John & Jed York: The Not-So-Dynamic Duo

As an avid football and basketball fan, I am disgusted with the constant hiring and firing of coaches and general managers in both of these arenas. I am not saying that all of the decisions have been bad but in some cases had the “powers that be” known what they were doing there would not be so many musical chairs. People have to realize, that it’s not easy to win at this level and a team can’t go to the championship game every year. However, the odds are better for a team if you stick to the formula and stay the course. That said, most of the owners are looking for instant gratification and more money in their pockets.

My team is the San Francisco 49ers and I am just appalled with the childish decision making the York family continues to do with respect to the team. John York, the husband of Denise DeBartolo ascended to power after a power struggle between Ed DeBartolo and his sister. What does Dr. John York really know about football or running a team? In my opinion, he nor his 34 year old son, Jed York know enough to run a successful organization.

Yes, Ed DeBartolo, Jr. had the gambling issue that landed him suspended from the league for year and once the suspension was lifted and when he tried to return as the CEO of the team the power struggled ensued. Well, he turned control of the team over and it quickly went to hell in a hand basket because the team is stuck with people who don’t have the knowledge base needed to manage it. It is clear that under the leadership of Ed DeBartolo, Jr., he allowed the coach to manage the team and we see that because of the team’s success. Under the “lack of leadership” of the York’s it appears that if they are not in control and out in front of the cameras the coach becomes the enemy.

Like Father like son, the firing of Jim Harbaugh is shades of John York’s firing of Steve Mariucci, who had a winning record at the time he was dismissed. It is said that Coach Mariucci was fired because he published statements about his degree of power in the organization. Albeit, I was not privy to any of the meetings between Coach Harbaugh and Jed York, my guess is Coach Harbaugh voiced his concerns about having the ability to make decisions about the team without John and Jeb York’s involvement. This father and son duo are doomed to repeat the same blunders and send the team into a sinkhole and years of obscurity because the two of them and their hapless GM Trent Baalke can’t handle strong coaches and don’t want their authority questioned. As a reminder, this duo ascended to the “head of snake” as a result of the family battle between a brother and a sister. Neither one of these men have any class. Coach Harbaugh’s last season was marred by leaks from the front office, which the media gladly ran with without checking the facts. When John York fired Coach Mariucci, he sent the GM to do his dirty work. If the York’s authority is questioned, their answer is to fire the coach, how stupid is that? It’s football you morons, a sport that neither one of you know enough about to make sound decisions. You replaced Coach Mariucci with Dennis Erickson, who was alleged to have a great offensive mind. Well, we know that decision was a complete bust and the team just limped along until Coach Harbaugh was hired. He coached the team to 2 Division Championships, 1 Conference Championship and a Super Bowl and he’s fired for being successful? What’s wrong with this picture?

These decisions are akin to children playing in a sandbox, when one child gets’ angry because another child wants to play in the box but he does not want anyone else in the box. You moved the team out to Santa Clara, which has resulted in losing your core fan based. Newsflash, when Victor and Tony Morabito started the team it was important to them that the team be based in San Francisco. All you care about is more money in your pockets and winning is secondary because you are going to get paid regardless.

Please tell me what you mean by “the team is going in a different direction”? All that means to me is that you could not handle Coach Harbaugh not being a yes man so he had to go. I thought there was only one direction for an NFL franchise and it’s winning championships. Ahhh, maybe the new direction is simply to make money.