Joey Bosa Stood His Ground: A Very Smart Move

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I must commend Joey Bosa for standing his ground and not allowing the Chargers to bully him into signing a contract he was not comfortable with.  The short story is that the Chargers didn’t want to pay Bosa the full amount of his $17 million signing bonus at the time he signed his contract.  They wanted the option of paying a portion of it in 2017 and he said no, which was the right thing to do.   

Fortunately for Bosa, his father played in the NFL for two years and I’m sure he knows all too well what the pitfalls are.  Also, having only played two years he counseled his son on the importance of getting as much of money up-front or he would run the risk of never seeing it.  The NFL is the wealthiest of all professional sports, the most violent, yet they have the worst player contracts, health insurance and pension plans. 

The only money that is truly guaranteed for an NFL player is his signing bonus and to give up a portion of it would not be wise. Apparently, the Chargers wanted to incorporate offset language into Bosa’s contract related to the delayed signing bonus portion, and he said absolutely not. 

Clearly, it worked in Bosa’s favor to have someone familiar with NFL practices to advise him.  Normally, players are bullied into signing contracts without knowing the ramifications or the impact of signing a deal that has offset language.  I reviewed the offset language and had to research some outside sources to fully understand the impact of the offset language.   

Basically, a team can cut a player that was drafted at the top of the draft within the four years of his original rookie deal and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit if he is picked up by another team.  Without offset language, the player will continue to receive his guaranteed money from the team that cut him, and his new salary from the new team.  Offset language is a way for owners to hedge their bets so that they can get out of paying the player what they negotiated and agreed to. 

It’s very critical that players and their agents understand the underlying impact of what’s in the CBA.  It’s really sad how many players just get PLAYED.  In my opinion, given the complexity of the CBA, players need a lawyer and an accountant, not an agent. 


Why African-American athletes are asked what they are going to buy?


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It never fails every time an African-American athlete receives a notable contract the media immediately ask, how they plan to spend their money.  Why?  Most recently C.J. McCollum of the Portland Trailblazers was asked what his purchases would be with his increase in salary.  Dirk Nowitziki and Kevin Love received notable contracts and neither of them was asked how they plan to spend their money.

This question assumes that all black athletes come from poverty and have no desire to do anything except spend their money without any forethought.  It is these kinds of questions that continue to shape the opinions about people and the media is the primary source of this kind of mind control.  An increase in salary doesn’t mean that the person is going to go out and purchase a bigger house, a fancier car or throw it away gambling.  It annoys me that the media puts these young men on the spot every single time their contract changes financially.

The media makes a point of highlighting the salaries of athletes, which I feel is unprofessional and classless. In the real world, salaries are never discussed and it’s really taboo because it can create animosity in the workplace.  I understand that professional athletes are bound by their respective collective bargaining agreements and discussions regarding salaries are common but the media shines a spotlight on the athletes to a degree that is borderline sinister and mean spirited.  How an athlete plans to spend his money is nobody’s business, especially not the media, who is lying in wait for the athletes to make a mistake so that they can say how the person didn’t deserve the money.

The next time an athlete is asked that question, he should asked the reporter how he spent his last raise.






NBA Basketball Players: Have they just become Traveling Minstrels?

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This blog is coming on the hills of the announcement by Kevin Durant that he has decided to join the Warriors. A number of people like Stephen A. Smith have harsh comments to say because of their bewilderment of his decision.  I am not surprised by his decision but I’m disappointed because I wanted him to be the example of “staying the course” with your team when it’s a good squad and winning in spite of but it was not to be.

Unlike other highly charged “sports commentators” my approach to his decision will come from a different perspective. Everyone must keep in mind that Durant is chasing the almighty championship ring and that is what drove him to make this decision.  I think free agency is great and players should be given the opportunity to explore what’s out there but at what cost to a team and fans that have been extremely loyal and supportive?  Also, Durant was playing on one of the best teams in the League with another future “Hall of Fame” player in Russell Westbrook, all he needed to do was stay the course.  The Thunder team that lost to the Warriors was actually better than the Warriors and they proved that when up 3 –1 but couldn’t close it out.  Durant and Westbrook made bad mental decisions in those final games which resulted in the Warriors winning the series.  With time and more maturity they would have learned not to repeat the same mistakes, no one will know what could have been.  That which made KD falter in the Thunder series will show itself with the Warriors, believe that.

NBA basketball has become difficult to watch because the franchise players don’t have the inner fortitude of staying connected with a team and playing through the struggles like Jordan, Magic, Kobe, Zeke, Olajuwon, Bird etc. instead they continue to opt for instant gratification. Mark my word, this decision will be a costly one.

The basketball world is saying, well LeBron did it but the difference was LeBron was not playing with a “Hall of Fame” player on any of those Cleveland teams nor did he go to a team that was winning.   When LeBron went to Miami that team sucked.  Once King James made the move to Miami, the team started winning and that’s because the talent on the Miami team was better than the talent on the Cleveland teams and better coaches.  Also, LeBron needed to be around seasoned players that could elevate him to the next level.  Guess what? KD will not be in the company of seasoned players that can elevate him to the next level.  He’s going into a situation whereby everyone is young, their chemistry is in synch and the Warriors house was built around them.

Does this move by Warriors management say that they don’t believe in the players that won 73 games and the championship in 2015? Contrary to what people say, chemistry plays a very important role in a team’s ability to win and believe me it’s hard to win 50 games, let alone 73.  For all of the people that think, it’s a “rap” and the Warriors are going to run over all of the teams in the League and win another championship next year because they’ve added KD to roster, it will not happen and he will become a “traveling minstrel” like so many others without a championship ring.

Reggie Miller said it best: “KD is giving up his legacy to chase cheap jewelry.”  KD you may have patterned your one legged jump shoot after Dirk Nowitzki, unfortunately you didn’t pattern your staying power after him.



Laremy Tunsil: Oh, So You are Mad, Really?

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I will not spend a lot of time roasting Laremy Tunsil about his poor decision making. For those of you who missed it, a video of him getting high wearing a “gas mask” surfaced on the internet 15 minutes before the NFL Draft commenced.

Prior to the video surfacing “the media speculation” was that he would be selected somewhere between 1 and 5 in the first round based on the “Mock Draft,” which is an oxymoron in and of itself.  Athletes should not place any value in these “mock” drafts.  After all, in the words of Charles Barkley, it’s just analytics’ but I digress.

Naturally, once the video surfaced his stock plummeted dramatically, “allegedly.”  The crazy thing is he’s angry because according to him the video was illegally leaked and resulted in him losing a lot of money. I’m sorry, but what he was doing is illegal so he’s the pot calling the kettle black, boy bye.  Who cares if the video was leaked or not?  The fact of the matter is this fool allowed someone to record him doing this.  If you don’t want something to get out, don’t put it on film, buffoon.

One thing to consider, it’s possible he was not going any higher than he did.  Besides, Miami said they knew about the video so clearly the Dolphins were not planning to select him any higher, maybe they leaked it.  Whoever leaked it, did him a favor in the long run.  What other teams were planning to select him?  I haven’t heard of any other teams chomping at the bit to draft him so all of this could be hype by the media.  As we know, the media loves to stir to pot.

Also, learn to take accountability for bad decisions and stop blaming other people for your poor judgment. He is stomping around mad that he lost out on “millions of dollars.”  First of all, he should thank God he was drafted at all given his current situation.  Miami still took a chance on him when they could have said:  “Hmmm, no thanks we can fast forward to a couple of months from now and he will get popped for drugs in his system so let’s forgo this headache.”

New flash stupid:  It’s you in the pictures and on video so don’t waste your newly earned wealth on attorney’s fees looking into who may or may not have hacked your Instagram account.  By the way, you knew the cameras were rolling.  You were not secretly recorded so shut the hell up and move on.  View this as a lesson learned and save your money. Focus on staying in the league more than three (3) years, that’s what you do and if you do, guess what? You will have a good payday coming.

What he should have said was that he is grateful to have been selected by Miami after his lack of judgment and that he will work hard for the team and he will do everything within his power to clean up his act so that the team will not regret their decision. That is what taking accountability is all about, UGH!!! These Pro athletes need to be coached to own their mistakes, the NFL is a real job it’s not Pop Warner, high school or college.  It is your bread and butter and if you’re lucky enough to be one of the chosen few, you better do everything in your power to remain productive or you’re out, plain and simple.

The millions of dollars they are under the assumption they’re going to be paid is smoke and mirrors. Ask the players who have been waived or cut and not picked up by another team, once that happens the money is gone as well.

You all better wise up or those of us who work 9 to 6 will be taking care of you and I’m sick of it.




Death of a Saint: Will Smith


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Will Smith was a defensive end for the New Orleans Saints from 2004 – 2013. He was a member of the Saints Super Bowl winning team and selected to the Pro Bowl in 2006.  Unfortunately, he  was shot several  times and killed by Cardell Hayes in New Orleans after the Hummer Hayes was driving rear ended the Mercedes Smith was driving.  There are a number of stories coming out and there is a video being shown where Smith may or may not have bumped Haynes first and left the scene, which caused Haynes to follow him in hot pursuit to obtain Smith’s license plate.  There are so many conflicting stories at this point no one knows what really happened and want know until the police investigation has been completed and Haynes is tried for his crime.

At the end of the day, a man is dead, leaving behind a wife and three (3) children. Another man is probably facing 25 years to life in prison.  Will Smith was only 34 years old and Hayes is only 28 years old.  It’s as if the NFL is cursed, players on and off the field, retired or not, just seem to struggle with addiction, violence, financial woes etc.  However, what happened to Will Smith was random and could have been prevented if cooler heads had prevailed.  I wasn’t there so I can only speculate like everyone else that this minor accident turned violent because words were exchanged and Hayes had a gun, which made him feel powerful.  Clearly, his instinct was to shoot and ask questions later.  The attorney for Hayes is spinning the story that Smith had a gun in his car, so what?  Smith didn’t brandish a gun, Hayes is the person that shot and killed an unarmed man.  How did Hayes feel threatened by an unarmed man?

Hayes’ father was killed by the New Orleans police department, the family sued and won a $200,000 settlement.  Instead of learning from happened to his father, he continues the cycle of violence, really?  It’s possible because of what happened to Hayes’ father he is distrustful of them so instead of calling the police, he made the unwise decision to follow the car that bumped him, which ultimately resulted in a violent confrontation and him being booked on charges of murder or he’s just an idiot who pulled the trigger without thinking.

It doesn’t matter if Smith had a gun in his car, Haynes shot and killed an unarmed man and shot Smith’s wife.  No manner of posturing by his attorney or stories being spun with change those facts.

When I look at pictures of Smith’s beautiful smile, I can’t help but get sad and say, wow, another African-American man gone to soon as a result of unnecessary violence.




The Cleveland Cavaliers: What’s Really Going On? Is LeBron in or Out?

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The Cavaliers management thought changing coaches would positively impact the Cavaliers ability to win a championship.  Coach Lue and David Griffin, the Cavaliers GM had a meeting with LeBron about his behavior with Dwayne Wade during halftime at the Miami game in March, which the Cavs lost by the way. Apparently, LeBron’s behavior was inappropriate and totally unprofessional.  Instead of warming up, he was chatting it up with D. Wade.  After his meeting with Coach Lue and David Griffin, he apologized and said that he needs to do more as the team goes into the post season, DAH!!!!

By chatting it up with Wade when he should have been warming up reflects that he’s not truly committed to the Cavs. It is saying that he doesn’t have to be in Cleveland next season and that he can go and play somewhere else, which is true.  However, a real leader shows that he’s 100% “all-in” for the team and nothing and nobody can change that.  He uses his abilities to hold the team and Cavs management hostage and it’s detrimental to the team.  His behavior is very nomadic, which has a negative impact on the entire organization.

Fast forward to the Cavs loss to Chicago on Saturday, April 10th.  There is no way the Cavs should have lost to Chicago.  My expectation for LeBron is that as the leader of the team, he should be able to lift his teammates to higher heights and win games against a team like Chicago.  Let’s dial back the hands of time for just a moment, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Isiah Thomas, Larry Bird etc. would not have allowed the Cavs to lose to the Bulls if they were the leaders of the Cavs.  The mere fact that LeBron was more interested in chatting it up with D. Wade instead of warming up in Miami, speaks volumes to his lack of leadership.  The players that I just mentioned would NEVER have displayed that kind of behavior during a game.

I like LeBron and would love to see him win a championship with the Cavs but unless he develops a leadership mentality that his teammates can buy into, the Cavs will not win a championship with him as the “quasi” leader of the team.   Based on how Coach Lue handled him after the Miami incident, it is clear that the teamed needed someone who is not afraid to tell LeBron to get his act together.   There is an old saying that LeBron should heed and it is: “you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar” because right now his behavior is all vinegar.  Kudos to Coach Lue.

Since he enjoys fraternizing with D. Wade so much, D. Wade should tell him the story about the time, Shaq and Alonzo Mourning picked him up and drove him around and talked to him about the importance of taking a leadership role on the floor so that Miami could win a championship. As a result of that talk, D. Wade developed into a leader on the floor and helped lead Miami to its first championship.  If this is lie, Shaq, D. Wade and Zo told it.  I’m merely recalling an interview I saw after Miami won the championship.

Food for Thought LeBron:  Your marketing firm dropped Johnny Manziel because it was determined that his behavior was not good for your “brand.”  Ask yourself if your behavior is good for the team.  You have got to learn how to be a leader that motivates your teammates to win at all cost.  You possess a lot of great qualities but you need to strengthen your leadership skills.  It can’t always be about you “baby boy.”  LeBron stop using your talent as a way of keeping your teammates and management guessing as to whether you’re truly committed to the team.

It is time for LeBron to be 100% all-in and step up to the plate and display real leadership skills. #1raregrljustsaying




Greg Hardy: All That’s Wrong with not being Taught Accountability

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There are articles and commentaries all over the news about Greg Hardy’s recent disastrous ESPN interview, which was done to try and improve his image after being found guilty for domestic violence. It’s my assumption that the interview was an opportunity for him to clear the air so that teams would consider taking a chance on him. Instead of Hardy using the forum as a platform to take accountability for his role in the incident, he responded by not owning the fact that he was found guilty of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend.   Who does that?

Unfortunately, we are living in a time where children are not being taught accountability and to take ownership for their mistakes and misdeeds. Compound that with being a super star athlete and being told on a daily basis that you’re the greatest thing since slice bread and women throwing themselves at you every time you turn the corner and you’ve got a disaster waiting to happen.  There is something to be said for the bible verse: “Train up a child in the way he should go….”  According to reports, Hardy’s “camp” thought it would be a good idea for him to be interviewed by ESPN with regard to this matter.  Clearly, no one from his “camp” prepared him for the interview.  All of the people in his “camp” should be terminated, if they haven’t already moved on because it’s clear his time in the NFL is probably over.

First of all, when Jerry Jones took a chance on him, he made inappropriate comments about Gisele Bundchen’s sister, who he doesn’t know from Adam’s house cat. It was at this point someone in his “camp” should have taken him aside and said, “You are being given the opportunity of a life time, shut your mouth and just do your job. Don’t respond to any questions that are not football related unless you run the responses by me first.” Prior to being hired by the Cowboys, he should have been coached on taking accountability and owning what happened with his ex-girlfriend by his “camp” or his parents.  This young man is only 27 years old and is one of the best pass rushers in the game so he should be able to get a job with a team in the League but his inability to take ownership for his actions has probably cost him his career.

The NFLPA is not doing enough to educate these young men on how to be professional in the workplace.  Although it’s football, it is still a job and must be treated as such.  When you have someone like Cris Carter, Hall of Fame Player, advocating getting a “fall guy” when you get into trouble, there is a ton of work that needs to be done in the League.  Dante Fowler took his new girlfriend to the home of his “baby mama” to fight her and took responsibility for this misdeed after he learned that cameras were rolling.  The problem is systemic and must be addressed on all levels.

Why did Hardy agree to the interview?  Why wasn’t he coached on how to respond to the questions?  Hardy was setup for failure and he failed miserably.  Enough with these “camps” that don’t do what they are supposed to do.  This is stupidity at the highest level.  Let’s be real, a lot of these players are not the sharpest tools in the shed so it’s important that they have someone that can give them honest feedback, which didn’t happen for Hardy.  Someone should have said, “boy shut your dam mouth.”



Cam Newton is a Sore Loser: So What!!! So Am I

I had a debate with some fans on the NFL site, primarily men, regarding an article written by Jeffri Chadiha, entitled “Carolina Panthers just enabling Cam Newton with more Excuses.”  The article is about Cam’s decision not to answer questions after the Panthers Super Bowl loss.  I am truly perplexed as to why Cam’s refusal to answer questions is still a topic of conversation and articles.  The Super Bowl happened weeks ago and Clubs are about to start OTA’s so again, why are columnists still obsessing over this?  Enough already, stop trying to shape the public’s opinion of Cam or any other player.  What happened to reporting about the sport?

When sports analysts decide to go after an athlete it is with such venom that it’s sickening.   Naturally, they find fans willing to jump on board and hurl insults at the person without giving any thought to the circumstances just typical bandwagon jumpers.  Why haven’t articles been written about Bill Belichick not responding to questions if he doesn’t feel like it?  When Bill Belichick takes the podium his posture is such that he’s daring the media to ask him a question.  In most instances, the silence is so deafening in the room that you “can hear a rat lick lard.”  When an analyst does muster up the courage to ask Belichick a question, he typically responds with a question instead of an answer or he doesn’t respond.  I’m sure all of you remember his “We’re looking forward to Cincinnati” response.  It was no different than Marshawn’s response but Marshawn was fined and ridiculed by the press.  Stop with the double standards.  That’s why I’m annoyed by the articles columnists write attacking players.

There are far more pressing issues plaguing the League that columnist should be writing about.  For example, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (i.e. CTE) or how bad NFL contracts are.  Football is the most violent of the professional sports, yet the athletes have the worst contracts.  The money in most of their contracts is not really “guaranteed.”  These men put their hearts and souls into the game but they have the worst contracts and the highest propensity for ending up with a debilitating disease of the brain and ultimately dying early.  Therefore, the constant personal attacks by the media for something as petty as Cam not being in a space mentally to answer questions after a difficult loss shows a lack of integrity and professionalism.

People move on!!!!


Russell Wilson and Ciara; Russell Westbrook and Nina: Beautiful Couples

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With everything that’s going on in professional sports and there is a lot going on, it’s important to write about how some professional athletes are choosing to live their very public lives in a way that represents family values and the importance of having healthy, positive relationships.

Is there something about the name Russell or are Russell Westbrook and Russell Wilson just fine examples of young men with their heads on straight. Now don’t get me wrong, they are still young and have made mistakes like the rest of us and will continue to do so. However, both of these young men have “put rings” on the women they love and have not been shy about it. As a matter of fact, Westbrook married his longtime girlfriend and he didn’t do it because there was a baby involved.  As a community we have to get back to these kind of family values.

For those of you that read my blog and my tweets, you know that I don’t sugarcoat things. I will say this about Russell Wilson, he realized that the person he married the first time, was not supposed to be his wife and he made a swift exit, praise the Lord and there was no baby involved. He corrected that mistake with a quickness.  Ciara on the other hand, is the poster girl for ALL that is wrong with getting into and staying involved with the wrong person. Ladies, I have said this time and time again, it is NEVER okay to be “baby mama” number one, let alone “baby mama” number four and that’s what Ciara is.  Now she is tied to a buffoon for life.

Ciara had absolutely no business dating Future and she sure as hell had no business getting pregnant by him. Yes, he did put a ring on it and then did what he does best and that is cheat, allegedly with his stylist. Of course, he says he didn’t cheat but that he wanted to continue to hang out with his low budget friends and Ciara was not having it. Really, who gets’ married and still wants to behave like a juvenile? Now he is salty and continues to spew venom on twitter, in magazines etc. He has proven what a male friend told me once, the best revenge for a woman when a man does you wrong, is to live WELL and that is what Ciara is doing.

She definitely, moved up and on because Russell Wilson is from great stock. Wilson’s pedigree sets him apart from a lot of professional athletes. If you want to know more about his pedigree, checkout my blog about his contract because it gives a detailed summary of his family roots.

Kudos to Russell Wilson and Ciara and Russell Westbrook and Nina. Continue to show the world what good stock looks like.

In the words of one of my favorite singers Mary J. Blige these two couples represent: “Real Love”




Peyton Manning: A Stand Up Guy — Part Deux

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I wrote a blog a couple of months ago regarding Peyton Manning being a “Stand  Up Guy.” In light of the facts that have surfaced recently regarding Peyton Manning during his time at the University of Tennessee, where he sexually assaulted Dr. Jamie Naughright, I felt compelled to clarify my article.

My blog is referring to Peyton being an outstanding player, teammate and a leader in the locker room and on the field.  It is not about is personal life because, I didn’t know anything about it. However, what this shows is that Peyton Manning is human and his personal life is crap just like a lot of other people and in typical fashion the media builds you up and tears you down, “a la La’el Collins” whose ex-girlfriend was murdered and the media immediately started alluding to the possibility that he was involved as it turns out he was not.  However, that “rush to judgment” by the media and their lack of investigative skills caused this young man’s stock to plummet and he fell out of the draft.  Interesting, right?

Back to Peyton, his father (i.e. Archie Manning) and the University of Tennessee. Let me start by saying, based on what I’ve read recently, the story was buried by the media when it happened initially. The question must be asked, why was it buried? There was a cover up by Archie Manning and the University of Tennessee. Also Peyton lied under oath, which children do when they get caught with theirs hands in the cookie jar. Peyton was 20 at the time and old enough to know better but like most superstar athletes, he believed he was above the law and would not suffer any repercussions from his bad behavior because “daddy” would fix it and for long time he had gotten away with it. Arrogance can be a persons’ undoing and that is what happened with Peyton and his father. In his book entitled “Manning” it is my understanding that he made very unflattering remarks about Dr. Naughright, which resulted in her filing a lawsuit against them because they violated the gag order. In the words of Malcolm X, “the chickens are coming home to roost.” What you do in the dark, eventually comes to the light.

The real stand up guy and the one who lost the most for standing firm on the truth by refusing to lie about the circumstances and accuse two black teammates of the sexual assault is Malcolm Saxon. He lost his eligibility because he refused to lie for the Manning’s and the University of Tennessee.

Do I still believe Peyton Manning is a stand up guy? When it comes to how he handled himself on the field, in the locker room, with coaches and with other players, yes he is still a stand up guy.

As far as, his personal behavior when he sexually assaulted Dr. Naughright and lied about it and has not taken responsibility for it even today, he is not a “stand up guy.” Behind the image of the “All-American Boy” that the media created, lies a liar and an abuser. The hypocrisy of the media, Peyton and Archie Manning and the University of Tennessee is just another example of why people should not allow the media to shape their opinions.