Chasing the G.O.A.T., Why?

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Why have the media pundits started identifying certain athletes as the G.O.A.T? What is that all about?  This kind of nonsense has athletes chasing shadows and records of players that were “great” during their era.

Some of the G.O.A.Ts are: Jerry Rice, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Michael Phelps and the list goes on but at the end of the day, current players just need to focus on their own game and stop chasing ghosts from sports past.  LeBron James chasing Michael Jordan may have impacted his ability to power through and compete at the level necessary in the NBA Finals.

The media pundits would have you believe they coined the “G.OA.T” but in actuality it was Muhammad Ali that really used the phrase “Greatest of All Time” and he did it more so as a media ploy and to send his competitors into a tailspin in order to gain an advantage over them in the ring.  Ali didn’t care anything about chasing the record of another boxer, he was only concerned with his performance and beating his competitor.  Athletes today are allowing the media to send them into a tailspin to the point where they’re losing sight of the importance of playing their game.  Please stop measuring your performance by other athletes, just be you and let the chips fall where they may.

It has gotten so ridiculous that Michael Phelps has filmed a show for the Discovery Channel where he will be going up against a “Great White Shark” for ocean supremacy, really?  The shark reigns supreme in the ocean and that goes without saying.   That being said, I guess this is the society that we’ve become.  I’m not taking anything away from Michael Phelps, he’s the most decorated swimmer of his time, just like Mark Spitz was the most decorated during his time and that’s reality.  As a matter of fact, Lynn Swan was the greatest receiver of his time, like Jerry Rice.  Bill Russell was the greatest of his time, like Michael Jordan.

Sports pundits lets’ put this in perspective and let players play their game and stop chasing “ghosts of athletes time” that are gone and in the record books.




The Genie is out of the Bottle: Only the League can put the Genie Back

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I’m sure my readers are perplexed about this title and wondering what the heck I’m referring to. Well, I’m referring to the lack of competitive spirit that is rampant across the NBA.  Take the San Antonio/Rockets game five, what happened to James Harden, who’s being touted as the next MVP, really?  Is that what an MVP looks like in the NBA nowadays?  Unfortunately, the answer is yes that is what an MVP in the NBA looks like today.

Sportscasters are saying that Harden’s performance was lackluster, he didn’t show up, was the real James Harden kidnapped and the list goes on but at the end of the day the problem is bigger than James Harden. Don’t get bogged down in heaping negative comments on Harden about his lack of play.

With the exception of LeBron James, and a few honorable mentions like Klay Thompson, Steph Curry and Kawahi Leonard, the NBA lacks players that have a true competitive spirit. The reason for this lack of competitiveness is most of the players in the league today are one and done in college. Therefore, what fans are being forced to watch are young men who are not coachable, lack a competitive spirit and don’t know how to win.

Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, are players that spent three (3) years or more in college. Magic and Bird brought their rivalry to the league and it made for great basketball history but we don’t see that any longer.  Michael Jordan won the National Title as a freshmen and he spent two (2) more years in college but never won the title again because it’s hard.  Those additional years give players a competitive spirit; they’re taught how to be a team and how to strive for success against the odds.  NBA fans are forced to watch microwave basketball players.  They’re in college for a hot minute, come to the NBA and perform like freshman college player for years.

They spend more time on social media than they do working on their craft and that’s because they don’t understand the fundamentals of basketball and you only get that from time and coaching. Today’s players are drafted into the NBA and told to use their athleticism to win a championship for a team, well that’s not working very well at all.  Instead, fans are watching teams fall apart if they get behind.  We’ve only seen the Cavaliers fall behind and come back.  That’s because of LeBron James and although he came into the league out of high school he had a different group of players to mimic and that’s why he’s the last of the Mohegan’s in the NBA.

It’s time for league to realize that they have got to put the “genie” back in the bottle or the games will continue to get worst and the game will lose more and more fans.


At This Tick Of The Watch It’s All About Skill and LeBron James has Skills

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As I watched game three (3) of the Cavaliers and Pacers, I wasn’t shocked that the Pacers were leading in the first half. I would have been shocked if they were losing.  After all, they were playing at home and the Cavs hadn’t been playing much defense in recent months.

That being said, my expectation was that the game would be closer than what it was at half time.  It was great seeing how hyped up the Pacers players were and the energy from the crowd because that brings another dimension to the home team.  However, that same hype can be a turning point for a team and I knew the Pacers were going to lose game three when Stephenson made a great shot and screamed “this is our house” on the court.  I looked at him and said, “The Pacers just lost the game.”

There was something inside of me that said, the Cavs will come out in the second half and play like the champions they are.  What I didn’t expect to see were Kyrie, K. Love and T. Thompson sitting on the bench most of the time but that was one of the best coaching decisions T. Lue has made during this playoff series.  It also speaks volumes to the professionalism of the starters on the team.  They were well aware that for whatever reason they didn’t have it that day and the other team members did so they encouraged Coach Lue, to allow the other players to play and leave them on the bench.

Another very important thing that was shown was LBJ’s ability to elevate the game of the other members on the team.  LeBron was absolutely amazing in that game and he has proven time and time again why he’s by far the best player in the NBA right now.  I’m not taking anything away from Westbrook, Curry, Paul, Thomas, Leonard, Harden and the list goes on but LBJ is in a league all by himself and his skills are dominate on the court.

I was watching the game and screaming every time LBJ sailed down the middle of the lane and Pacer players just moved out of his way because they knew there was nothing and I do mean nothing they could do to stop him.  LBJ can be named the MVP each season but that’s not what he’s about, he is about the team effort and winning championships.  His determination is unmatched in my book because when he gets’ that look in his eyes and lowers his shoulders, that’s when you know it’s all about skill and LBJ has a lot of skills.




Did Colin Kaepernick Really Think his Stance Through?

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I released a blog weeks after Colin Kaepernick commenced his stance to protest police brutality by kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem.  In that blog, my position was that I understood where he was coming from but I didn’t agree with his method because I felt it would lead to him being another unemployed black man, and based on what has happened, 1raregrl was right again.

I reached out to my brother, a Vietnam Veteran, and asked him for his thoughts, which he so eloquently provided.  I’m not going to get into what my brother said because in case you didn’t read the blog, you should, it’s very insightful and a very good read. You can read his comments at:

The gist of my blog was that albeit Kap, as an American citizen, has the “constitutional right” to protest however he chooses. However, I didn’t think he really thought about the consequences of his actions.  My problem with his choice was based on concern for whether or not he would be able to secure and/or maintain employment in the NFL once he decided not to kneel any longer.  I never thought he would kneel forever and anyone that thought he would is very shortsighted and not familiar with protest.  No one does anything forever so for the commentators that are crying foul because he’s decided to stop kneeling , they have zeroed in on the wrong thing as usual.

Kap made the decision to speak out against police brutality because he is a player in the National Football League and what better forum, right?  Wrong!!! The NFL owners are of the “good old boy” mentality.  NFL owners are not progressive thinkers like NBA owners.  Michael Bennett said it best, “the NFL is only concerned about the shield.”  NFL players don’t have the ability to speak out, like NBA players without the fear of retribution.  It is sad but true NFL players don’t have the power of NBA or MLB players so they need to think long and hard before making a decision that could negatively impact their future in the league.  Honestly, Kap should have sought advice from NBA players like Julius Irving, Magic Johnson, Jaleen Rose, Oscar Robertson and Isiah Thomas, just to name a few, before he made that leap, now he’s up the creek without a paddle.

Kap and people who believe that you can do and say whatever you please on your employer’s time must understand that when you work for someone else, you can’t do what you want to do without your employers’ approval and that is reality.  Kap was operating under the misguided opinion that he was bigger than management and he wasn’t.  It didn’t matter that Jed York willingly chose to donate a $1M to charities to ensure racial equality.  At the end of day it’s always about business and now Kap has become the statistic that I hoped he would not become.

Do I feel that Kap should get an opportunity with another NFL team?  Absolutely, it is my opinion that Kap is better than a lot of quarterbacks currently in the NFL but he’s had some struggles since the 49ers management fired his coach, Jim Harbaugh and hired a series of mediocre/horrible coaches for him to work under.  On another note, Kap also hurt his chances by working with Kurt Warner, Kap needs a coach that understands his abilities and can align them with the team’s offensive strategy.

Kap, I wish you the best on your quest to secure employment in the NFL.  Next time think before you leap and seek advice from different/better sources.



Why Do NFL Owners Believe Cities should pay for their Insatiable Appetites for New Stadiums?

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The Rams left St. Louis, the Chargers left San Diego and now the Raiders are leaving Oakland all because these NFL owners are of the belief that they are “entitled” to new stadiums on the backs of the consumer and the city of their choice.

Enough of this nonsense, it’s time for the American consumer to say “my hard earned pay check” will not go into the pockets of greedy NFL owners.  All of these moves are about greed.  Let’s call a spade a spade neither of the teams mentioned above should have been allowed to move from their respective cities.  Los Angeles certainly doesn’t need two teams nor will it support two teams.  Los Angeles and its surrounding cities have too many things to do on Sunday mornings and afternoons, hence the reason it didn’t work for the Rams or Raiders years ago.  If the truth be told the Raiders have more fans in Los Angeles than the Rams and that’s not saying a whole lot.  As for the San Diego Chargers, San Diego who?

What annoys me about NFL owners is there “entitlement” mentality.  They believe they are “entitled” to new stadiums regardless of the cost to the city and the consumer.  They are making money hand over fist with television contracts, merchandise, ticket sales, concessions at the stadiums etc., yet they want more and more.  With respect to the three teams mentioned above there is nothing wrong with the stadiums they left.  As a reminder, fans don’t go to stadiums to spend the night, they go to enjoy the game, root for their favorite team and go home.

According to a comparison of NFL stadiums costs by conducted by Stadiums of Pro Football, which is not affiliated with the NFL, the last five (5) NFL stadiums costs the following amounts:

Stadium                    Team(s)              Capacity     Opened          Turf         Cost

Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis Colts 63,000 9/7/2008 Fieldturf $720 Million
AT&T Stadium Dallas Cowboys 80,000 9/20/2009 FieldTurf $1.3 Billion
MetLife Stadium New York Giants/Jets 82,500 9/12/2010 FieldTurf $1.6 Billion
Levi’s Stadium San Francisco 49ers 68,500 9/14/2014 Grass $1.3 Billion
US Bank Stadium Minnesota Vikings 66,200 9/18/2016 FieldTurg $1.1 Billion

– See more at:

The 49ers are practically giving tickets away because the management and coaching is so bad. Of the teams listed, only the Cowboys and Vikings are truly worth watching and as we all know that can change quickly.  Go to the website listed above and checkout the entire list before you decide to purchase another ticket to an NFL game.




Professional All-Star Games: A joke or what?

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Fans have been asked to PAY and sit through “All-Stars” games for the NFL, MLB and the NBA for far too long and get nothing in return. The attendance at the NFL Pro Bowl saw decreases through the years when it was held in Honolulu but attendance increased when it was held in Glendale, Arizona and Orlando, Florida in 2015 and 2017, respectively. I am not a fan of the NFL Pro Bowl because there is too high of a propensity for players to be injured playing in a game that doesn’t mean anything.  With respect to the NFL Pro Bowl, it is my recommendation that the players be given a lettermen jacket and a check.  Stop requiring the players to play in a game that could result in them having a career ending injury.

The MLB All-Star game was a joke initially because there was no incentive to win and if there was a tie, the game could end in a tie, which resulted in fans crying foul. In an effort to prevent tie games and provide additional incentive to win, MLB reached an agreement with the players union to award home-field advantage for the World Series to the champion of the league that won the All-Star Game.  After several extensions it was agreed that awarding home field advantage to the winning league would remain in place until 2016.  Starting in 2017, home field advantage in the World Series will go to the league championship team with the highest regular season win-loss record.  I wonder if this change will cause the game to go back to having tie games and the players not having an to incentive win.  Only time will tell.

The NBA All-Star game is a total joke and something needs to be done sooner rather than later. Fans spend a lot of money during All-Star weekend and are not getting a return on their investment.  The skills contest, 3-point shooting and dunk contests are absolutely horrible.  Why don’t more players participate in the contests? Why are only four players participating in the dunk contest?  Yet, during the “joke” all-star game several players are dunking like crazy?  Why didn’t Steph Curry and James Harden participate in the 3-point shooting contest?  The all-star game is supposed to be the elite of the elite in the league and they should give the fans something to cheer about.  Instead, they are boring people to tears and charging fans a fee to see them be the Harlem Globetrotters.

Some fans of the game are saying the players are afraid to lose because it could impact their brand. Really, I thought being a competitive basketball player was their brand and more importantly their job. If that’s truly the case, these players are selfish and don’t need to play in the All-Star game.

Fans pay to see a competition, not men patting each other on the back and feeding each other’s egos. If this continues, my recommendation is to give the NBA All-Star players a lettermen jacket, a check and let them be on their way as well.  There is no need for fans to pay to see weak performances.



Douglas Lee “Doug” Williams Nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame

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Dear Hall of Fame Committee:

As an avid football fan, and graduate of Grambling State University, I am hereby nominating Doug Williams for consideration to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  My decision to nominate Doug Williams was based on a number of factors.  I am aware that each nomination is carefully reviewed by the committee to ensure that the person being nominated has “strong” credentials representative of the time the person spent in the League.  That being said, it is my belief that in some instances, consideration should go beyond the numbers on a page and that’s why I’m nominating Doug Williams.  Doug Williams should be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame because he changed the game and he provided a point of reference for other young African-American men dreaming of becoming an NFL quarterback.

When Doug was drafted in 1978 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who didn’t become a football team until 1976, he was only the second African-American quarterback to be drafted by an NFL team, which was nine (9) years after James “Shack” Harris, another Grambling football player, was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 1969 to be an understudy.  Doug’s contribution to the game of football goes beyond “the numbers on a page,” which is based on what the player accomplished on the field.  Doug showed strength and perseverance in the face of adversity.  When he was drafted in 1978 to be the “starting” quarterback, not an understudy, for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he was only paid $120,000, which was well below what other white starting quarterbacks and twelve (12) backups were being paid.  In that season he took a hit that resulted in a broken jaw that caused him to be out the remainder of the season.  As with most quarterbacks he focused on his health and was ready to return the following season.  Coming off of a broken jaw in 1979 he lead a very young Buccaneers team to its first NFC Division Championship but lost the Conference Championship to the Los Angeles Rams, ironically, the team James “Shack” Harris was the starter for nine (9) years earlier.

Doug was the starting quarterback for the Buccaneers for five (5) seasons and of those five (5) seasons the Buccaneers made the playoffs three (3) times and that speaks volumes in my mind. After the 1982 season Doug asked for a raise that would give him a salary of $600,000 which Coach John McKay championed for but management refused to budge from their meager offer of $400,000, which resulted in Doug leaving the NFL and going to the newly formed United States Football League.  As a result of Doug’s departure the Buccaneers didn’t see another playoff season for fourteen (14) years.  Clearly, Doug as the starting quarterback for the Buccaneers made a difference and without him the team took a nose dive.

Coach Joe Gibbs recruited Doug to the Washington Redskins in 1986.  Coach Gibbs was familiar with Doug’s talent because he was the offensive coordinator for the Buccaneers when Doug was drafted.  As a result of Coach Gibbs belief in Doug’s abilities, Doug became the first African-American quarterback to start in an NFL Super Bowl.  As you may recall, the Washington Redskins were not considered to be the favorite, the Broncos were highly favored to win the Super Bowl under a very capable John Elway.  I recall this moment like it was yesterday, Doug went down and his leg was bent backwards and as a result he was taken out of the game for one play.  When he returned to the game, the lights went out on the Broncos.  He became the “first” quarterback in Super Bowl history to pass for four (4) touchdowns in a single quarter and four (4) touchdowns in a half.  He was the “first” quarterback to throw an 80-yard touchdown pass in a Super Bowl.  He set a Super Bowl record of 340 passing yards and he rallied the team back from a 10-point deficit, the largest at that time and scored 42 unanswered points, which may still be a Super Bowl record.  In addition to his record setting Super Bowl, it was capped off with him being named MVP.  Doug was the “first” African-American quarterback to be named MVP and he retains that title today.

Doug Williams epitomizes what the Hall of Fame is about and that is determination, the pursuit of excellence and a willingness to win.  Its Doug Williams shoulders that every African-American quarterback coming into the League after him has been standing on because he set the standard for them to follow and improve upon.  He showed them that through adversity and challenges, you can still come out a winner if you’re willing to work hard and give 100% no matter what the circumstances are.

As the committee goes through the selection process of approving the players for the 2018 Hall of Fame, keep in mind that the Buccaneers were a newly formed team when Doug was drafted and they were still trying to build a program.  Doug’s numbers represent a quarterback playing for a new team that had no idea about the importance of surrounding the quarterback with a strong offensive line, so that he wouldn’t be pounded more often than not.  His numbers do represent his willingness to win and his ability to win in spite of the situation.

Doug was inducted into the College Hall of Fame in 2001. Therefore, it is only fitting that he be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Doug Williams Stats: The Numbers on a Page

Year Team G Att Comp Pct Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD TD% Int Int% Lng 20+ 40+ Sck SckY Rate
1989 Washington Redskins 4 93 51 54.8 23.2 585 6.3 146.2 1 1.1 3 3.2 46 0 0 2 10 64.1
1988 Washington Redskins 11 380 213 56.1 34.5 2,609 6.9 237.2 15 3.9 12 3.2 58 0 0 10 88 77.4
1987 Washington Redskins 5 143 81 56.6 28.6 1,156 8.1 231.2 11 7.7 5 3.5 62 0 0 7 53 94.0
1986 Washington Redskins 1 1 0 0.0 1.0 0 0.0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 39.6
1982 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9 307 164 53.4 34.1 2,071 6.7 230.1 9 2.9 11 3.6 62T 0 0 11 128 69.6
1981 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 471 238 50.5 29.4 3,563 7.6 222.7 19 4.0 14 3.0 84T 0 0 18 135 76.8
1980 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 521 254 48.8 32.6 3,396 6.5 212.2 20 3.8 16 3.1 61 0 0 23 194 69.9
1979 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 397 166 41.8 24.8 2,448 6.2 153.0 18 4.5 24 6.0 66T 0 0 7 57 52.5
1978 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10 194 73 37.6 19.4 1,170 6.0 117.0 7 3.6 8 4.1 56T 0 0 6 69 53.4
TOTAL 88 2,507 1,240 49.5 28.5 16,998 6.8 193.2 100 4.0 93 3.7 84 0 0 84 734 69.4


Year Team G Att Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD Lng 1st 1st% 20+ 40+ FUM
1989 Washington Redskins 4 1 0.2 -4 -4.0 -1.0 0 -4
1988 Washington Redskins 11 9 0.8 0 0.0 0.0 1 4
1987 Washington Redskins 5 7 1.4 9 1.3 1.8 1 7
1986 Washington Redskins 1 0.0
1982 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9 35 3.9 158 4.5 17.6 2 14
1981 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 48 3.0 209 4.4 13.1 4 29
1980 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 58 3.6 370 6.4 23.1 4 27
1979 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 35 2.2 119 3.4 7.4 2 16
1978 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10 27 2.7 23 0.9 2.3 1 7
TOTAL 88 220 2.5 884 4.0 10.0 15 29 0 0.0 0 0 0



New York Knicks: The Saga Continues….. There is a Storm Brewing

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The two pots represent Dolan and Jackson

The saga of the New York Knicks continues. Let me start by saying although the Knicks are the beloved basketball team of the Big Apple, the team has only garnered marginal success through the years.  The team has only won two NBA Championships and that was back in the early 70’s.  The Knicks won the NBA Championship in 1970 and 1973.  To be the largest market for NBA basketball it has been difficult to sustain good coaches and good talent.

The problems confronting the Knicks today are the same problems they’ve had in the past. Clearly, the Knicks biggest problem is management and that’s even more evident given the Phil Jackson public lashings of Carmelo Anthony and James Dolan’s dislike for Charles Oakley that spilled over into a full blown debacle a couple of days ago that resulted in Oakley being removed from the arena and arrested.  The fallout from this mess is coming fast and furious.  First, James Dolan fired Frank Benedetto, the Senior Vice President for security of Madison Square Garden today saying “the termination is related to the Oakley incident.”  Second, Dolan has banned Charles Oakley from coming to Madison Square Garden and stated “hopefully not forever.”  If I’m Charles Oakley, it’s forever because I would NEVER set foot in Madison Square Garden again.

On to Phil Jackson and his recent antics where Carmelo Anthony is concerned. It is never appropriate or professional to chastise an employee in public which is exactly what Jackson has been doing to Carmelo lately.  Jackson making statements that Carmelo holds the ball too long, which results in timing issues for the team when running the triangle offense.  At what point is Phil Jackson going to realize that he’s the GM, not the coach, and that the team rarely runs his 100 year old triangle offense?  Tweeting references about Carmelo shows his lack of leadership in the role of a GM.  Clearly, he lacks the skills necessary to be the GM and should probably consider moving on and trying to get a coaching job somewhere.

Next on the list of Knicks debacles was the treatment of Charles Oakley at the Knicks game a couple of days ago. Charles Oakley purchased a ticket to the game and for reasons unknown to anyone, security went up to him and asked him to leave the arena.  Seriously, who does that?  Charles Oakley is saying that he didn’t do anything to deserve being removed from the arena.  Several sources have reported that management is saying Oakley was making derogatory remarks and appeared to be impaired.  When several members of the security team went up to Oakley and asked him to leave, it caused him to become angry and get into a shoving match with security personnel which resulted in him being arrested and booked for assault.  Question: Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have one person speak to Charles Oakley, instead of a group?  I would not have been comfortable with a group of security people telling me to leave the arena and I had purchased a ticket.  Come on people, what has happened to just respect for others?

Rumor has it that because Charles Oakley has been critical of the Knicks management, it has resulted in him having a tempestuous relationship with James Dolan, the owner.  As a result of this simmering distain Dolan and Oakley have for each other, Dolan would prefer that Oakley not attend games and has subsequently banned him.  Okay, if Dolan is that small minded, he’s just stupid and an idiot. Why would you stop someone from purchasing a ticket to a basketball game? Also, why would he remove/ban a player that played ten (10) years for the team because he made some unflattering remarks about the organization’s management?  Were the statements true, so you couldn’t handle the truth?  News Flash, it’s a basketball game and people make all sorts of remarks all the time, including booing the referees.  Are you going to start removing fans from games now?

Given the current climate, I don’t see any A-List free agents being interested in going to the Knicks.  Dolan should ask Mark Cubin what happens when you do and say stupid things about players in the NBA.

This is not the NFL folks the NBA players run the League!!!



John Lynch hired as the new GM for San Francisco: Was this a good hire or is it Failing Upward?

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From the moment the York family wrangled the 49ers from Ed DeBartolo, Jr., they have made one bad decision after another and the most recent hire of John Lynch as the General Manager will be yet another bad decision. John Lynch, a Fox analyst, who has zero NFL front office or NFL administrative experience retired from the NFL as a player over next six (6) years ago and I’ve seen nothing in his current job to indicate he has the capacity to rebuild the team back to its winning ways.  What is he bringing to the table exactly?  In light of the fact that Trent Baalke was a complete disaster and wasn’t fired until the team was driven completely into the ground, one would think that the Yorks would hire someone that will command respect, NOT!  The 49ers need a complete overall in terms of the coaching staff.  The team needs a head coach, offensive and defensive coordinators and the list keeps growing.  How is this guy with no previous work experience going to create a winning environment for the team?

Apparently, Lynch has a relationship with Kyle Shanahan, who is expected to be the next 49er head coach, so I suppose Jed York is thinking that this will help bridge the gap between the two positions since the Harbaugh and Baalke relationship tanked. Please, whatever the relationship is between the two it will sour and Jed York will be back looking for a GM and a coach.  Kyle Shanahan is the offensive coordinator for the Falcons but at the end of the day, I don’t believe he has what it takes to be a head coach in the NFL at this time in his coaching career.  At what point with will these NFL owners not hire people to “fail upward”?  Seriously, John Lynch has about as much of a chance of making this team successful as Kyle Shanahan has at being the head coach.

Somebody hand me a bottle of “Pinot Noir” because I am going to take several seats and watch this disaster unfold.




NFL – As the Coaching Carousel World Turns

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There were six (6) head coaching slots open at the end of the 2016 NFL season, five (5) of the vacancies were terminations.  Gary Kubiak of the Broncos said “see you later” for health reasons and you can’t blame him for that.

The Los Angeles Rams hired 30 year old Sean McVay, which is a decision that will come back to haunt them just like the decision to move to Los Angeles.  I want even bother to expend a lot of time in this blog discussing how ridiculous this coaching hire was.

Josh McDaniels chose not to accept the head coaching job at the 49ers and thank goodness he did because he certainly wasn’t right for the role.  Let’s not forget he went to the Broncos and tried to implement the same system Belichick has in New England including cheating and failed miserably.  As a matter of fact, not one of Belichick’s disciples has been successful outside of the New England system so NFL teams need to stop interviewing anyone that’s in the Belichick system.

The San Diego Chargers hired Anthony Lynn as their new head coach. Lynn has been coaching in the NFL since 2000 starting out with the Denver Broncos so it’s possible with time he will be successful.  In order to be successful, he will need to establish a running game and not depend on Philip Rivers to solely pass the ball and win the game because that’s not going to happen.  San Diego’s defense is not horrible but it needs work. I’m not even going to discuss the move to Los Angeles.

The Denver Broncos hired Vance Joseph, who has a defensive mindset and that’s what the Broncos are about.  Joseph has been coaching in the NFL since 2005 and prior to that he was coaching on the college level.  This may be the best NFL hire yet but time will tell.

The Jacksonville Jaguars hired Doug Marrone as the new head coach.  He was the head coach of the Buffalo Bills from 2013 – 2014 and his record for that season was 6 – 10.   If he doesn’t go in the get rid of the talent that’s on the team, this could be an opportunity for him to prove that he can actually coach.

The Buffalo Bills hired Sean McDermott. He’s been in the NFL in some form of coaching capacity primarily since 2001 with the Philadelphia Eagles under the tutelage of Andy Reid.  McDermott could be the second best hire because he was tutored by Andy Reid.  Also, Buffalo has a lot to talent that he will need to vet, including the QB situation with EJ and Tyrod.

The 49ers are still looking for the right fit and it’s not going to be easy for them because the problem is a historical one.  Jed York is looking for a head coach that fits his civic minded mindset with great coaching abilities and that person will be difficult to find but not impossible.  He is looking for a Pete Carroll type coach and the pickings are slim in the NFL.  Also, the coaches at big colleges no longer view a head coaching job in the NFL as glamorous or the place to be.  Rumor has it that the plan is to hire Kyle Shanahan, son of Mike Shanahan, boo hiss if the rumor is true!!!  By the way, Mike Shanahan was successful because he had John Elway and Terrell Davis.  Once Elway retired, the Broncos promptly fired Mike Shanahan so they knew he wasn’t right fit for them in a progressive environment.