What’s with the Dez Bryant Hate?

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Dez Bryant is in the middle of contract negotiations with the Cowboys and out of the blue comes Adam Schefter alluding to the possibility of Dez Bryant being involved in a domestic violence incident that rivals Ray Rice.  Is this a ploy by someone to devalue him so that he does not get the new contract he deserves?  I suspect there is something rotten in Dallas and it smells orchestrated to me.  Dez Bryant is by far one the best receivers in the league so why the hate now?  I am not a Cowboy fan but I do believe that Dez deserves every penny he is asking for.  If the Cowboys don’t want Dez, 49ers go after him NOW and I volunteer to babysit him!!!

I will readily admit that Dez Bryant’s antics on the Dallas sideline make me crazy.  My feelings aside, I believe his behavior is born out of his passion for the game and competitive spirit.  Of course, his explosiveness could be related to some personal family dynamics that contribute to him not making the best decisions and/or dialing his emotions back effectively.

According to recent statements made by Adam Schefter he got wind of the video involving Dez and he has been on a mission to find it since September.  Why?  Why are sportswriters more interested in being like TMZ?  Why isn’t Adam Schefter focused on the actual game of football instead of trying to be the first reporter to break a story that will destroy this young man’s life?  If Dez was involved in an incident like Ray Rice, allow the Cowboy organization deal with it.  The media needs to stop turning the lives of these young men into circuses and calling for public opinion to crucify them.

I am a firm believer that a lot of these people throwing stones are living in glass houses themselves.  Here is what’s comical about Adam Schefter and his lack of investigative skills, once he started blabbing about an alleged video, TMZ found it and now it’s out there.  As I have said before these reporters report based on innuendo and rumors, rarely is anything factually based.

Well, it’s not a video that rivals Ray Rice; it’s a video of Dez’s mother telling the Dallas police about an incident that escalated between her and Dez after she intervened in a fight between Dez and his brother.  Clearly, this was a family matter and has no business being reported by anyone, not even TMZ.  Also, it’s my understanding that the incident occurred a couple of years ago so why the hoopla now?

The person at the Dallas police department responsible for giving this video to TMZ, shame on you and I hope you can sleep at night.  What happened to “Protect and Serve”?

Enough of this hatred!!!



KD Shade

shade : Invisible man in the hood.Background in smoke

Kudos to Kevin Durant for saying what a number of athletes would love to say to the media.  I have grown weary of how some sports writers antagonize athletes, embellish stories and only write stories if they are negative about the lives of these young men.  I don’t have a problem with constructive feedback or criticism but it seems that some analyst are of the belief that if a story is not sensationalized or over exaggerated it’s not a good story, and that is far from the truth.   Fans actually enjoy hearing about the good a player is doing, not the bad.

Some of these men have a lot on their shoulders.  They are taking care of entire families, trying to be role models and working very hard to remain healthy.  As I have said before, professional sports are highly competitive and it’s extremely difficult to win games and stay on top of the mountain.

As soon as a winning team starts to lose, the media stirs up a frenzy with unfounded speculation, innuendo and rumors which causes resentment from the players because most of the time there is no truth to what they are saying.

Their “so-called sources” are probably one or maybe two players unhappy about their playing time and a writer will take this and run with it as if the entire team is embattled in the locker room.  Enough already!!!   I understand that the league requires players to participate in conferences with the media because it generates ticket sales, increases the purchase of merchandise and potentially broaden the fan base.  That’s all well and good but some of the sports writers are rude and ask questions or make statements that demean these men so it’s obvious why they are not interested in participating in these press junkets.

Respect is earned and reporters need to earn the respect of the players.  That can be done by asking intelligent questions, giving them space, stop intruding in their personal lives and showing professionalism.

KD is one of the nicest guys on the court but after he took a stand, the media attacked him again and he later on apologized for his prior statements.  Apology accepted but point made.



Why is role of the Running Back being Devalued by the NFL?

Are NFL owners trying to devalue the role of the running back or is the devaluation media driven?  The running back is critical to the success of any football team, whether it’s Pop Warner, high school, college or an NFL franchise.  Through the years, we have watched the decline of the role of the running back in the NFL.  There was a time when the running back position was highly coveted and a must have in order to be a contender in the NFL.  In recent years, the importance of the position started to fade and I’m wondering, why?  Gone are the days when an NFL team hung its championship desires on Marcus Allen, Eric Dickerson, Tony Dorsett, Marshall Falk, Franco Harris, Walter Peyton and many others.

This devaluation is merely a way for the owners and the league to manage salaries and budgets.  How and/or why are you devaluing a key role on the field.  I challenge you to remove the running back from your offense and let’s see what happens.  The 49ers tried that this season and it was very costly.  Yes, you will win games but you will not win championships.  I continue to read articles written by “sports analyst” saying the league is moving towards a passing game.  I understand the importance of the QB and passing the ball but for anyone to believe all a team needs to do is pass the ball shows a lack of knowledge of the game.  The QB needs to orchestrate the offense on the field, not just throw the ball for the sake of the media.  Fans don’t care who gets the ball as long as the team wins.   Actually, fans enjoy seeing a running back with the agility of Marshawn Lynch and Walter Peyton so why is the media trying so hard to get people to believe the role is no longer valuable?

Owners and/or the media have continually created a campaign emphasizing that the running back position is not a key role.  My belief is that this is a cloak and dagger routine used to lower the salaries of the running backs.  Owners need to focus on improving and maintaining their offensive and defensive lines and by doing so the teams will be successful.

It is my sincere hope that the NFL Players Union understands the importance of not allowing this to happen.  The Players Union needs to show it’s support for  players like Marshawn Lynch so that they do not have to fight by themselves to be paid what they deserve to be paid.  I hope every player understands that if this devaluation of the running back position is allowed it will only be a matter of time before it is done to their position as well.  For example, there is the constant battle between the pay for a tight end and a wide receiver, which is stupid because both positions catch the ball.

Owners, please stop listening to the media.  Pay your players based on the value they bring to your organization.  Please do not allow the media to break up your team because a player is asking to be paid based on his value to your organization.  There was a time when NFL teams paid their players based on their skills and what they brought to the team.




There is a Price to Pay for Disrespect

Warren Sapp was arrested for getting into a brew ha ha with two prostitutes he hired while covering the 2015 Super Bowl activities.  He was involved in a similar incident in 2010 with a woman he was partying with.  In this most recent incident it is alleged that he refused to pay the ladies the agreed upon price.  If he thought the price was too high, too bad, he should have paid it anyway.

Rule of Thumb:  Once services have been rendered the payment is due.  Clearly, he did not get that memo, idiot!!!

First of all, he should not have engaged in his behavior given his previous brush with the law in 2010 but he did anyway.  This shows a lack judgment and respect for himself and his four, count them four “baby mamas.”

Second, at what point do you grow up?  This is a man, with financial issues galore.  He filed bankruptcy recently, owes millions in taxes and is in debt.  His salary at the NFL network was $549,000 that he no longer has because of his stupidity and poor judgment. I watch the NFL network and I can tell you, I was not impressed with his analytical skills.   However, he was different and brought a perspective that the NFL network wanted.

Since this is not the first time maybe he should consider counseling to deal with his issues.  He has got to learn that he cannot bully women into having sex with him.

Warren Sapp you are no longer in the “league” therefore you are no longer in their “league.”  You need to find a woman that is going to be interested in Warren Sapp the man, not Warren Sapp the former NFL football player.  The truth be told, there is no woman that wants Warren Sapp the former NFL football player.


John & Jed York: The Not-So-Dynamic Duo

As an avid football and basketball fan, I am disgusted with the constant hiring and firing of coaches and general managers in both of these arenas. I am not saying that all of the decisions have been bad but in some cases had the “powers that be” known what they were doing there would not be so many musical chairs. People have to realize, that it’s not easy to win at this level and a team can’t go to the championship game every year. However, the odds are better for a team if you stick to the formula and stay the course. That said, most of the owners are looking for instant gratification and more money in their pockets.

My team is the San Francisco 49ers and I am just appalled with the childish decision making the York family continues to do with respect to the team. John York, the husband of Denise DeBartolo ascended to power after a power struggle between Ed DeBartolo and his sister. What does Dr. John York really know about football or running a team? In my opinion, he nor his 34 year old son, Jed York know enough to run a successful organization.

Yes, Ed DeBartolo, Jr. had the gambling issue that landed him suspended from the league for year and once the suspension was lifted and when he tried to return as the CEO of the team the power struggled ensued. Well, he turned control of the team over and it quickly went to hell in a hand basket because the team is stuck with people who don’t have the knowledge base needed to manage it. It is clear that under the leadership of Ed DeBartolo, Jr., he allowed the coach to manage the team and we see that because of the team’s success. Under the “lack of leadership” of the York’s it appears that if they are not in control and out in front of the cameras the coach becomes the enemy.

Like Father like son, the firing of Jim Harbaugh is shades of John York’s firing of Steve Mariucci, who had a winning record at the time he was dismissed. It is said that Coach Mariucci was fired because he published statements about his degree of power in the organization. Albeit, I was not privy to any of the meetings between Coach Harbaugh and Jed York, my guess is Coach Harbaugh voiced his concerns about having the ability to make decisions about the team without John and Jeb York’s involvement. This father and son duo are doomed to repeat the same blunders and send the team into a sinkhole and years of obscurity because the two of them and their hapless GM Trent Baalke can’t handle strong coaches and don’t want their authority questioned. As a reminder, this duo ascended to the “head of snake” as a result of the family battle between a brother and a sister. Neither one of these men have any class. Coach Harbaugh’s last season was marred by leaks from the front office, which the media gladly ran with without checking the facts. When John York fired Coach Mariucci, he sent the GM to do his dirty work. If the York’s authority is questioned, their answer is to fire the coach, how stupid is that? It’s football you morons, a sport that neither one of you know enough about to make sound decisions. You replaced Coach Mariucci with Dennis Erickson, who was alleged to have a great offensive mind. Well, we know that decision was a complete bust and the team just limped along until Coach Harbaugh was hired. He coached the team to 2 Division Championships, 1 Conference Championship and a Super Bowl and he’s fired for being successful? What’s wrong with this picture?

These decisions are akin to children playing in a sandbox, when one child gets’ angry because another child wants to play in the box but he does not want anyone else in the box. You moved the team out to Santa Clara, which has resulted in losing your core fan based. Newsflash, when Victor and Tony Morabito started the team it was important to them that the team be based in San Francisco. All you care about is more money in your pockets and winning is secondary because you are going to get paid regardless.

Please tell me what you mean by “the team is going in a different direction”? All that means to me is that you could not handle Coach Harbaugh not being a yes man so he had to go. I thought there was only one direction for an NFL franchise and it’s winning championships. Ahhh, maybe the new direction is simply to make money.