football so defense is very important and we run the football so I understand retaining him but promoting him to head coach? I will say that’s better than hiring Mike Shanahan in any capacity.

The team had challenges this season on offense not because of Kap as writers and sports analyst would have you to believe but because of the problems between Coach Harbaugh, Curly, Larry and Moe.  Contrary to what people say, when there are problems with the leadership and the coach, it affects the entire team.   People do not have the incentive to give 100% when they know the end is near so I’m sure Coach Harbaugh could not wait to get away from the “non-dynamic trio.”

Jed York does not have the knowledge base required to run a team.  He is a frat boy that’s only interested in being in front of the camera.  He is being sued for age discrimination for firing the facilities manager Anthony Lozano and the former head of video operations Keith Yanagi in 2011 and 2012, allegedly because the organization wanted to go in a technology-driven direction with younger personnel.  Here he goes again with a “new direction.”  Really, you need younger personnel to move equipment around and ensure that all of the balls and computers are accounted for?


Boomer Eaison — Really? Fine Richard Sherman for Being Honest!!!

I read an article today where Boomer Eaison, former QB of the  Cincinnati Bengals, need I say more, had the nerve to say that Richard Sherman should be fined for his comments about Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft.  Why? Because he spoke the truth.

Newsflash Boomer: Amendment I to the Constitution of the United States, states that “Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Keep in mind that Americans have the constitutional right to speak freely without fear of retribution from the government or any organization.  Richard Sherman has the right to state an opinion without the fear of repercussions from the NFL for doing so.  How dare you try and restrict his right to freedom of speech!!!  Do you want Americans to sweep SPYGATE AND DEFLATEGATE under the rug the way most of you have done.  It is clear that Roger Goodell does not care about the athletes, he is only concerned with collecting his $44,000,000 check and making life impossible for the men that keep the association going.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are scam artists and cheats, no matter how you slice the pie.  The Patriots organization has created a culture of cheating and it starts from the top down.  If that includes Robert Kraft then so be it.  Don’t expect people to sit back and pretend that every championship they won was done so fairly because we know that’s not the case.  You want to sit on your high horse and cry foul on Richard Sherman for being honest.  Well I cry foul on you for pretending that’s it’s okay to cheat.

Maybe you are okay with cheating because you played with deflated footballs during your football career.



Red Alert Red Alert — “Person of Interest”

The NFL came out today and said a “Person of Interest” has been identified in the New England Patriots Deflategate scandal.  Allegedly, they have their “eye” on the equipment manager.  Really, the most underpaid person in the locker room took it upon himself to let the air out of 11 of 12 balls without the knowledge of Bill Belichick or Tom Brady.  Do these people really think we believe the person with the most to lose is the culprit?

For the sake of argument, let’s say he is the lone deflator.  He could not have done it without the knowledge of Belichick or Brady for the following reason:

  • When the defensive player on the Colts team intercepted the ball he knew immediately that something was wrong with it. Didn’t Tom Brady throw the ball? Weren’t the Patriots receivers catching the ball prior to the interception? If the answers to these questions are “yes,” then either Tom Brady and his receivers are oblivious to the rules governing the weight and dimensions of the football, which makes them idiots or they knew the balls had been deflated. 

If Tom Brady has the integrity that the Patriots organization and sports analysts want us to believe, why didn’t he say something was wrong with the balls during the game?  Instead they are blaming it on the equipment manager.  Of course the equipment manager or someone low on the totem pole did the dirty work.  It’s akin to a man hiring a hit man to kill his wife.  He does not pull the trigger but the “justice system” puts everybody involved in the “murder for hire” plot in jail.  Stop, we are not stupid and I take offense that the media outlets and the Patriots organization think we are.

In 2012 USC was fined for deflating balls in the game against Oregon.  According to the investigation conducted by USC a lone Student Manager took it upon himself without the knowledge of Lane Kiffin or anyone on his staff to deflate the balls.  USC promptly fired the student manager and ultimately fired Lane Kiffin.  Maybe this student manager is the equipment manager for the Patriots and he likes deflating footballs and giving the team he’s working for an edge.

Hall of Famer, Jerry Rice said if the Patriots win the Super Bowl, as asterisk should be placed by their championship.  I agree with Jerry Rice but I’m going to take it a step further and say they should have three (3) asterisks already.  The Patriots prior wins are suspect.  From the moment they started winning I questioned their wins.  In an effort to downplay the cheating, the media wants us to believe Belichick is a genius.  It does not take a genius to cheat, you just can’t get caught because it’s at that point when people realize your genius is a sham and Bill Belichick is a sham.

It is really pathetic that the scapegoat will probably be a person who is living paycheck to paycheck.  My recommendation to this person is if you are going to take the fall, make sure they pay you what you’re worth.

I guess if you’re Roger Goodell and your buddy is Robert Kraft, your eyes are on everyone but Belichick , Brady and the Patriots organization.


Bill Belichick and Tom Brady — Believe in winning by any UNFAIR Means Necessary

When Bill Belichick joined the New England Patriots organization in 2000 as the general manager and head coach it appears that he was determined to be a winner at all cost, regardless of the price.  Because of his lack of integrity and professionalism he has created a culture that believes in cheating their way to championships.

Bill Belichick or shall we say Bill Belicheat, started his coaching career with the Baltimore Colts as a Special Assistant in 1975.  His coaching career is as follows:

1976 – 1977 Assistant Special Teams for the Detroit Lions

1978 – Assistant Special Teams/Defensive Assistant for the Denver Broncos

1979 – 1990 Special Teams/Linebacker Coach and several other positions with the New York Giants

1991 – 1995 Head Coach for Cleveland Browns – Fired.  Best record with Browns 11 – 5 in 1994.

1996 – Assistant Head Coach/Secondary for the New England Patriots

1997 – 1999 Assistant Head Coach/Secondary for the New York Jets

2000 – to present, Head Coach for the New England Patriots.  Won his first Super Bowl in 2001 with an 11 – 5 record and back-to-back Super Bowl Championships in 2003 and 2004.  All won because he was spying on the opposing team and taping their plays.  If this had been done on the college level, it’s very possible the championships would have been revoked.

Now here we are at “Deflategate” a number of analysts, coaches and players are weighing in on the most recent cheating tactic deployed by the New England Patriots.  Some are asking the question, would the outcome of the game have been different?  Is it really a big deal and other silly questions?  None of these questions are relevant and the reason I say that is because of the following:

Rule 2, Section 1 of the Official Playing Rules of the National Football League outlines the Ball dimensions and it is CHEATING if the ball does not meet the requirements as outlined in the Playing Rules.  Eleven (11) of 12 balls New England was using were deflated.  This is cheating at the highest level and it shows a total disregard for the sport and the rules that are in place so that the playing field is level.

A better question to ask is, given the teams’ history of cheating how long have they been using deflated balls?  Tom Brady and Bill Belichick did not just start using deflated balls with the Colts game.  I’m sure this has been a consistent practice.  No one wakes up one morning and decides to use deflated balls against the Colts.

In case you’re wondering what the ball supply process is, it is covered in the Official Playing Rules of the NFL under Rule 2, Section 2, entitled Ball Supply, which states the following:  “Each team will make 12 primary balls available for testing by the Referee 2 hours and 15 minutes prior to the starting time of the game to meet League requirements.  The home team will also make 12 backup balls available for testing in all stadiums.” Under this same rule the only balls that are not handled by either team are the balls exclusively used for the kicking game.  Only the Referee has access to the balls used for kicking because it was discovered that teams were cheating during the kicking game.  Good grief.  Now, if the Patriots made 12 balls available that met the League requirements, it took a lot a skill to ensure they were playing with deflated balls.  That’s why I don’t believe this was the first time this tactic was used by the team.

The NFL needs to take a page out of the NBA and MLB playbooks and only allow balls used in the game to be handled by the Referees.  The teams should not have access to the game balls EVER.

What is the penalty for using deflated balls?  Sadly, it is only $25,000, which is nothing and a joke.  Especially, when the League just fined Marshawn Lynch $20,000 for making an alleged obscene jester towards the Packers by grabbing his crotch after a touchdown, which has nothing to do with the integrity of the game.   First of all, don’t most men just instinctively grab their crotch because it’s there?  I’m just saying!!!  I saw the touchdown and I don’t believe Marshawn intentionally made an obscene jester towards the Packers.  It’s the League’s way of constantly harassing him because of the manner he deals with the media.  LEAVE MARSHAWN ALONE AT LEAST HE’S IS NOT CHEATING BUT THE PATRIOTS ARE!!!!

I digressed there for a moment but back to the issue at hand.  I am going to ask the hard question, the one no one has asked or is willing to express an opinion on.  Here goes: 

Should the Patriots be allowed to play in the Super Bowl?  My response to this question is an emphatic NO.  If a team cannot win on its own merit but has to resort to trick plays, stealing plays and now deflated footballs and don’t forget SPYGATE, they don’t deserve to play in the Super Bowl.    If the NFL decides to allow New England to play in the Super Bowl, Bill Belichick should not be allowed to coach the game and Tom Brady should not be allowed to play in the game.  The NFL should take the same hard stance they took with New Orleans, when they suspended Shawn Peyton when he said he was not aware of Bountygate.  The NFL said if he did not know he should have known because he is accountable for everything that happens with the team.  The same penalty should be applied to Bill Belichick, Belicheat or Bill Nye the Science Guy, whatever you want to call him.

Coach Don Shula, the only coach to coach a team to an undefeated season dubbed Bill Belichick, Bill Belicheat recently.  You have to wonder why, especially since he does not have a horse in the game and has been out of the game for years.  This is a coach with integrity and a moral compass so I can only surmise that he suspected something was rotten in Denmark, sorry I mean New England.  When Coach Shula made this comment, OMG the backlash he received from some players and analysts was interesting since he only spoke the truth.  Well, all he had to do was sit back because the ugly truth revealed itself and Coach Shula has been vindicated.

Oh no, now after Spygate and Deflategate, Belichick is Bill Nye the Science Guy, really?  Initially, Belichick’s response was to throw Tom Brady under the bus, by saying “I don’t know how Tom likes his balls you should ask Tom.”  That was an interesting response because the Rule Book determines the condition of the ball, not Tom Brady.  He went from throwing his QB under the bus to explaining via some science theory of why 11 of 12 balls were deflated.  Now, if anyone believes his most recent explanation, I have some swamp land to sell you on the moon.

All of the NFL Franchises should be held to the same standards that individual players are held to.  As an example, players are sometimes assessed penalties based on their history.  I wonder if the Patriots penalty will be based on their history.

Other BIG question for the NFL to ponder, will you induct Bill Belichick and Tom Brady into the Hall of Fame knowing their records are suspect or will you follow MLB’s example and not allow them to be inducted?  How can you honestly say they deserve to be in the Hall of Fame when you can’t confirm that they won any of their championships or games fairly?

Hmph, I can only imagine that Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and other MLB players who will never have the opportunity to be considered for the MLB Hall of Fame, probably wish they played in the NFL.

Signed 1RareGrl




What’s the Obsession with the Pocket Passer?

What is the obsession with the pocket passer? Their game remains the same and it’s never elevated to a different level. Yet so called sports analyst are mesmerized by their lack of athleticism and continue to cry foul about the new younger and more athletic quarterback who is referred to as the “running quarterback.” Are you jealous of their athleticism? What is the reason for all of the negativity?

RGIII came into the league and gave the Washington Redskins a spark they have not had since Doug Williams was the quarterback and won the Super Bowl and we know how long ago that was. Yet, this young man has been ridiculed, totally disrespected and unfairly judged because you so called sports analyst refuse to move into the 21st Century and accept that the quarterback position has changed.

Colin Kaepernick worked hard to earn his position as the starting QB of the San Francisco 49ers. He has taken the team to two division championships and the Super Bowl so I’m perplexed as to why sports analysts continue to write and say negative things about him. Prior to Kap, the 49ers were mediocre and Alex Smith in his eight years and a pocket passer had not done anything for the team so what value did his pocket passing skills bring to the Niners? It was the “running quarterback” that made them relevant again. Could it be that since Kap is not the “court jester” you analyst have a problem with him? This is a young man that graduated with honors in Business. However, some of you question his speaking abilities and his intelligence which is just rude and disrespectful.

Tim Tebow, Heisman Trophy Winner, came into the league with high expectations but his start was with the Broncos during a very chaotic time.  The team was changing coaches so he was never really given a chance and now he is out the league.  If he had a coach that knew how to coach a running quarterback he would still be in the league.  He should still be a backup quarterback if not a starter somewhere.

Cam Newton, Heisman Trophy Winner, came into the league and excelled as the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. He has played at a high level as a running and passing quarterback for the Panthers and has taken them to the playoffs.  He played with broken ribs this season and got the team into the playoffs after a car accident.  Yet, sports analyst continue to question his abilities and leadership.

Michael Vick changed the game. He brought excitement to the quarterback position. However, because the league does not want to embrace change he was forced into the “pocket passer” role, which has destroyed the young man’s career. Yes, there is the issue of the dog fighting situation and I am a dog lover and do not condone dog fighting, WHATEVER. That said, his skills were amazing and had he not been forced into a role that did not reflect his true abilities the possibilities were endless.

Johnny Manziel, the newest running quarterback to come into the league.  The Browns management is 100% the blame for this young’s man hamstring injury.  I will do a separate article on Manziel because it requires more study.  He has the abilities but he needs to be with the right organization.

Then we have Russell Wilson who is a running quarterback that none of you would dare say anything too negative about. We all know that you don’t say anything about Russell Wilson because Pete Carroll, aka the “Silver Fox” would take you to task.  Also, he could care less about anything sports analysts have to say. Pete Carroll took on the NCAA and won so he’s not concerned about catty comments from sports analysts.

The real problem hindering Kap, Cam, Tim, Johnny and RGIII, are the poor offensive linemen responsible for protecting them, the lack of talented receivers on some of the teams and the coaches that are still stuck in the dark ages.

Case in point, poor Tony Romo, a “pocket passer,” was just battered and beaten until Jerry Jones came to the realization that he needed to build the Cowboys offensive line with better quality players. Hell, I can stand in the pocket and throw the ball if the OL is blocking and giving me all day to throw it. That is why Tom Brady aka cheater, Aaron Rogers, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, have the accuracy they have. It’s not because they are any better or more proficient than Kap, Tim, Cam or RGIII.

Let’s talk Panthers:  They had one of the top rated offensive lines last year. A number of those players are no longer there. The Panther organization did not resign the top wide receiver Smith, why? The management has destroyed what made the team good and expects Cam to be able to play at a high level when the talent around him is mediocre, that’s STUPID!!! Anyone with half a brain knows that the team should be built around the quarterback and not vice versa.  Pete Carroll got it right and he always does.

How dare you people put Derek Carr in the same category as Kap. He is nowhere near what Kap is and NEVER will be. He plays for the Raiders, the worst team in the league. Quality players don’t want to play for this team so who are you kidding!!! He throws a couple of good passes against the Chiefs and he’s better than Kap, really? Your stupidity confounds me.

Let’s call a spade a spade. This is all about money. These owners don’t want to pay these quarterbacks what they are truly entitled to and worth. They are doing everything they can to sabotage their careers and it’s not’s fair. These young men have worked hard, endured a lot and deserve to be treated better.

Also, as long as the owners continue to recycle the same coaches and not take chances on more college coaches, the QB position will not progress to the changes that have been made on the college level.  Owners are still interviewing Mike Shanahan, why?  It is well known that he’s not a good coach and he’s certainly not good with the new more athletic QBs.  STOP INTERVIEWING THIS MAN!!!

Set forth below is my ranking of your “pocket passing” quarterbacks.


Zach Mettenberger

Jay Cutler

Josh McCown

Matthew Stafford

Ryan Tannehill

Joe Flacco – Overpaid but has a relatively descent OL so that keeps him in the game.

Austin David

Kirk Cousins

Kyle Orton

Nick Foles

Eli Manning – Has won two Super Bowls but really. That said, he is also surrounded by a horrible OL so the jury is still out on him.

Below Average:

Geno Smith – Just not NFL material.

Derek Carr – Just not NFL material and plays for the team no one wants to play for.

Above Average:

Brian Hoyer – This is a hard working young man and the media has not been fair to him.

Philip Rivers

Aaron Rodgers – In the game this season against the Patriots, when Aaron Rodgers ran for some first downs, I was shocked that the analysts were enthralled by his running abilities. It was as if it was something they had never seen before. How interesting!!!

Peyton Manning – Has shattered a number of records, which is great but at the end of the day he’s only won one Super Bowl. I knew last years’ Super Bowl was over when the snap went wrong. As a pocket passer if you can’t handle the rush that was coming from Seattle you’re DOOMED. Had he been able to run, their chances would have been BETTER.

Good but a CHEATER:

Tom Brady – Has not won a Super Bowl since it was discovered the coach was STEALING and SPYING on the other teams. That makes me wonder, how good of a pocket passer is he really?  Can he win the big game or any games without cheating?  Check out my blog on Tom Brady and Bill Belicheat, yes I said Bill Belicheat not Belichick!!!

Carson Palmer – 35 years old and can’t be counted on to remain healthy so why did he get a $50M contract?

There are a few quarterbacks that I did not mention and I have my reasons.