Brady: You Can Fool Some of the People Some of the Time but You Can’t Fool all of the People all of the Time

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There is an old saying “you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” This saying is very apropos for what Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have been doing for years within the Patriots organization. Has Robert Kraft been duped by their shenanigans? Possibly or he has just turned the other way because the team was winning, “by any means necessary.”

After the Brady ruling was upheld, the countless articles and comments by sports writers and commentators have just been nauseating and really missing the point of what transpired. There have been comments that the League conspired against Tom Brady or the Commissioner’s statement about the destroyed phone was inaccurate and better yet the air out of 11 of 12 balls was not to the degree previously believed. How can there be a conspiracy when the balls were in fact deflated?

At the end of the day none of this matters because the fact of the matter is 11 of the 12 balls were below standard and two people, who I like to refer to as the “water boys” albeit they were the equipment managers, lost their jobs and no one is crying foul about their termination. If you want to know what happened to John Jastremski and James McNally, it is my understanding they were suspended indefinitely without pay by the Club, effective on May 6, 2015.  Since they have been so quite throughout this process, it’s possible they are working in some other capacity within the organization or just being paid on the low, wink, wink!!! Shaking My Head!!!

By the way, can we see their bank statements?

Looking at the Totality of another Patriots Cheating Scandal:

The Equipment Mangers a/k/a The Deflators: We are supposed to believe that these men masterminded a plot to deflate the footballs all by themselves.  A reasonable person would ask, why they would do something like that. Surely, they were aware of the repercussions that would follow if they were caught. Also, since Tom Brady is alleging that he was not involved in the scandal, how did these men know what Brady’s preference was? Maybe they are mind readers and as a result of this unique skillset they were able to surmise that in order for Tom Brady to be able to grip the football and make accurate throws the air pressure needed to be below the standard. These are some of the lowest paid men in the locker room and we are to believe that on their own without encouragement from anyone in management they deflated the footballs. They were willing to sacrifice their livelihood so that Tom Brady could be successful, really?

Bigger question: If Tom Brady was not involved in this scam, why didn’t he say something about the weight of the balls? He’s supposed to be a professional and know what the rules are so didn’t he have a duty to correct the matter? Instead he threw the deflated balls without any hesitation because he thought he could continue to fool people. However, as we’ve seen from all of the Patriots cheating scams it only works for a period of time but eventually your own sins will find you out.

The Gig is Up: The ball is caught by a Colts defensive player, he informs the refs that something is not right and BOOM, the bomb is dropped and the investigation commences.

The League Hires Ted Wells to Investigate: Who is Ted Wells? Let’s take a look at his pedigree. He received his B.A. from College of the Holy Cross, his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School, and his J.D. from Harvard Law School and is a litigation partner at the New York law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP, which is one of the top litigation law firms in the country. The National Law Journal has selected Ted Wells as one of America’s best white-collar defense attorneys on numerous occasions. As a reminder, when the Wells Report was published initially, Brady’s agent cried foul and said that he took copious notes at the meeting and he would release them to the press and prove the report was inaccurate. Well, Ted Wells hosted a conference call and told Mr. Yee to “bring it” and release his copious notes, which he never did. Ted Wells made it very clear that he would not allow anyone to question his integrity and Yee never made that statement again. Keep in mind Mr. Wells has a fiduciary duty to investigate the alleged infraction without prejudice for either side. Another thing to consider, when Brady and his team refused to turn over his phone to Mr. Wells it was under the guise of privacy, please Ted Wells is a partner at one of the top law firms in the country, he nor any member of his team is interested in who Tom Brady is calling. I’m sure his client list of multi-million dollar corporations run circles around the people programmed into Tom Brady’s phone. As someone who has worked with lawyers, they are far too busy trying to do the deal or get to the heart of the issue to worry about something as petty as who someone is calling. Clearly, Tom Brady and his team are not very in touch with how the legal profession works, think far too highly of themselves and had something to hide.

The Commissioner renders his Decision: Upon the review of the Wells Report, Commissioner Goodell fined the Patriots organization a million dollars, deprived them of future draft picks and suspended Tom Brady for 4 games without pay. In my opinion that is a slap on the wrist and something Tom Brady and the NFLPA should have taken in stride and moved on. Tom Brady should have been suspended for the entire season. The Patriots should have been stripped of the championship trophy and Belichick should have been suspended as well. The Commissioner destroyed the Saints based on innuendo and rumors so the same principle should have applied to the Patriots but I digress.

The NFLPA and Tom Brady Appeal: Upon appeal, Brady was asked to turnover his phone. Instead, he informed the Commissioner that the phone had been destroyed and there was no way to retrieve the messages. What? Who does that? Why did he destroy his phone? That’s akin to shredding documents that contain vital information during a lawsuit or investigation. Give me a break, we are supposed to believe that Brady’s friends wanted him to get an IPhone and stop using his Samsung and that’s why he destroyed the phone, now he just sounds STUPID!!!

Surprise!!! Brady loses his appeal and more nonsense ensues. Now the NFLPA is filing a lawsuit on the federal level.   Really, Why? The court docket is already packed with really important cases but these idiots want the court to forget about more pressing matters and worry about football, they should be fined for wasting the court’s time with this foolishness.

There was no conspiracy, Tom Brady ordered the deflation of the footballs and the Commissioner was right to uphold the original decision.


1RAREGRL SAYS: Tom Brady you are just a few days shy of your 38th birthday, accept the fact that your hands are too small to grip the standard size football in order for you to throw deep passes down field so you have to cheat.  BOY BYE!!!! 



Russell Wilson Will Not Be Snowed or Bullied!!!!

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There have been several negative articles written lately about Russell Wilson because this young man has chosen to put himself first and he’s figured out that these NFL contracts are just smoke and mirrors.  It’s amazing that he’s being called arrogant and whiny because he will not bow down to the Machine that is the Seattle Seahawks and the League.

Russell Wilson has been playing for three (3) seasons under the “rookie” salary that was implemented in 2011.  For those of you that don’t know nor bother to educate yourselves, let me hit you with the real deal about Russell Wilson’s current pay.  He signed a four (4) year, $2,996,702 contract, which included a $619,400 signing bonus, $2,996,774 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $749,176. In 2015, Wilson will earn a base salary of $1,542,000. Wilson has a cap hit of $1,696,868 while his dead money value is $154,868.  Yes, this is more money than a lot of people make but don’t compare his salary to firemen, policemen, janitors or anyone else.  Your comparisons should be to people in like professions (i.e. NBA, MLB).  These kinds of comparisons show your ignorance and your unwillingness to investigate just what a con these NFL contracts are.  By the way, Uncle Sam is entitled to half and another 15% or 20% will go the agent so Wilson’s net pay under this deal when it’s all said and done will be approximately $1,273,629.

Well, guess what?  Russell Wilson’s pedigree speaks for itself and if you educated yourselves on his family legacy you would understand that he is not a man that will allow anyone to take advantage of him.  His late father was a lawyer and is mother is a legal nurse consultant.  He is from a family of educators, successful coaches and athletes.  I’m sure his inner circle is comprised of people that have HIS best interest at heart, BOOM!!!

In case you buffoons have forgotten as you write your negative articles, Sam Bradford, the first round number 1 overall draft pick in 2010, negotiated a six year $78,045,000 contract with $50M guaranteed and he has NEVER played a down.  It was after this debacle that caused owners to start crying foul about dolling out hefty contracts to unproven rookies.   Do you have any thoughts on that?

Are you saying Russell Wilson, who has proven himself, and has won a Super Bowl is not entitled to a better deal? If you are, you are all idiots and should not be allowed to write articles.  That’s my two cents on your inane articles.




Is Trent Baalke the Coach of the 49ers or the GM?

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Since the exit of Jim Harbaugh from the 49ers, Trent Baalke has become the face of the organization.  He is the person being asked by the media to opine on what’s going on with the team, not the coaching staff which I find interesting.   We have not really heard anything from Coach Jimmy T or his staff about the team and what the plans are.  Trent Baalke has been front and center answering the questions related to the team and the players.  It just annoys me that he is the person calling the shots when the truth of the matter is he does not have the credentials.

What are his credentials you ask?  That’s an excellent question so let me breakdown what he brings to the organization besides his arrogance.  Set forth below are Baalke’s NFL credentials:

Personnel Scout – 1998 – 2000:  New York Jets

National Scout and College Scouting Coordinator – 2001 – 2004:  Washington Redskins

Western Regional Scout, Director of Personnel, VP of Player Personnel – San Francisco 49ers

Promoted to General Manager for the 49ers in 2011

Basically, he’s been a scout until he got with the 49ers and duped the York’s into believing he knows football.  Clearly, duping the York’s is not a hard thing to do because they know even less about the game.  Nowhere in his credentials does it reflect that he has ever been a coach or has the skills to be one.  Yet, he is the person responding to questions about the teams’ game plan.  He was able to talk Jed York into hiring Jim Harbaugh because he knew the team needed a leader and a coach that could transform the team into a winner and that’s exactly what happened.  Once he realized Jim Harbaugh was receiving all of the attention, he couldn’t handle it because he desperately needs to feel important.

Trent Baalke made the statement recently that Justin Smith is hard to read, really?  The Baalke, York duo destroyed the team.  What incentive does Justin Smith have to return to an organization that does not care about winning?  That is not hard to read, it’s telling that Baalke does not want to face the fact that the team lost key players because of his arrogance and desperate need to be seen as the face of the franchise.  Baalke is a scout; he will always be a scout and nothing more.  As a GM, his goal should have been to support the coach and ensure that he had the resources available to build a winning team.  Instead, he was smarting that the spotlight was not on him, shame of him.

The 49ers have some really talented players in Kap, Bowman, Boldin etc. but will Baalke’s arrogance continue to destroy the team?




What Happened to the Houston Rockets?

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Wow, the Houston Rockets just ran out of steam in game 4.  I watched the game truly perplexed that Kevin McHale used the “hack-a-Jordan” as a strategy for the game.  It did not work when teams used it against Shaquille O’Neal and it’s not going to be a viable formula against the Clippers.  The Rockets were completely out of synch and fouls became the norm.

They were not getting rebounds or second chance shots after missed shots off the backboard.  The Rockets are a better team than what we’re seeing in this playoff series.  If they want to win game five, focus on more touch passes and getting the ball in the hands of someone other than James Harden.  At times during the game, it was as if James Harden was the only player on the floor.  James Harden is amazing but in order for the team to win games the entire squad has to be involved in the game and that’s not happening.

I can’t stand when a player takes the ball and dribbles all over the court instead of passing it around and trying to get the best shot.  James Harden, stop doing that and get your teammates involved.  That would be okay, if his dribbling and shooting garnered more than 26 points.  No one on the team scored more than 12 points with the exception of Dwight Howard, who scored 16 points, BOO!!!

Dwight Howard, Dwight Howard, Dwight Howard, what can I say except he is just not well respected by his peers and that’s unfortunate because when they start jawing at him on the court he becomes unglued and unable to focus.  He was ultimately ejected from the game, which I didn’t agree with.  I don’t believe players should be ejected from the game during the playoffs because tempers are flaring and the level of competitiveness is at an all-time high.  There needs to be more flexibility with the rule on ejecting players.  Unless, it is a bench clearing brawl, let them play!!!


Can Jack Del Rio Revive the Hapless Raiders?

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I am perplexed by what has happened to the Raider Organization.  The Raiders have gone from a football dynasty, the team to beat, the team of second chances for players to the team that’s barely winning games.  The organization is the “franchise time forgot.”  I realize all organizations go through a rebuilding period but the Raiders are in more than a rebuilding phase the franchise is dying.

It is obvious there is a lack of leadership in the locker room.  The players lack discipline, basic knowledge of the game and no one wants to play for the team.  There was a time when every player in the league wanted to play for the “Silver and Black.”  It is obvious that changes need to be made in order to bring the team back to its prominence and it does not entail getting a new stadium or moving to a different city.

The owner wants a new stadium?  Why, if the team is not winning surely you don’t think fans are going to be chomping at the bit to pay the increased price in tickets.  These owners are so ridiculous with their demands for new stadiums.   Leaving Oakland would be a mistake for the franchise because that is the core fan base and they are going to support the team regardless.  The organization has been through that once and realized the team belongs in Oakland so don’t make that mistake again.  Besides, fans visit the stadium on game day, they don’t live there so there is no reason to focus on a getting a new stadium at this juncture.  The focus needs to be on rebuilding and rebranding the Raider organization.

Under the leadership of Al Davis, the Raiders were known as rebels.  His philosophy of “Just Win Baby” was built on strong leadership and a belief in giving players a second chance.  The Raiders were rebels but the organization could stand on that because at its core were some of the best players and coaches to ever play and coach the game.  John Madden never had a losing season when he was the head coach of the Raiders.  The organization has got to the find its way back to that.  Given the teams downward spiral during the years of Al Davis’ declining health and subsequent death the team has not been able to climb out of the hole that has been dug for so many years.  We all know that it’s hard to win in the NFL and it’s even harder when the team consist of subpar players, coaches and bad management.

The organization hired Jack Del Rio as the new head coach.  Can Jack Del Rio turn the team around?  He has his hands full that’s for sure.  Coach Del Rio is more of a defensive coach so it’s going to be interesting to see if he has the right offensive coordinator in Brian Musgrave who worked with Coach Del Rio in 2003 and 2004.  Based on Musgrave’s experience as a QB coach, my belief is that his skillset is better suited to be the QB coach, not the offensive coordinator.  It really doesn’t matter because the NFL owners continue to recycle coaches, which is the reason the teams continue to run the same three offensive schemes but I digress that’s for another blog.

Coach Del Rio’s tenure at Jacksonville was not spectacular.  He spent nine seasons with the Jaguars and left with a regular season record of 68–71 and a 1–2 record in two playoff appearances over his nine years.

Del Rio’s Coaching Career is as follows:

New Orleans Saints (1997–1998)

(Assistant Strength Coach) (1997)

(Linebackers Coach) (1998)

Baltimore Ravens (1999-2001)

Linebackers Coach

Carolina Panthers (2012)

Linebackers Coach

Jacksonville Jaguars (2003-2011)

Head Coach

Denver Broncos (2012 – 2014)

Defensive Coordinator and Interim Head Coach

Coach Del Rio’s mantra during his tenure with the Jaguars was “keep chopping wood.”  Hmm, he will need more than that to motivate the players because they lack the basic fundamental knowledge of football.



The Clock is Ticking for Marvin Lewis

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Marvin Lewis has been the coach of the Cincinnati Bengals since January 2003.  Lewis’ tenure as the head coach of the Bengals is one of longest in recent NFL history.  It is impressive that the Bengals ownership has been willing to stay the course.  During his tenure with the Bengals, the team has won three division championships and has had winning seasons most of the time.  The Bengals ownership clearly understands the importance of staying the course because it is not easy to win championships in the NFL.  However, I’m not sure how much longer their patience will continue.

One glaring fact is that the team has yet to win a playoff game, which is a daunting task because the teams in the AFC North are very strong.  The Bengals have to beat out the following teams:

  1. Pittsburg Steelers
  2. Baltimore Ravens
  3. Cleveland Browns

The Bengals biggest competition comes from the Steelers and the Ravens.  Although management has maintained Lewis as the head coach, the coaching staff has to figure out a way to beat the Steelers and the Ravens in order to win in the post season, which is not an easy thing to do.   The Browns are not a factor for the Bengals.

The Bengals run a “West Coast” offense, which primarily focuses on passing rather than running and spreading out the defense.  The AFC North is a blue collar cold weather division so the Bengals need a complimentary running game in order to beat the Steelers and Ravens.  Why, do teams continue to place so much emphasis on passing?  Stop devaluing the role of the running back.  A team without a running game is not going to win championships.  The Bengals have a lot of talent but it’s not being utilized properly.  My recommendation is that they focus on building a stronger running game.

Andy Dalton is a good QB but he needs help in the backfield.  There is too much pressure on him to pass the ball.  Being in the division with the Steelers and Ravens and trying to pass the ball against those strong defenses is not going to garner the Bengals playoff wins.  Dalton has not been able to maintain possession of the ball, which is critical during the playoffs.  Teams win playoff games when they retain control of the ball and that’s been a problem for Dalton.  The Bengals need to take a page out of the Steelers and Ravens playbooks.  The Steelers and Ravens have quarterbacks that can throw the ball but they also have strong running games.

It is time for the Bengals coaching staff to recognize Dalton’s limitations and develop offensive plays that focus on running the football.  I recommend that the Bengals give Ray Rice a second chance.  He is a smash mouth running back, he’s played in the cold weather and Dalton will be able to rely on him.




49er Special Teams’ Coaches Resumes

The 49ers Special Teams’ went from being one of the top ranked units in the NFL to number 23 in two years under Coach Seeley.   There are a couple of reasons this could have occurred.  First, injuries may have played a role in the decline.  Second, all of the turmoil in the front office caused the biggest problem last season on every level.  As I have said before and I will say it again, when there is trouble between the front the office and the coach, the entire team suffers.

Thomas McGaughey Jr.         Special Teams Coordinator

2002 Assistant Special Teams Coach for the Kansas City Chiefs

2003 – 2004 Special Team Coach at the University of Houston

2005 – 2006 Assistant Special Teams Coach for the Denver Broncos

2007 – 2010 Assistant Special Teams Coach for the New York Giants (The Giants won the Super Bowl in 2007)

2011 – 2013 Special Teams Coach at LSU

2014 – Special Teams Coach New York Jets

Richard Hightower                  Assistant Special Teams

2010 – 2013 Assistant Special Team Coach/Defensive Backs for the Washington Redskins

2014 – Offensive Quality Control Coach for the Cleveland Browns

Baalke and York have put together an interesting cast of characters to “successfully” coach the 49ers to a winning season.  Naturally, I am hoping for the best and I want them to succeed in spite of Baalke and York.  These two want to be seen and known as the face of the franchise well now all eyes are on them.  They remind me of “frat boys” who stand around, drinking beer and yelling as loud as possible so that they are the center of attention.  The reason for this analogy is because of the unprofessional manner they leaked information related to the imminent departure of Coach Harbaugh.  It was childish and uncalled for.  They should have taken a page out of Denver’s playbook on “How to Fire a Coach.”  Albeit, I don’t agree with what Denver did, it was handled respectfully.


Resumes of the 49ers 2015 Offensive Coaching Staff

I have been and will continue to be very critical of John and Jed York and Trent Baalke until proven wrong.  That said, I’m really hoping for the best for the team in the coming season. As an avid 49er fan it’s important for me to know the coaching credentials of the 2015 coaching staff hired by Jed York and Trent Baalke.  I’m hesitant to say that Coach Tomsula had a lot of input into the hiring of the coaching personnel because York and Baalke have made it a point to be seen and heard at any opportunity the cameras are rolling and the lights are on.

My first look is the makeup of the offensive coaching staff.  The experience levels run the spectrum and some coaches were part of Coach Harbaugh’s team and have being promoted to different positions. It was a good idea to maintain some continuity given how the situation with Coach Harbaugh unfolded.  I am not opposed to having a coaching staff that brings a variety of experience to the team. Diversity in abilities actually tends to create an environment that excels.

However, it makes me wonder if the new hires were as a last resort because no wants to work for the current organization or if this was York and Baalke’s strategy?  My gut tells me that there was no strategic plan in place so they had to hire who was available and willing to say “yes.”

Set forth below are the coaches that have been hired to run the offense.  The defensive coaches will be shared in another post.


Geep Chryst                          Offensive Coordinator – Provided information on Coach Chryst in a previous post.

Ronald Curry                          Wide Receivers – This is Coach Curry’s first year as a coach in the NFL.  He was drafted by the Raiders in 2002 and played for the Raiders until 2008.  In 2009 he was with the Detroit Lions and St. Louis Rams as an offseason and/or practice squad member only.  It’s not a bad thing that he has never coached in the NFL because you have to be given a chance and I’m all for giving people and opportunity. This is an area on the team that requires development so I’m hoping that together with Adam Henry they are able to coach the receivers up.

Chris Foerster                        Offensive Line – Coach Foerster has 26 years of coaching experience between college and the NFL.  He served as the OL coach for the 49ers from 2008 – 2009.  The Niners record for 2008 was 7-9-0 and 2009 the record was 8-8-0 and finished 2nd in the NFC West Division both seasons. What will he do differently?

His overall coaching history is as follows:

1982 Colorado State University (GA)

1983-1987 Colorado State University (OL)

1988-1991 University of Stanford (AOL/ST)

1992 University of Minnesota (OL)

1993-1995 Minnesota Vikings (TE/AOL)

1996-2001 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (OL)

2002-2003 Indianapolis Colts (TE)

2004 Miami Dolphins (OC)

2005-2007 Baltimore Ravens (OL)

2008-2009 San Francisco 49ers (OL)

2010-2014 Washington Redskins (OL)

2015-present San Francisco 49ers (OL)

Adam Henry                           Wide Receivers – As a player he played for the New Orleans Saints from 1994-1996.

His overall coaching stats are as follows:

McNeese State (1996-2006) – Wide Receivers

Oakland Raiders (2007-2008) – Offensive Quality Control

Oakland Raiders (2009-2011) – Tight Ends

LSU (2011-2014) – Wide Receivers

San Francisco 49ers (2015-present) – Wide Receiver

Steve Logan                          Quarterbacks – Coach Logan has been coach for 40 years.  He started his NFL career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  He was with Tampa Bay from 2009 – 2011.

His overall coaching stats are as follows:

1975–1979 — Union High School (assistant)

1980 — Oklahoma State (TE)

1981–1982 — Hutchinson CC

1983 — Tulsa (QB/WR)

1984 — Tulsa (OC/QB)

1985–1986 — Colorado (RB)

1987–1988 — Mississippi State (QB)

1989 — East Carolina (RB)

1990–1991 — East Carolina (Co-OC/QB)

1992–2002 — East Carolina

2004–2005 — Berlin Thunder (QB/WR)

2006 — Rhein Fire (OC/QB)

2006 — Boston College (OC)

2009 – 2011 — Tampa Bay Buccaneers (RB)

2015 to Present – San Francisco 49ers

Coach Logan has a respectable college coaching career.

Tom Rathman                        Running Backs – Coach Rathman started his career as a player for the 49ers in the Full Back position.  He played for the 49ers from 1986 – 1993.  Once he retired from league he started his coaching career in 1995.  In 1996 he was the offensive coordinator at Menlo College in Atherton.  

His overall coaching history is as follows:

1997 – 2002 – 49ers (RB)

2003 –2006 Detroit Lions (RB)

2007 – 2009 Oakland Raiders (RB)

2009 – to Present 49ers (RB)

Tony Sparano                        Tight Ends – Coach Sparano has an extensive coaching history.  He was the interim coach for the hapless Raiders last year.  No one can be blamed for the debacle happening with the Raiders because it has taken years to get that point so I will not hold that against Coach Sparano.

His overall coaching history is as follows:

(1984–1987)– New Haven (OL)

(1988)– Boston University (OL)

(1989–1993) — Boston University (OC)

New Haven (1994–1998)

Cleveland Browns (OQC) (1999)

Cleveland Browns (OL) (2000)

Washington Redskins (TE) (2001)

Jacksonville Jaguars (TE) (2002)

Dallas Cowboys (TE) (2003–2004)

Dallas Cowboys (OL/running game) (2005–2006)

Dallas Cowboys (asst. head coach/OL) (2007)

Miami Dolphins (2008–2011)

New York Jets (OC) (2012)

Oakland Raiders (asst. HC/OL) (2013–2014)

Oakland Raiders (interim HC) (2014)

Eric Wolford                           Assistant Offensive Line – Coach Wolford is coming to the 49ers from the college level, which could be a good thing.  In light of the fact that the college game is changing rapidly and the NFL is failing to keep up because they continue to hire the same coaches it could prove beneficial to the organization if they listen to his perspective.   

His overall coaching history is as follows:

1995 — Kansas State (GA)

1996 — Emporia State (OL)

1997–1999 — South Florida (OL)

2000–2002 — Houston (OL)

2003 — North Texas (OL)

2004–2006 — Arizona (OL)

2007–2008 — Illinois (OL)

2009 — South Carolina (OL)

2010–2014 — Youngstown State (HC) – His head coaching career at Youngstown was not overwhelming but it wasn’t horrible either.

D.J. Boldin                             Offensive Assistant – Coach Boldin is the younger brother of Anquan Boldin of the San Francisco 49ers and cousin of CFL All-Star defensive back Korey Banks with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.  Other than that, he does not have any NFL coaching experience.  He is just starting out so this is a good opportunity for him.




The New England Patriots — More High Jinx, Shocking, Not!!!

The cheating scoundrels known as the New England Patriots are back in the news with perhaps more cheating having taken place during their AFC Championship win over the Indianapolis Colts.  Allegedly, the ball provided for use by the “Special Team” was possibly altered in addition to the 11 of 12 balls used on offense.  Shocking, NOT!!!

How long are the powers that be at the NFL going to ignore the fact that the Patriots are not a super team?  Instead, it is a team built on cheating and there is no genius in that.  Albeit some NFL analysts’ would have you believe Bill Belichick is a coaching god.

In this latest scandal the story is the “locker room attendant” assigned to the officials’ locker room gave an alternate official in charge of K balls a football that had not been pre-approved.   Was this just a mistake or a carefully orchestrated plan by the “locker room attendant” to give the Patriots an edge?  Another guy that makes the least amount of money is going to put his job on line so that the Patriots can win the Super Bowl did this without the knowledge of Bill Belichick or someone on his coaching staff.  I find this highly unlikely and just plain ridiculous.

According to Rule 2 of the Official Playing Rules of the National Football League, “the Referee shall be the sole judge as to whether all balls offered for play comply with the size and weight specifications.  The balls are to remain under the supervision of the Referee until they are delivered to the “ball attendant” just prior to the start of the game.”  Judging from the NFL rule, the K ball remained in the possession of the designated Referee until just before the game.  In that case, the “ball attendant” must have had an altered ball in the room with him before the Referee gave him the game ball, right?  In light of this new revelation, the Patriots have altered eleven (11) of twelve (12) balls used on offense, a K ball and we are to believe that NO one on the Patriots team knew about these infractions except the guys making the least amount of money?  This is comedy at its best!!!  Why would the ball attendant make an adjustment to the K ball when the players are supposedly accustomed to the official ball specifications?

It is my understanding that the “whistleblower” of Deflatgate was Ryan Grigson, the Colts General Manger.   Rumor has it, it’s a well-known secret that the Patriots have been doing shady things like using deflated balls but no one said anything until now.  I wonder why?  I cry foul on Ryan Grigson because if it’s true that this is common knowledge and no one said anything until now, I can only surmise that Grigson tattled because the Colts had a horse in the game, no pun intended, so shame on him.  He should have come forward at the beginning of the season and this could have been resolved early on and the Patriots would not be Super Bowl champions.

How can anyone say that any of the championships won by the Patriots were won fair and square?  The Seahawks gave the Patriots the game and Tom Brady was award the MVP, which he did not deserve.  The MVP should have been awarded to Pete Carroll.

When will the NFL fine the Patriots organization, suspend Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, just to name a few?


John & Jed York: The Not-So-Dynamic Duo

As an avid football and basketball fan, I am disgusted with the constant hiring and firing of coaches and general managers in both of these arenas. I am not saying that all of the decisions have been bad but in some cases had the “powers that be” known what they were doing there would not be so many musical chairs. People have to realize, that it’s not easy to win at this level and a team can’t go to the championship game every year. However, the odds are better for a team if you stick to the formula and stay the course. That said, most of the owners are looking for instant gratification and more money in their pockets.

My team is the San Francisco 49ers and I am just appalled with the childish decision making the York family continues to do with respect to the team. John York, the husband of Denise DeBartolo ascended to power after a power struggle between Ed DeBartolo and his sister. What does Dr. John York really know about football or running a team? In my opinion, he nor his 34 year old son, Jed York know enough to run a successful organization.

Yes, Ed DeBartolo, Jr. had the gambling issue that landed him suspended from the league for year and once the suspension was lifted and when he tried to return as the CEO of the team the power struggled ensued. Well, he turned control of the team over and it quickly went to hell in a hand basket because the team is stuck with people who don’t have the knowledge base needed to manage it. It is clear that under the leadership of Ed DeBartolo, Jr., he allowed the coach to manage the team and we see that because of the team’s success. Under the “lack of leadership” of the York’s it appears that if they are not in control and out in front of the cameras the coach becomes the enemy.

Like Father like son, the firing of Jim Harbaugh is shades of John York’s firing of Steve Mariucci, who had a winning record at the time he was dismissed. It is said that Coach Mariucci was fired because he published statements about his degree of power in the organization. Albeit, I was not privy to any of the meetings between Coach Harbaugh and Jed York, my guess is Coach Harbaugh voiced his concerns about having the ability to make decisions about the team without John and Jeb York’s involvement. This father and son duo are doomed to repeat the same blunders and send the team into a sinkhole and years of obscurity because the two of them and their hapless GM Trent Baalke can’t handle strong coaches and don’t want their authority questioned. As a reminder, this duo ascended to the “head of snake” as a result of the family battle between a brother and a sister. Neither one of these men have any class. Coach Harbaugh’s last season was marred by leaks from the front office, which the media gladly ran with without checking the facts. When John York fired Coach Mariucci, he sent the GM to do his dirty work. If the York’s authority is questioned, their answer is to fire the coach, how stupid is that? It’s football you morons, a sport that neither one of you know enough about to make sound decisions. You replaced Coach Mariucci with Dennis Erickson, who was alleged to have a great offensive mind. Well, we know that decision was a complete bust and the team just limped along until Coach Harbaugh was hired. He coached the team to 2 Division Championships, 1 Conference Championship and a Super Bowl and he’s fired for being successful? What’s wrong with this picture?

These decisions are akin to children playing in a sandbox, when one child gets’ angry because another child wants to play in the box but he does not want anyone else in the box. You moved the team out to Santa Clara, which has resulted in losing your core fan based. Newsflash, when Victor and Tony Morabito started the team it was important to them that the team be based in San Francisco. All you care about is more money in your pockets and winning is secondary because you are going to get paid regardless.

Please tell me what you mean by “the team is going in a different direction”? All that means to me is that you could not handle Coach Harbaugh not being a yes man so he had to go. I thought there was only one direction for an NFL franchise and it’s winning championships. Ahhh, maybe the new direction is simply to make money.